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  1. Chapter XXV “Beep beep.” T-4 spouted in reply as he brought up is findings in the form of a hologram. A tiny sphere in the middle of the representation caught Linduu’s eye. “That’s the space station thingy we saw in orbit above the planet right T-4?” “Beep boop.” T-4 confirmed. “Enlarge this area here.” Linduu said pointing her finger at the station. “And bring up all the specs you have on this thing. We need to learn what it is.” T-4 enlarged the area on the hologram that Linduu had requested and added the data he had gathered on it to the representation. The station almost came to life as data lines of green and red began to wash over it. Specs and numbers too many to count were rolling past Linduu’s eyes. She wiped some more tears from her eyes. “T-4 you’re going to have to help me here. None of this means anything to me.” After a moment of crunching the data in his main processor T-4 spouted out his findings. “Beep bop droot deet!” Linduu placed her hand over her mouth as she gasped in horror. “We can’t let anything as powerful as this be completed!” She began pacing back and forth, thinking of what she could do. “A device created solely for the purpose of extinguishing all life on a planet with a single burst of energy.” She stopped pacing. “It’s just beyond me that anyone, even a Sith lord would stoop to such lows. Not even giving people a fighting chance.” She began pacing again. “To just sit in orbit and shoot your beam weapon, killing everyone at once, it’s just plain cowardice, not like a Sith at all.” “Beep beep” T-4 interrupted her. Linduu let out a small chuckle. “Yeah you’re right T-4, that’s exactly how a Sith lord would act, what was I thinking.” Linduu shook her head. “Still though, I would have expected a little bit more from Vandar. Him being a former Jedi master and all. I guess the dark side has corrupted every last bit of his heart and mind.” “I need a moment to meditate on what we should do.” She said as she walked over to the corner and sat down. “You keep analyzing the data and let me know if you come up with anything.” “Beep bop.” Linduu sat on the ground, tired, hungry, and still emotionally shook up from the battle she had just gone through. (Jor-el, help me out here will you? I don’t know what to do.) A warmth like the rays of the sun washed over her body as she heard his voice. (I’m here my love. We will work this out together.) Jor-el replied. Linduu meditated for what seemed like forever, conversing back and forth with Jor-el in her head, oblivious to anything that was going on around her........................ An hour later.......................... (I have confidence in you Lin, I know you will complete this task that is so heavily set before you.) A tear fell from Linduu’s eye. “I miss you so much my love, if only you were here by my side.” (Shh.. Quiet my love. Concentrate on what you have to do, and only that. I will always be with you in your heart.) “I know Jor-el.” (Now go, and may the force be with you.) Linduu opened her eyes, wiped a few more tears away from them, and stood to her feet. “Beep blop” T-4 chimed out as he had finished his analysis. “Yes I already know my little friend.” Linduu said somberly. “I saw it through the force.” Linduu walked over and knelt down on one knee in front of the little droid. “Open your control panel.” “Beep” T-4 replied as he obeyed her command. Linduu began to input commands and with each press of another button more tears began to fall. “I have a lot to ask of you my little friend.” She said with uncertainty in her voice. “I have a mission that you must complete no matter what.” “Wooo” T-4 hummed quietly, almost as if he was sad. “There I’m finished.” Linduu said as she closed the panel and stood up. “Now it’s time for you to go T-4. I will contact you on my communicator when the time comes for you to execute my command. May the force be with you my friend.” “Beep beep.” T-4 replied. The droid wheeled itself around and headed towards the raider. He rolled underneath it and hooked himself up to the loading arm. “Goodbye.” Linduu said as she watched the droid board the ship. Once onboard T-4 fired up the engines and lifted the ship off the ground. “Beep bop.” T-4 took once last look at Linduu, then took off. The raider screamed towards the sky as Linduu watched it disappear from her sight. “So much depends on you little one.” She whispered. “Don’t let us down.” ************************************************** **** Linduu exited the warehouse and began to make her way back to Vandar’s throne room. But first she had to find a way through the city and all the chaos that ensued therein. Jasra’s small army of assassins were attacking any and all Sith who were loyal to Vandar. They even seemed to be converting a few of them over to their side. On top of that the people who had been enslaved were fighting with both factions of the Sith. Although the slaves greatly outnumbered them, they would get cut down even at 10 to 1 odds. But because the Sith were fighting each other it gave the slaves opportunities here and there to kill one or two. (Jasra must have ordered them to storm the palace.) Linduu thought as she ducked into a dark alleyway. (Makes sense. Let your pawns do all the dirty work, then come in and clean up anything that’s left over.) She poked her head around the corner. Sabers were clashing everywhere, bodies flying against walls, against other bodies. Screams of pain and agony ever so prevalent, even amongst the loud explosions in the sky from the battle that still raged on. (Well, it’s now or never.) She thought as she used the force to cloak herself. Linduu exited the alleyway and carefully picked her way through all the fighting and chaos. There were a few close calls here and there, but she managed to avoid detection. She finally reached the palace where she found more of the same. Fighting, screaming...... (Well at least I should be able to get into Vandar’s throne room easily enough.) Linduu put her back to the wall of the main corridor, flattened herself against it and slowly began making her way towards her destiny. (I can do this. I can beat Vandar.) (Many have said that.) She heard Vandar’s voice in her head. (Died all of them have.) (Ignore him.) She thought. (So what if he’s over 1,000 years old. So what if I’m not the first to try.) (This time will be no different.) Vandar continued. (Your head on a platter have I will.) Linduu was now at the entrance to the throne room. She uncloaked herself as she stepped inside. There in front of her stood Vandar. A menacing scowl played itself across his lips. His eyes glowed red with hatred and his battle stance was one of graceful aggression. He ignited his saber. “Know you how many killed this saber has?” He asked. Linduu refused to let him intimidate her. “Know you that in order not to stink, a bath one must take regularly?” Linduu asked as she chuckled to herself in her head. Vandar leaped high into the air, and landed on a ledge above Linduu. “Wise to provoke me further it is not.” Vandar said. “And now, foolish Jedi. Die you shall!” He leaped off the ledge straight down at Linduu. Their sabers locked in battle as Linduu blocked his attack.   