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  1. Ok, I want to get myself recognized on this game, but unfortunately, its not placing me on the scoreboard. I do log into gamespy before I go on multiplayer, yet when I click the "me" button, it doesnt show me in the list. Any ideas?
  2. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is -Master Dan-. I dont see another Legend clan here, so im keeping the name We come from Tribes2, and I've been trying for a year now to move us out of that game since it died. Now that we have our new forums up, we can finally fulfill our wishes to move. Battlefront 2 seemed to be the game of choice, since its new, and the first one rocked! We have been around since April 2004 in case you are wondering. We arent recruiting, but we are looking forward to seeing you all ingame Is there an official clan system or is it just adding a tag in front of your name? MasterDan
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