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  1. Yes I actually researched the game and what to expect they meaning lucasarts would be shipping with the game and what features the game offered compared to the regular edition. What bothered me the most was all the way up to when the game was released and even after this was the picture of what was included in the game on the star wars store as well as on amazon.com and others for that matter. Lucasarts kind of fooled the fans and only when I emailed amazon.com and lucasarts of the error atleast amazon.com fixed the listing to be accurate.
  2. What a joke I recently purchased the or at least what I thought would be the collectors edition that I was hoping for would contain 2 disks. One with the game and the second with 3 or 4 bonus levels. The joke was on me and it turned out that their was only 1 disc. I am along with alot of people who have played the game and have stated on several forum boards that the game was way to short and am very disappointed that it appears nobody at lucasarts cares or is doing anything about it. Then they anounced that they will be releasing a endor level add on, oh please and is that the best they can do. And let just give starkiller a bunch more different costumes to wear are they serious. What lucasarts really needs to do is and I am no game designer but seriously first talk to the fans who have played the game to get a accurate list of things to improve the game and some things may not need fixing like the graphics,character control,powers,and how the character increases in level to get more abilities. They they should release a ultimate sith edition for force unleashed 2 and get it right this time.
  3. I even though their is a new star wars mmo game coming out next year I am thinking about buying star wars galaxies and have some questions. Is LucasArts and Sony Still supporting the game with game patches and more expansions? What is the monthly cost to play the game and are their plenty of highly populated servers to choose from? Is their still alot of people playing the game and has sony made the over all gameplay better and in what ways?
  4. I am wondering if anybody knows if lucasarts and sony are going to continue to release more expansion software to download for star wars galaxies? Or are they going to release Star Wars Galaxies 2 which is what Sony did to EverQuest? I hope that they do not do that because I would not want to pay for 2 Star Wars online service charges each month! What is the next expansion for Star Wars Galaxies and when will it be coming out? I hope that their will be more planets to explore and more quests to go on?
  5. I have the XBOX version of star wars kotor and when do I use the cheat codes and what are they?
  6. I would like to know if there is a way to give the sith uniform to the Hidden Bek Base and see Gadon Thek on Taris and also somehow keep one for myself? Please exactly tell me how to do this if possibble!
  7. I have just started playing Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy and have made it to the docking bay on Tatooine mercenary activity level. I have made it to the room where the only secret area is located in a small storage area next to the repair bays. Can someone please tell me exactly where I need to be so I can use my force powers to move the crates which in an alcove against wall? I have tried to use force puch or pull at all sides of the crate but can't seem to move it?
  8. I am wondering if anybody knows when the xbox live downloadable content is released in January will have Lando Calrissian as one of the heroes for the rebel alliance that I will be able play with at bespin on cloud city? I sure hope so! I also hope that their will be map of tatooine to fight outside of mos eisley like out in the dune sea in as either a rebel or imperial soldier and also fight with the sand people?
  9. I have Star Wars Battlefront II and have been playing it for awhile but when certain conditions are met a prompt appears on screen indicating to me that a hero is available to play. I also have only a limited amount of time to decide if I want to play that hero or not. I ahve the Xbox console and controller but can't seem to figure out what button to press to select and confirm that I wish to play with that hero before the timer runs out? Can somebody relpy and help me? Also do I need to be on or near a comand post to start using the hero or not?
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