Chapter XXVI Linduu raised her saber above her head and blocked Vandar’s descending attack with ease. Then a counter, parry, slash and low kick to the face and Vandar found himself lying on the ground staring at the business end of his opponents saber. “Is that all you’ve got?” Linduu quipped with a tone of surprise in her voice. Vandar hissed like a serpent as his face began to shake with anger. “Under estimated you I did. Happen again this will not!” He shouted. Linduu felt a sense of urgency from the force and stabbed for his throat, but she was too late. Vandar opened his mouth wide, letting out a blood curling ungodly scream. A sonic force blast sent Linduu flying aback into the wall behind her. But she managed to hit the ground on her feet, saber still in hand. “Now you will learn the same lesson that your husband learned.” Vandar cried out. He leaped into the air, calling his saber to his hand with the force, and ignited it as he descended upon Linduu once again. She blocked his flurry of attacks but it took every bit of her skill. Their sabers clashed high, low, and everywhere in between. She swung for his head but he ducked and countered with a slash at her feet. Linduu force jumped over the attempt and up onto a high walkway overhead. “Impressive.” Vandar said. “Trained well you have. But your Jedi skills save you will not.” Linduu raised her hand towards Vandar and sent a Force push at him that sent him flying across the throne room. His head thumped hard into his throne as he fell to the ground. “And it’s going to take more than a little bad breath from you to take me down!” Linduu barked out with authority. ********************************************** Hulls crashing upon broken hulls, explosions causing more explosions, bodies floating about aimlessly in the vacuum of space. The battle amongst the Sith fleet had taken its toll. Yet it still waged on in the distance. But that wasn’t a problem for T-4 as he guided the raider through the debris effortlessly. He was heading toward the large space station that he and Linduu had noticed on their approach to the planet earlier. “So much depends on you little one.” He kept playing Linduu’s voice over and over again in his memory core. Though a droid, he seemed to feel a sense of determination to carry out his orders. The approach to the station wasn’t a problem as the fleet was off in the distance destroying itself. So T-4 was able to make it in without being noticed. He guided the raider into a landing pad and set it down as quietly as possible. Exiting the small craft he rolled up a ramp way and into an adjoining hallway. The place seemed to be empty, at least for the moment. T-4 spotted an information hub a few parsecs down the hall. He rolled over quietly and plugged in. After a few moments of searching he had found what he was looking for. “Beep beep” He blurted with glee. “Hey what was that?” A voice down the hallway asked “I don’t know. But we had better go check it out.” A deep gruff voice replied. T-4 scanned the hallway further and noticed a garbage chute in the wall. He rolled over and the automatic door slid open. T-4 was just small enough to fit inside. He did so quickly to try avoiding detection. Unfortunately the door did not close behind him. Two Sith foot soldiers came walking down the hallway and didn’t notice him at first. But as they turned to walk back to their post the spotted the open chute with the little droid inside. “Hey, what’s this? That’s not supposed to be in there.” The smaller one said, “We’ve got bigger things to worry about right now.” The one with the gruff voice replied. “Our fleet is ripping itself apart and we haven’t heard from Jasra in over 3 hours. Just leave it there and we will deal with it later.” “Yeah you’re probably right.” The small one replied. As they walked away and out of sight, T-4 rolled out into the hallway and headed straight towards his destination. The power mainframe regulator, T-4 was going to get there, and nothing was going to stop him. ************************************************** ** Linduu was getting tired now, but she refused to let Vandar see that. In between slashes, blocks and counters, Linduu would ask Vandar questions. “Why did you turn to the dark side?” She asked as she ducked a thrust to the head. Vandar in turn jumped Linduu’s back slash at his feet. “A question of why it is not. A matter of time for all Jedi only it is.” “I refuse to believe that!” Linduu said, momentarily letting her guard down. Vandar took the opportunity pull a large chunk of cement that had fallen from the ceiling across the room using the force. He sent is flying at Linduu’s head from behind. With lighting quick reflexes she blocked his saber thrust and ducked just in time to let the object fly over her head. It hit the wall behind Vandar sending tremors all the way up to the ceiling. Causing the half of it that was still standing to crash down to the floor below. Vandar leaped to the side with lighting reflexes avoiding the large pieces of cement falling to the ground. Linduu however caught a small chunk directly to the top of her head. It knocked her to the floor as all around her went black. ************************************************* (My love, you must awaken. You must not fail.) (Jor-el, I can’t. He is to strong, I have no energy left. I am wasted, I am done.) (Linduu, you carry in you our child. Many lives depend on his being born. You cannot let Vandar kill you.) (But if only you were here….) (I am here, I am with you in your heart. Now you must get up! Go!) ************************************************* Dazed and confused Linduu opened her eyes. Blood was running from the gash in her head down into her eyes. She stared up into the night sky, the battle was now over. The ships had all destroyed themselves, or were disabled. All was silent except for the sound of Vandar’s feet walking towards her. “Now, understand you only at the end.” Vandar seethed. “How pathetic, last of the Jedi you are. How easily overcome you I have.” He stopped at her body. Standing over her with his saber ready to deal the killing blow. Linduu reached for her pouch with lightning reflexes and grabbed her communicator. “Now T-4 Now!!!!!” In the dark night sky above a thunderous sound that shook the ground rattled though the building. That sound was accompanied by the largest fireball Linduu had ever seen. It looked like a Mini sun had been set in the sky. Distracted and shocked by the unexpected blast, Vandar had momentarily let his guard down to look up and see what had just happened. He then felt a tingling sensation run up and down his spine. The feeling in his hands went away and his saber dropped to the ground. He looked down only to see the end of a pink lightsaber sticking through his body. “It is a shame it had to end this way for you.” Linduu said sadly. “But you left me no choice. Now, I must make sure of your end.” Linduu pulled up hard on her saber, sending it up through Vandar’s chest, throat and head, killing him instantly. His lifeless body fell to the ground and turned to ash instantly. (I guess since the force was the only thing holding his body together, it was nothing more than ash without it.) Linduu surmised in her head. She knelt down on one knee, exhausted and aching all over. She looked up into the sky at the remnants of the station falling down into the planet’s atmosphere, burning up like shooting stars. “I’m so sorry T-4.” She said with a tear falling down her cheek. “You were all I had left of Jor-el in this life. And you were a faithful friend and companion. You served us well. And you will be remembered as a hero.” (This part of your journey is over.) She heard Jor-el’s voice in her head. (But another one waits.) (What do I do now?) She asked. (First you must give birth to our child. Return to the planet where we trained. The planet with the Crystals of life. There you must train more Jedi. There you must teach them the true ways of the force. Raise our child to be the man that so many will need him to be. The Sith are not all dead. They will always be a threat. And we must make sure there are always Jedi to counter them.) Linduu made her way through the city, hundreds, thousands of bodies were spread out across the streets. She made her way to the spaceport uncontested and found a small cruiser with hyperspace capabilities. The engines roared to life as she lifted off the planet and headed into space. A she broke orbit the hyper engine roared to life and the cruiser disappeared from sight. Linduu was on her way back the Crystal planet. To prepare for the next step of her journey. The end.
