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  1. I agree that a balanced fleet is better, however in this game its the same fleet for every map, every time. Same battles over and over and over on tiny little maps with terrible pathfinding.
  2. Yes played all the C+C games, loved them. Not looking for a different game, just looking for a great Starwars RTS. This isn't it.
  3. Battlegrounds has terrible graphics, no physics, and terrible pathfinding. I would have preferred a AOEIII version of Star Wars. Just my opinion. Another good thing about the game is the galactic map but with the other flaws it doesn't have much of an impact
  4. Well, I have played the game through the campaigns and some skirmish modes and I have to say I am very disapointed. The major problems are: (1) terrible pathfinding for the AI (2) ALL maps are too small (3) assigned locations for buildings and structures is terrible and takes 98% of the strategy out of the land games. Every map plays the same, AI comes down the 1 or 2 paths to your base and attacks (4) both space and land battles are all the same-repeats and plays the same no matter where you are (5) the rock/paper/scissors way the units counter each other means you attack or defend with the same units each and every time (6) AI is dumb as dirt On the plus side the hero's are nice as is the graphics. If this wasn't a Star Wars game it would flop as a RTS. I enjoy playing with the units from starwars but would have much prefered a build where you want system. The maps are way to small and too much of them is unpassable leaving only 1 or 2 routes to take leaving no strategy other than picking the units to attack based on the rock/paper/scissors system. Every map plays the same. If they decide to patch the hell out of this game it could be great. Remove the build pads, improve the AI, much bigger maps and better pathfinding. This will make the game a keeper. As it stands now its not worth the 50 bucks. What we really needed was a standard RTS game with the heros and star wars units. The former Westwood employees dropped the ball. Lets hope they can fix it with a huge patch or an add-on expansion. I am sure the mods will make this game a keeper but I didn't pay 50 bucks to have to fix the game myself. Its still the best Starwars RTS out there, but that is not saying much. It is far far away from being a great RTS. I give it a 5 out of 10. ps I am a huge star wars fan and an rts junkie, so please don't flame me about that. Well thats my 2 cents worth, flame away.
  5. Its the emperor for me. Love force lighting.
  6. Consider my vote cast, EAW all the way.
  7. There is a new preview of Empire at War over at IGN's website Head here to read it http://pc.ign.com/articles/684/684287p1.html
  8. They are talking about calling in bombing runs if you have bombers in space, not orbital bombardment. They poorly crafted their answer and it was a bit misleading.
  9. it kind of goes with the star wars universe. Wookies will aid the rebels while the humans on corascant with aid the empire etc..
  10. Here is a question I would like answered if it doesn't come up in the dev chat. Are the land and space maps going to be larger or are all the maps as small as the tattoine one. never mind this question it was answered in the dev chat.
  11. There is no diplomacy as far as I know with any of the factions. the non aligned systems will either work with the empire or rebels depending on the planet. There is no way to influence them one way or the other. You can "wipe them out" if they oppose you though.
  12. Venators are not cannot be built in the retail version (although I am sure they will mod this). It appears that the pirates have access to the venator in the retail version.
  13. The answers to your questions are as follows: (1) There is no diplomacy in the game (empire wants rebels dead, not talk to them) (2) Autoresolve is an option in the game (read this somewhere, not positive) (3) construction times and movement on galactic map were increased for the demo Hope that helps
  14. I saw him there, probably need to clear your temp internet files to see it. Tools-Internet Options-Delete Files this should allow you to see it.
  15. Yes I agree, its a weird kind of walk like his underwear is too tight or something
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