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  1. I really want this mod to happen too! About GOTO if he is the one thats going to be replaced you got to change the dialog, because Master Kavar isn't THAT unkind when talking
  2. Gentlemans this is the end of the great style of Kotor games we had until now, prepare for really rushed, incomplete and horrible Kotor games. Oh and they will only be released in the year 3000! Those who know Westwood and Command & Conquer know that doom has arrived to Star Wars
  3. isn't possible to make it out of the mandalorian armor?(with a lot of changes of course) im thinking in the Assault one. But if its possible to do the head thats already good
  4. Green, every time i see something i like i always ask if they have it in green but i like to use 2 lightsabers so its green(right hand) and blue (left hand)
  5. My name is Earl is simply the best, and maybe too because i don't know the others
  6. I was playing GoW II and i thought how it would be playing as kratos on Kotor in a DS storyline. I think it would be fun as he doesn't care for anyone. So here's my request, is it possible to make Kratos head PC and his armor for TSL? I prefer him in armor than without it, he is more cool like that. [EDIT] I know you can't see his face well on the other pic so here's a pic of his head Here is the pic:
  7. i second that since i pass too much time on PC, i don't wanna pass it in 2 or 3 days
  8. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III: The Beginning of the End Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III: The Return of the Lord of the Sith Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III: The Mysteries of the Unknown Regions
  9. Im Looking for Avol Bastila Shan playable Character and Avol Bastila Shan Jedi Robes. I think those 2 mods came in 1 file(installer) but im not sure. Edit: I received it thx
  10. "KANE LIVES IN DEATH! I have played all C&C games were he and Nod appears and those games are the best (after star wars of course ) I played C&C since i was 6 yrs old, and intend to buy C&C3. I just hope EA does a good job with it. If Westwood was up yet im sure the game would be way better than what EA is doing, seriously EA just ruined the game in opinion when it took over Westwood. Im with this mod i hope it gets done
  11. "the future is a hard thing to predict" Kreia But i hope it isn't just for Xbox and if that's true here's a message for lucasarts and obsidian: Take your time to do the game i want a good and long game not as small as kotor 2
  12. Hummm..... EA Games just jk if EA made kotor 3 we were ... DOOMED!!! EA sucks! I prefer Bioware but obsidian its also ok.
  13. I pick PC cause i don't have a XBox and i don't pretend to buy 1 just because of Kotor. Anyway i can't play games without mods. The 1rst time is cool to play without them but it gets boring not to have them over time.
  14. ok i didn't knew that but i still prefer the Mandalorians.
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