  2. Chapter XXIII Linduu placing her hand in front of her face to shield her eyes, walked over and picked up the lightsaber. “Good.” The voice said. “Now remove the focusing crystal and place it inside the sarcophagus.” “I don’t understand.” Linduu replied. “Who, or what am I talking with?” “It is us, the Midichlorians.” They replied. “Remember the crystals you and Jor-el took from the cave for your sabers are also the same crystals from which we are able to communicate.” “Right, I knew that.” Linduu replied with a sheepish grin on her face. “So why do you want me to put the crystal inside the sarcophagus?” “Because we will be able to neutralize the dark energy that is feeding the generator. Once that is done you will have a chance to defeat Vandar.” “Dark energy?” Linduu asked with a puzzled look on her face. “I thought that even the dark Jedi drew their power from you. At least that’s what you told us back on your planet.” “Yes it’s true.” They replied. “All force users draw their power from us. But we are not unlike any other sentient beings. Even we have those among us who are bad. And that is what has transpired here in this place. There are a few evil ones here who have malice and destruction at heart. There are very few of them though. On the whole we far outnumber the bad. We will be able to put a stop to them without much trouble.” The Mididchlorians pause for a moment. “Do you understand?” “Yes I understand.” Linduu said as she walked over to the sarcophagus and slid it open. Carefully she removed the crystal from the lightsaber and placed it inside. As soon as she slid the cover shut the entire complex began to shake violently. Linduu ran over to a pillar and braced herself against it. Rocks began falling from the ceiling above and cracks began forming on the ground beneath Linduu’s feet. After a few moments the dark red cloud disappeared. “There the evil ones in this place are now dead. Or translated for the sith the energy that Freedon Nad left behind has now been destroyed.” The Midichlorians said. “Now it is your turn Linduu. It is time to defeat Vandar and his followers. But before you go allow us to bestow upon you, how shall we say, a blessing, a gift of sorts. Through all that has happened to you, your heart has remained pure. Now it is time for you to realize your true potential.” A bright white ball of light rose out of the sarcophagus and floated in front of Linduu. “What is this?” Linduu asked. “Reach out with your hand and touch it.” Linduu slowly reached out with her hand, and stopped just before she touched it. “Will this hurt?” She asked. “No, quite to the contrary, you will feel more powerful than you ever have before. This will give you the strength to accomplish your goals.” Linduu reached her hand forward and touched the blinding white light. As soon as her finger touched it she was enveloped by it. Her mind was quickly transformed so that her maximum potential for using the Force was attained. After a few seconds the light disappeared and the transformation was complete. “There, it is done.” The Midichlorians said. “There wasn’t much more we could do as you were almost already at your full potential. But you will find that some of your skills have been increased in power. Now go, bring balance back to the universe. You are everyone’s last chance.” “There’s just one more thing.” Linduu stated. “Could you open that for me?” She asked as she pointed towards the massive door that exited the cavern. “Of course, allow us.” A beam of light shot out of the sarcophagus and hit the door. Immediately they swung open as if a ten foot tall giant had run right through them. “Thank you.” Linduu said as she ran out of the cavern. She immediately cloaked herself and found that it didn’t draw as much on her energy as it did before just as the Midichlorians had told her. She passed through the hallways without being seen or encountering any trouble. Most of the guards were knocked out from the earthquake that transpired when the dark cloud was destroyed. And those that were still conscious were scrambling about in fear trying to figure out what had just hit them. Linduu reached the tunnel exit and headed straight for her ship. On her way back she realized that Jasra’s cruiser was gone. (She must have called it back once the cloud was destroyed) Linduu thought. (I’ve got to hurry back and meet with T-4 before too much chaos ensues on the planet. No doubt Jasra is going to act quickly.) She reached the raider and fired up the engines. Linduu cloaked the ship as it blasted off and rocketed up into the sky towards Onderon. As Linduu drew closer and closer to the planet she had to pull off some amazing flying as the entire Sith fleet seemed to be flying about in disarray. (The cloud’s sudden disappearance must have them spooked.) She looked for a clear path through the mess of ships as the raider continued its blaring pace towards Onderon’s surface. She caught sight of a larger warship that was plowing its way through the carnage and brought the raider up underneath its hull and paralleled her course accordingly. Linduu was just about through the fray when she sensed danger through the force. Looking about frantically she noticed another smaller cruiser coming from below her raider and the warship. It was on a dead collision course for them. Linduu didn’t have time to think and only reacted. She pulled hard left on the controls and sent the raider soaring into a series of barrel rolls. She got away from the warship just as the cruiser’s nose barreled straight into it from underneath. The cruiser began crumpling up into the warship like a pop can being smashed with explosion after explosion. Likewise the Warship’s hull and bridge burst into flames as pieces of both went flying off into space. Linduu put a little more distance between them as both the larger vessels exploded into a million bits with chunks of flaming metal shooting out in every direction hitting other ships. (Whew that was a close call.) Linduu though as she wiped the sweat that had formed on her forehead away. With just a bit more fancy piloting and nerves of steel Linduu had cleared the chaos of the fleet and was now descending into the atmosphere towards the warehouse where she was supposed to meet T-4. She caught sight of the building and gently nudged the ship through the hole in the east wall. She sat the ship down and shut off the engines. Linduu climbed out of the cockpit and as soon as her feet hit the ground the hairs on the back of her neck stood straight up. She turned around and ignited her lightsaber simultaneously. Across the room she saw a red saber ignited. Its light revealed a helpless T-4 and casted an ominous glow on a cloaked figure. But it was so dark that Linduu couldn’t make out who it was. She prepared herself for the fight to come and began slowly walking towards T-4 and the figure. “Who’s there?” She asked. “Your end.” A female voice replied. At that moment another ship collision in orbit lit up the night sky. The explosion provided enough light for Linduu to recognize Jasra’s face. “So our moment in time has finally come.” Linduu said as she raised her pink saberstaff. “No.” Jasra stated. “My moment has finally come.” As if on cue, dark storm clouds began rolling in. Lighting began to flash and thunder rolled its way across the sky. And when the lighting wasn’t flashing more ships were colliding in the heavens above, providing an almost constant source of light in the dark cloudy night. “I will not let my husband’s death have been in vain.” Linduu cried out as she went on the offensive, charging straight for Jasra.   Chapter XXIV Linduu immediately took the offensive with a flurry of moves. It was all Jasra could do to backpedal and block Linduu's attempts as she was caught off-guard by her aggressive nature. Thrust after thrust, slash after slash, with each movement Linduu's emotions grew more and more out of control. The fight went on and on as the sabers clashed and crackled in the night air. Jasra blocked and countered until she felt as if her arms were about to fall off when finally she saw an opening. She blocked Linduu's attempted slash at her legs locking the sabers together. She then slid her saber up Linduu's all the way to the hilt with blinding speed. Sparks spewed out of Linduu's saber as Jasra severed its lower half. "There that's better." Jasra said with a smirk on her face. "Now the odds are definitely against you." Now it was Jasra's turn as she instantly went on the offensive. Caught off guard by the prospect of having only one blade to work with Linduu was now the one backpedaling, barely able to keep up with Jasra's movements. (Oh Linduu you gizka brain! You exhausted yourself with your initial attack.) Linduu thought to herself as the sabers hummed between them. (I'm in real trouble now.... getting tired.... Any help would be greatly appreciated Jor-el.) Still, as before, there was no answer from her love. No sooner had she finished her thoughts when her right heel caught a piece of debris on the ground and threw her off balance. Linduu crashed to the ground, back first with a thud. The impact sent her saber flying away, leaving her helpless and at Jasra's mercy. "Finally, I have my moment of glory." Jasra sneered as she stood over Linduu with the business end of her saber pointed at her throat. She let out a laugh so evil that the very ground seemed to shake beneath them. "It is I, Jasra Lantill who shall destroy the last of the Jedi and rid the galaxy of them forever!!" "No.." Linduu sobbed. "This can't be happening, this isn't right." "Any last words Jedi?" Jasra said with a victorious look on her face. At that moment Jor-el's force ghost appeared right in front of Jasra, his eyes full of fury locked in a gaze with her own. "This... this is impossible!" Jasra said as she pointed her saber at Jor-el and began to slowly back away. "You're dead! I killed you myself." Jor-el remained silent as he continued walking towards her. Jasra became so fixed on Jor-el that she was almost hypnotized by his presence. Her saber lowered and her sense of the surrounding area faded into darkness. All she could do was stare into Jor-el's eyes, it was as if some magic was holding her gaze with his. She took a few more steps back when all of a sudden Jor-el disappeared and the image of his ghost was replaced by Linduu's fist flying straight at her nose. *whap!* Linduu's punch connected solidly and sent Jasra tumbling backwards. As she tried to regain her balance T-4 rolled up right behind her, tripping her as the back of her knees hit his metal chassis. This time it was Jasra's saber that flew out of her hands, and Linduu wasted no time. She pounced on Jasra like a cat, fist swinging wildly. A right hand to the face and a left to Jasra's gut. Jasra countered with a kick to the upper chest that sent Linduu flying off of her. Both women used the force to get up off the ground swiftly and were standing toe to toe once again. Linduu tried to take another swing with her fist, but her arm was stopped mid motion as Jasra placed a Force choke on her. Linduu tried to break the hold but Jasra's power was strong, and her rage even stronger. Linduu was slipping away, slowly suffocating. Just as she was about to black out Linduu reached out into the force with all the willpower she could muster. Jasra was caught off guard by Linduu's sudden burst of power. She felt a disturbance behind her and whirled about only to see T-4 airborne flying right for her head! *Clank!* T-4 slammed into Jasra with blinding speed and then dropped to the ground. Jasra slumped to her knees and fell face first into the dirt, temporarily knocked unconscious. "Beep beep whooo!!!!" T-4 began spouting wildly. "Beep beep, whoo, wwaaaaa, bop bop beep!" Linduu dropped to one knee gasping for air. "Sorry T-4 you were the only heavy object I could feel through the force, I had no choice but to pull you towards me." "Beep beep!" T-4 exclaimed. Linduu stood to her feet and used the force to call her saber to her hand. "Look, I'll make it up to you ok. If we make it through all of this then I promise that you will receive the best oil bath credits can buy." "Beep droot." T-4 replied in a calmer tone. Linduu approached Jasra's motionless body without caution. All she could think about was killing her to gain revenge for Jor-el's death. As she reached Jasra the rage inside of her grew even stronger. Her lightsaber beam turned into a deep dark shade of red. Thoughts of what Jasra and the Sith had taken from her life began to run through her mind. She raised her saber above her head, the tip of the beam pointed down at Jasra. "Now I shall avenge my husband’s death!" Linduu thrust her saber down for the killing blow. But with unnatural speed Jasra rolled out of the way, called her own saber to her and simultaneously ignited it and slashed for Linduu's neck. Linduu barely ducked in time, Jasra's saber whizzing by an inch from the top of her head. "You can't kill me you fool!" Jasra hissed as she swiped for Linduu's leg. Linduu blocked the attempt and countered with a thrust followed by a flurry of upward arcing slashes. Jasra blocked each with cunning skill and countered with powerful attacks of her own driven by the black rage within her heart. The battle yet again raged on for what seemed like an eternity till finally Linduu had exhausted herself. "You are tired, I can feel it." Jasra sneered between clenched teeth. "You cannot defeat me, I am too powerful." As she finished her rant Jasra extended her free hand causing a massive force push that sent Linduu flying into the raider. The cracking sound of her head slamming into the ship resonated throughout the entire warehouse. Everything became blurry as Jasra approached. She couldn't move anything, and the back of her head ached like nothing she had ever felt before. The last image Linduu saw before everything faded to black was Jasra taking the saber from her hand and raising both of them above her head to deal the killing blow. Linduu faded away, knowing that she had failed her husband, her child, and the entire universe. ************************************* "Linduu my love, you mustn’t give up." Linduu heard Jor-el's voice resonating in her head. "You have come so far, you are so close." (I don't have the strength, I can't move, I can't even open my eyes.) "The universe is depending on you. I am depending on you. Our child, our child is depending on you. There is a purpose for his life. You can't let the Sith take it." (She is too strong. Even if I could defeat her, how then would I even come close to stopping Vandar?) "She is not stronger than you." (How then is it that she is about to win?) "Linduu, my love, my sweet. You let your emotions get the best of you. You were feeding off of your rage and hatred towards Jasra. You wanted to take revenge on her for killing me. You cannot beat her at her own game. You are strong in the light, and that is where you must draw your power from. Focus on peace, serenity and life." (But I am so angry with her for taking you from me. I miss you terribly Jor-el. I can't live life without you.) "Let go of the past my love. I know you are hurting. I know that you miss me, I miss you too. But I have passed from your world, nothing you can do will change that. Let go of your hatred for her. Focus on the task at hand." (I will try what you ask.) "I know you will Lin." Jor-el said and then paused. "And know this. That I will always be with you in your heart. I will always love you. And that is something that no one can ever take from you." (I will always love you to Jor-el.) "Now AWAKEN!" *************************************** Linduu's eyes shot open in time to see the two sabers coming down at her. Not more than a few seconds had passed while she was unconscious. She simply thought of a force wave and Jasra and the raider were sent flying away from Linduu. Jasra flew across the warehouse and hit the ground, skidding to a stop that peeled most of the skin from her right arm and face. The raider flew in the opposite direction and slammed into the wall, sending sparks flying everywhere. Linduu stood to her feet and called both of the sabers from Jasra's hands to her own. Linduu's eyes glowed white hot as she centered her thoughts more and more on the light side of the force. She began walking towards where Jasra was laying with the intent of ending this fight and killing her. But when she got about halfway there she felt something. (What's this? A spark of good in Jasra? A glimmer of hope for redemption perhaps?) Jasra jumped to her feet. "You'll never win Jedi!" She screamed as she shot out force lightning from her hands at Linduu. Linduu simply raised her saber and deflected the bolts into the ground. She then disengaged both sabers and dropped them. "What's your story Jasra?" Linduu asked. "What made you fall to the dark side?" "Isn't it obvious?" Jasra said seething with anger. "The power! The unlimited power!" And once again her hands shot out lighting at Linduu. Linduu raised her hands this time, absorbing the bolts and making them disappear. "If the dark side is so powerful, then why is it that you haven't killed me yet? No, no there is something more, I can feel it. Perhaps you turned on the Jedi out of anger?" Linduu asked. "Your feeble attempts to sway me will have no effect Jedi." Jasra sneered as she continued to spew forth lightning from her fingertips. Linduu all the while kept neutralizing it when the bolts reached her. "Perhaps you lost someone you loved? Perhaps you had no one to turn to so you blamed it on the Jedi?" "My personal life is none of your concern!" Jasra shouted out. "Now die! Just die!" Linduu could sense Jasra's frustration growing. Because of this Jasra's guard was lowered and Linduu took the opportunity to dig into her mind. (Ah yes, there it is. You poor woman. I pity you now that I know the truth.) "Your sister's death was not your fault." Linduu stated in a caring tone. Jasra's ceased her attacks immediately as she was taken aback by the statement. Linduu noticed her facial features soften and continued. "Even had you been there. There's no guarantee that you could have saved her." "What would you know about it Jedi! Nothing!" Jasra said as the hatred returned to her demeanor. "I can help you Jasra, I can help heal your wound and take the pain away. This fight doesn't have to end with one of us dying." Linduu said as she stopped walking and stood about 10 feet from Jasra. "I don't want your help Jedi! All I want is to kill you where you stand." Jasra said as she raised her hands to attack Linduu again with more lightning. "Then I'm sorry." Linduu replied. Before Jasra could begin her attack Linduu lifted her hands, the two lightsabers behind her lifted off the ground, ignited, and flew past her ears right for Jasra. They found their mark, one in Jasra's head, and one in her heart. The Sith took one last gasp of air and then fell to the ground dead. Linduu walked over, pulled the sabers out of Jasra's dead body and disengaged them. She knelt down beside her and placed a hand on her cheek. "I'm so sorry you had to die with such pain still bound inside you." Linduu said as tears of sadness began to fall from her eyes. "I forgive you for killing my husband. I forgive you for taking away from me what you did. May you find more peace in the next world than you had here." Linduu began to weep openly. Those were the hardest words she had ever had to say. But none the less she knew she needed to say them. After a few moments she stood to her feet and walked over to T-4. "So my little friend." She said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "What did you find in the city's mainframe computer?"
  3. Chapter XXII Jasra’s men took one last bow before their master, then turned and exited the alley and headed for their ship. Jasra in turn began walking towards the main street to exit the alleyway. But once again she froze as she walked by the spot where a cloaked Linduu was hiding in the shadows. She tarried for a moment, standing there with a look on her face that suggested she could sense a presence nearby. But after a few moments she shrugged it off and kept on walking. (Once again that was too close.) Linduu thought to herself as she began walking back towards the warehouse where T-4 and the raider were. (If what Jasra was saying is true, then I need to follow her men and make sure they succeed in disabling the cloud.) Linduu skillfully weaved her way in and out of people’s paths as she remained cloaked on her way back. Upon seeing the warehouse she let out a sigh of relief. (Now to get inside and fire up the ship’s engines.) Upon entering the old broken down building Linduu found T-4 guarding the ship like an obedient Kath hound. “Come here T-4 I have a mission for you.” The tiny little robot rolled away from the ship and stopped at Linduu’s feet. “I have to leave now, but I will be back.” Linduu paused for a moment in thought. “I need you to find the nearest access point to the Palace’s main frame. Once there I need you to find out all the information that you can on that big structure they are building in orbit. Do you understand?” “Beep beep.” T-4 acknowledged in affirmation. “Good.” Linduu said as she climbed into the raider’s cockpit. “I will see you soon then. We will meet back here.” Linduu hit the ignition button and the engines roared to life. She gently lifted the ship off of the ground and carefully exited the warehouse through the hole in the wall. Once out she cloaked the ship, pointed it upwards and soared into the atmosphere. Once she got back into space she cruised in tight circular patterns until she spotted Jasra’s destroyer leave orbit and head towards Dxun. She waited for a few seconds to put some distance between them and then turned her ship to follow. As they drew closer and closer towards the moon of Onderon a dark and ominous feeling crept over Linduu. (This is even worse than flying through the cloud. Control yourself Lin, you can’t let fear overcome your thoughts and emotions.) Closer and closer the two ships moved towards Dxun. It seemed now as if they were flying directly into the teeth of the cloud’s source. Linduu kept her distance from Jasra’s ship, that last thing she wanted to do was notify the larger vessel in any way that it was being followed. The two ships descended and broke through the atmosphere only to be treated by a bevy of horrific visuals. The planet itself was lush with green forest everywhere. Waterfalls could be seen scattered about along with fields of wildflowers. But the moon’s beauty was far outdone by the devastation of wars long since past. Graveyards of ships as far as the eyes could see. Craters from bombs, paths of torn up earth from tactical ground vehicles. Skeletons everywhere lain out in the open. It was clear to Linduu that many battles had been fought here. (How fitting that a cloud of darkness originates from this place of death.) Linduu thought to herself. Jasra’s ship landed in a grassy field that rested in front of what appeared to be an underground complex set inside a small hill. Linduu spotted a patch of trees not far off and decided to land the raider in them for cover. This way she wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it cloaked, as that would put a strain on her force using abilities. Once on the ground she shut down the engines and exited the ship. For some unexplained reason she felt a nagging in the back of her mind to take Jor-el’s lightsaber with her. So she attached it to her belt opposite her own and closed the cockpit. She kept herself cloaked and moved closer to Jasra’s vessel, waiting for them to make the next move. The loading ramp lowered and the 10 men that Jasra had sent poured out of the ship. Linduu followed them up to a massive gate which seemed to lead underground. There were four Sith marauders stationed at the gate along with six destroyer class droids. As they approached one of the marauders held up a hand, signaling for Jasra’s men to stop. “What business do you have here?” He asked them. “We are here to see the keeper of the tomb.” The lead assassin replied. “On who’s orders?” The marauder barked out. “Lord Lantill herself has sent us here to speak with the keeper. It is of great importance.” A devious smirk made its way onto the marauder’s face. “Lord who?” He asked as he drew out his red saber. (Obviously they haven’t gotten the news about Jasra being promoted.) Linduu thought as she backed away from the group so as not to get caught in what appeared to be a fight brewing. “We don’t have time for this.” The lead assassin said as he drew his own saber. “Kill them all men!” Linduu flattened herself against the ground so as not to catch any blaster fire from the droids. All she had to do was remain cloaked and let the battle play itself out. And what a battle it was indeed! Blaster bolts flying everywhere, the crackle of lightsabers meeting and separating, droids exploding and screams of pain as human limbs were severed. It was a massive battle, but swift. When all was said and done all of the marauders and droids had been killed and destroyed. But four of Jasra’s men had fallen as well. Now only six remained. Linduu got up off the ground and followed the assassins as they opened the gate and proceeded inside. As she passed through the entrance she saw some words engraved into the rock ceiling above. It said “The tomb of Freedon Nad.” Linduu didn’t know why but that name sent shivers up and down her spine. Farther and farther Linduu followed the assassins into the tomb complex. The deeper in she went, the more fearful she became. (What a place of darkness. I don’t know if I will be able to focus in here if it gets much worse. Oh Jor-el, I wish you were here with me now.) There were guards posted every 50 feet of so. Obviously Vandar didn’t want anyone getting near the source of his power. But the guards had no clue what had taken place at the entrance so they assumed that the group of assassins were cleared to be there. After 10 minutes of walking Linduu and the assassins finally arrived at a massive metal doorway that dwarfed the big gate at the tomb entrance. The lead assassin walked to the doorway and pounded on it with his fist. “State your business.” A gruff voice said from the other side of the doorway. “We are here to speak with the keeper on Lord Vandar’s orders.” The lead assassin replied. He surely wasn’t going to make the same mistake again of saying Jasra’s name rather than Vandar’s. “Yeah yeah, gimme a sec.” The gruff voice said. A moment later the massive doorway opened and Linduu quietly followed the assassins inside. The door shut behind them. (I hope things go well in here. But I am going to have to figure out how to open that doorway. It’s obviously opened by some sort of mechanism.) Linduu thought to herself. But her thoughts were quickly interrupted as they entered into a huge round room. Her jaw dropped at what was before her. What appeared to be a massive power generator of some sort was resting right above Freedon Nad’s sarcophagus. A massive machine that stood 20 feet high and just as many wide. It was supported by four massive legs that weighed at least 2000 pounds each. The dark red cloud seemed to be emanating from the sarcophagus and into the machine. But it was small and weak. However it seemed to travel up through the generator and become magnified by a focusing lens at the top. It was magnified to 20 times its original size. Linduu followed the cloud up with her eyes to the top of the cavern. Where once again it was met by another lens that seemed to shoot it out of the complex and send it on its path towards Onderon. Standing in front of the machine was the keeper. “What is your name?” The Lead assassin asked. “I have no name. I am just the keeper.” He replied. “Why has Vandar sent you here?” “Lord Vandar has sent us to learn about the secrets of the cloud from you. He wishes for us to more fully appreciate our Sith history. And he thought there would be no better way for us to start than to learn about the tomb from which this cloud emanates.” (Is that the best lie you can come up with?) Linduu thought as she almost let out a chuckle. (I wouldn’t buy that in a million years.) “Very well then, I shall tell you of how this cloud gets its power.” The keeper replied. (Oh you have got to be kidding me. Surely you aren’t that stupid?) The keeper began. “This is the sarcophagus of Freedon Nad. He was a most revered leader. He was one of the most powerful Sith lords in history. In fact he was so powerful and in touch with the dark side that once he died and was buried here, the essence of his power still remained. Back a little over 1,000 years ago when Revan was our leader, a few young Sith apprentices discovered this tomb. They noticed this very same red cloud seeping through a crack in the sarcophagus. They could feel the power of the dark side within it and studied for two years. After that short time they had finally discovered that they could tap into the cloud’s power and use it for themselves. But it only worked if they were here, surrounded by it. The Jedi known as Breia of Echana came to this place and somehow defeated the three Sith masters about 13 years later. This place lay dormant for a few years after that until Lord Vandar was drawn here by the clouds power. He had such wisdom and knowledge that it didn’t take long for him to think of a way to use the cloud’s energy. I believe that the cloud’s power is what has kept him alive all these years. Eventually he formatted a plan to build this amazing machine. It takes the cloud and magnifies it 20 times over. Then it sends it to Onderon, covering the whole planet. Thus making Onderon Vandar’s permanent home.” “I see.” The lead assassin said. “Is there any way for the cloud to ever be destroyed?” (Surely you aren’t that stupid as well? But please, by all means. Tell us how to destroy this thing.) Linduu thought to herself. “It is said that the only way for the cloud to be destroyed is for a force, object or energy of purity and righteousness to be placed inside the sarcophagus. But the only thing I know of that fits that description is a rare kind of midichlorian crystal. And Vandar had all of those destroyed a long time ago.” The lead assassin whipped out his lightsaber. “Thanks for the history lesson pops, but I think we will just destroy the machine instead.” “What are you doi…. No…. destroying the machine is impossible. It is protected by a shie…..” The Keeper frantically shouted out as his head was severed from his body by a red saber. (There’s no way I am going to let these buffoons dictate what happens here) Linduu thought as she uncloaked herself and ignited her pink staff-saber. She turned around and used the force to push the doorman into the heavy metal doors, killing him instantly upon impact. She then turned back around to see all six assassins staring at her in disbelief and wondering how she had gotten in here. “Alright boys, it’s time to play.” She said as she leaped high into the air, staff-saber twirling in every which direction. She landed right in the middle of all six men and instantly went on the offensive……………………. ************************************************** ************** T-4 had rolled himself into the city near the palace. He was just a droid after all, so he didn’t attract much attention. He stopped near a wall that had a computer screen on it that was displaying Lord Vandar’s daily orders to the slaves. He plugged into the port interface that was right below the screen and started looking for information on the huge station they were constructing in orbit. Little did he know that Jasra was not far away, watching him with suspicious eyes. (Where have I seen that droid before?) Jasra pondered. (I know I have seen it before, but where. Wait a second, yes, that’s right. I saw him on Korriban. Odd that it found its way here so quickly. And tapping into the city’s computer system unsupervised no less.) T-4 found the information he was looking for and disconnected from the terminal. He began his trip back to the warehouse where he was supposed to meet with Linduu. Once again he was not privy to the fact that Jasra was following him at a distance. ************************************************** ************** Linduu had made short work of Jasra’s assassins. “Obviously they just aren’t being trained like they use to.” Linduu said as she chuckled to relieve the emotion of the battle she had just went through. But just as she had spoken she noticed one of the assassins about twenty feet away from her trying to get back to his feet. She quickly drew Jor-el’s saber-staff from her belt, ignited only one side of it and sent it flying through the air and into the assassin’s spine. He dropped immediately and the saber disengaged and fell to the ground beside him. She now turned to look at the machine and sarcophagus. (Now how in the world am I going to shut this thing down?) No sooner had she finished her thought when she felt a warmth, a peace, coming from behind her. She turned and saw Jor-el’s saber on the ground. But it was glowing a bright blinding white, from the inside of the saber hilt it seemed. “Linduu, come closer.” A voice from the saber’s direction beckoned her.
  4. Chapter XXI “Jor-el why aren’t you answering me?” Linduu cried out. Still there was no reply. As the raider glided through skies over Iziz Linduu’s fear grew more and more with each passing second. (Calm down, just calm down.) Linduu thought to herself. (I just need to collect myself and calm down. I can’t let my emotions get the best of me. Ok think Lin, what’s the next step?) “T-4 find us a place to land. Anywhere remote and hidden will do.” Linduu said. “Beep beep.” T-4 replied as he took control of the ship. (I need to sneak in and gather as much information as I can before I decide on any course of action) “There, over there T-4, that will do quite nicely.” Linduu said as she pointed towards what appeared to be a partially destroyed and abandoned warehouse. (Take my baby huh. We’ll just see about that Vandar.) T-4 flew the ship through a hole in the west wall of the building that had been created by a Sith cruiser cannon in an earlier attack. It was barely big enough for the raider to fit through but T-4 made it look easy with his masterful piloting. He set the ship down in the very center of the building. “Beep beep” “Good job T-4.” Linduu replied. “You stay here with the ship. I’m going to go and see if I can find out anything that could help us complete our mission.” “Beep droot” T-4 replied in a low fearful tone. “I’ll contact you on the communicator if I need you.” Linduu said. Linduu kept her self-cloaked as she climbed out of the ship’s cockpit. But she made the raider visible again as her feet touched the ground. (And don’t think that I have forgotten about you Jasra. I’m not done with you yet.) Linduu again thought to herself as she walked over towards the eastern exit of the warehouse. (Alright I need to make my way to the royal palace. It’s a safe bet that’s where Vandar will be) Linduu set out towards the palace. Being cloaked no one could see her. But if she walked too loudly or ran they would still be able to hear her. It was slow going but Linduu masterfully weaved her way in between crowds of slaves and patrols of Sith guards. (There is no way I am going to be able to destroy this whole army, Vandar, and Jasra on my own. I am going to have to find a way to cause swift and mass levels of destruction.) Linduu did her best to keep her thoughts focused on the task at hand, but found it difficult as fear seemed to continually emanate from the dark red cloud that surrounded the planet. The whole sky looked as if it had been bathed in blood. In the near distance Linduu could see the top of the palace tower. The red energy cloud seemed as if it funneled down from the sky directly into it. The path into the palace courtyard was filled with many Sith patrols but none of them noticed Linduu as she sneaked by them. Finally she came to the palace entrance. She waited for a few minutes for someone to open one of the massive doors so she could sneak inside. Eventually a guard opened one of them and went into the palace. Linduu quietly followed him inside, close enough behind him that she could have stuck out her tongue and touched the back of his neck. As soon as she stepped inside a massive wave of fear sent chills up and down her spine. (Yep, this is where Vandar is alright.) She used the Force to trace the wave of fear to its source. Making her way down a few corridors she finally came to the throne room. She pressed herself up against the wall as tightly as she could right outside the entrance. Even though she was cloaked she felt as if Vandar’s gaze was upon her. (I’ve come too far to blow it now.) She thought. (If Vandar was going to sense me he would have done it by now. Well, at least I think he would have.) Linduu carefully peeked around the corner. In the very center of the room she saw a tall, dark throne. The red cloud seemed to come down from the top of the tower and cast its glow all around the throne. On it sat Lord Vandar. His body was small and wrinkly when he was a Jedi master and was never really a pleasure to look at. But now as a puppet of the dark side he was almost impossible to look at. His entire body was deformed from ear to toe. His eyes were pitch black and his demeanor was even more evil than what Linduu remembered from when they saw his Force projection back on the unknown planet. Kneeling in front of him was Jasra. A massive amount of emotion ran through Linduu’s body as she was tempted to just run in and end it all now. There they both were right in front of her, but she knew better. She needed to find a way to take care of all the Sith, everything. (The Force will guide me) She thought. Having calmed her emotions Linduu used the Force to eavesdrop on Vandar and Jasra’s conversation. ***************************************** “Why before me have you come?” Vandar asked as he studied Jasra very carefully. Jasra was already kneeling but bowed her head even lower. “My Lord I have come to inform you that Lord Onasi has been killed.” “Know this I already do.” Vandar replied as his eyes narrowed. “The real reason you have come tell me now.” Jasra looked up at Vandar. “My Lord I don’t understand, what do you mean?” “Growing thin with you my patience is!” Vandar barked out as he lifted his finger and pointed it at Jasra. He used the Force to lift her in the air and began choking her. “Now tell me!” Jasra could feel the Force wrapping around her neck like a Python. With each second it tightened its grip more and more. “My Lord….” Jasra could barely say. “I came hoping to….. to find favor in your sight.” Vandar tightened his grip on her. “Onasi killed you have. My favor gain by doing this thought you?” Jasra put her hands around her throat trying to loosen the tightening grip of the Force. But it was no use. “My Lord…….. I have always…. admired you….” Jasra’s face began to turn a shade of purple as she gasped for air. “To be… your apprentice… has always… been my… dream.” Vandar released her and she fell to the ground. “Correct you are. Honor it is to serve me. Strength you have shown by killing Lord Onasi. Stronger than him become you have.” He paused for a moment and placed his hand to his chin as if he were thinking. “My new apprentice you shall be. Now rise Lord Lantill, to my meditation leave me.” Jasra pulled herself to her feet and gently massaging her throat replied. “Yes my master, as you command.” She then turned and began walking towards the throne room exit. ************************************************** Linduu held her breath as Jasra was almost upon her. (Oh please don’t sense me. Please oh please oh please.) But just as Jasra walked through the archway it happened. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked right at the spot where Linduu was standing. (You don’t see me. You don’t sense anything at all.) Linduu thought. Jasra just stood there, staring directly into Linduu’s eyes without knowing it. She then slowly placed her hand on her lightsaber as if she was going to draw it. Linduu’s eyes narrowed in concentration. (Pull that saber from your belt and your head will be rolling on the floor before you even have a chance activate it.) “Lord Lantill, tell you to leave did I not?” Vandar said from his throne. Jasra pulled her hand away from her saber. “Yes my master, please forgive me.” She replied. She looked over at where Linduu was standing once more and then continued her exit from the palace. (Wow that was a close one.) Linduu thought as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. (My best bet is probably to follow Jasra. Since she has a plan to kill Vandar then she probably knows some of the things that I need to find out about this place.) Linduu then peeled herself away from the wall ever so quietly and followed after Jasra at a distance. Jasra exited the palace and went down a dark alleyway where she met two of her assassins. Linduu once again used the Force to enhance her hearing. The assassins knelt down before Jasra and the one on her left began the conversation. “My Lord did all go according to plan?” “Not everything.” Jasra replied as she winced in pain touching her fingers to her throat. “But I now have the fool’s trust and am his second in command.” “My Lord congratulations, shall we move into the next phase of your plan?” “Yes.” Jasra replied. “But if we are going to even have a chance of killing him, then we need to sever his connection to the cloud.” “My Lord?” The assassin asked in puzzlement. “The red cloud enhances his dark side energy and command of it. When it is present he is unbeatable. But without the cloud he would be much more vulnerable.” Jasra replied. “Take ten of our best men with you to Dxun and destroy the source from which the cloud comes. If you return to me in failure then I will kill you” “It shall be as you command my Lord. Where on Dxun is the source of the cloud?” “The tomb of Freedon Nadd.” Jasra replied.
  5. Chapter XX Jasra’s Destroyer lifted off the surface of the planet and exited Korriban’s orbit. Her ship was a gift to her from Lord Vandar for her ruthlessness, leadership, and downright evilness. It was equipped with the latest blaster cannon technology. So much so that she could easily level entire cities from orbit, as she had been known to do for fun on several occasions. The ship was run by a crew of around 500 men and women. 100 of those being Sith Assassins who were loyal to her, and her alone. “Take me to Onderon now!” Jasra barked out as she gave the Captain of the ship an icy stare that would have frozen a pack of wild Banthas dead in their tracks. “Yes my lord.” The captain replied. “And Captain,” Jasra said. “If it takes longer than 12 hours to get there I will personally put you out the aft airlock.” “Yes my lord.” The Captains voice quivered in reply. “As you command, we will be there in less than 12 hours.” Jasra turned to exit the bridge. “Very good Captain, see to it.” The Destroyer’s hyper-drive engines roared to life as the ship jumped away towards Onderon. ****************************************** “Alright T-4 looks like Jasra is on her way.” Linduu said as she fiddled with some buttons on the control panel. “Set a course for Onderon and let’s be on our way.” “Beep beep bop.” T-4 replied. He engaged the Hyper-drive and the Raider entered hyper-space towards their destination. As they traveled Linduu let out a sigh as she thought about Jor-el, and how she wished he was here. “Ah, but I am here.” Jor-el said, causing Linduu to jump out of her seat and hit her head on the canopy above. “Ouch!” Linddu exclaimed. “Oh sorry there Lin, did I scare you?” Jor-el asked in a playful tone. “You had better not be smiling right now.” Linduu said. “I may not be able to see you, but you had better wipe off that silly grin that I know is on your face.” Jor-el chuckled. “Ok you got me, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you like that.” Linduu rubbed that top of her head. “I forgive you. Just try not to be so loud next time when I’m not expecting it.” “Alright, I’ll be a bit more subtle next time.” Jor-el replied. “So getting down to business, how again am I supposed to do this all on my own?” Linduu asked. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about Linduu.” Jor-el said. “The way I figure it you have about 12 hours or so before you reach Onderon. During that time I need you to meditate. You need to clear your mind of all distractions and search out the intents of your heart.” “Why?” Linduu asked. “What does that have to do with me, facing the biggest suicide mission in history all alone?” “Because Linduu, there is still a lot of untapped potential within you. I saw it back in the cave as you knocked Jasra out without even touching her. I must say that wave of Light was a Force power unlike any I have ever seen or heard of.” Jor-el said. “You saw that huh?” Linduu said. “I don’t even know how I did it. It kind of just happened.” “You were able to draw on strength that you didn’t know you had.” Jor-el replied. “I sense that there is a lot of that still in you, just waiting to be used. That’s why I need you to gather your thoughts and the motives of your heart. You need to be 100 percent ready for what you are about to face.” Linduu rested her head on the back of her seat. “I miss you my love.” “I know you do. I miss you as well. But that is exactly the kind of thing that you have to put out of your thoughts. Such thinking will only lead to your death, our baby’s death, and the death of the Universe.” “All right then.” Linduu said. “You’ve made your point. I will do what I must.” “Very well then, I will leave you to your meditating.” Jor-el said. “And may the Force be with you my love.” **************************************** Twelve hours later T-4 informed Linduu that they were about to drop out of hyper-space. “Thank you T-4. I will take the controls from here on out.” Linduu replied. “This time they won’t even have a chance to see us drop out of the hyper-window.” Linduu used the Force to sense when they would drop out of Hyper-space and Force cloaked the ship at the exact moment they exited. “T-4, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Linduu remarked. Directly in front of them lay Onderon. The dark side of the Force was extremely strong here as it sent shivers up and down Linduu’s spine. In between them and the planet was the biggest fleet of ships she had ever seen. Hundreds, if not thousands of Sith Cruisers and Destroyers orbited all around the planet. Off to the left was Dxun, Onderon’s moon. What seemed like a dark red cloud of energy extended from the moon all the way to Onderon. And it appeared that when it hit the planet’s atmosphere it began to spread out even bigger. It encompassed all of Onderon in a bubble. Amazingly though this was not what caught Linduu’s eye. Off to the right of the planet was a structure of amazing proportions. It appeared as if the construction on it was not yet complete. Just the same though, it was the size and shape of a small moon. “If that’s a space station or a ship, then it’s the biggest one I have ever seen in my short life.” Linduu said aloud. “Wooo” T-4 replied. “That thing can’t be meant for good.” Linduu said as she stretched forth her feelings with the Force towards the station. “It is meant for mass levels of destruction, that much I am sure of.” “Beep beep.” “Before we do anything, we need to find out as much as we can about that station as well as the cloud that seems to stretch from the moon to the planet.” Linduu piloted the ship closer and closer towards the planet, weaving in and out of the way of all the ships that were orbiting. The closer she got to the cloud and its bubble around the planet, the more she felt disturbed, uneasy and on edge. Finally clear of all the ships now Linduu began to descend the Raider into the atmosphere. As they passed through the cloud of dark energy it sent a jolt of fear through Linduu’s body like she had never felt before. None the less she kept the Raider on course for the planet’s surface. When they had finally passed through the clouds and were able to see the ground Linduu’s heart sank to the floor at what she saw. Below them was a barren planet. Where once there were tall buildings and beautiful lakes, were now rubble and dried up mud holes. There were thousands of slaves all over the place that appeared to be working mines of some sort. “My parent’s use to bring me here on vacation before the war started.” Linduu said as tears welled up in her eyes. “It was so beautiful, so peaceful. The people here were always so wonderful and caring. Now look at it! It is nothing but rubble and ashes. And the people….” Linduu paused to take a deep breath. “No doubt Vandar enslaved them all after he took over the planet. But what is it he has them doing? Are they mining, or searching for something perhaps?” “Beep droot.” T-4 replied. “Yes T-4, we are going to do our best to help them. Vandar is going to pay for wha…..” Linduu was cut off in mid-sentence as she heard a voice in her head. “Know you are here I do. Come to kill me try you have. Your exact location know I not. But your presence I do feel. Try you will, miserably fail you will in the end. If my side you will not join, then torture you I will. Torture you for pleasure my own.” Linduu tried to calm the fear that was welling up inside her to the best of her ability. But she couldn’t block it out completely. “Who is this? Vandar is tha…..” Once again she was cut off. “Your baby raise as my own I will. Great power to him will I give. My new apprentice will he become.” “Noooo!” Linduu screamed out in horror. “You will never have the chance to even see my baby! I won’t leave this planet until I have ended your rule and the threat of the Sith completely!” “Try if you must.” Vandar replied. “Take your baby I will. Stop me you cannot.” “Jor-el! Jor-el where are you?” Linduu shouted as tears began to flow down her face. “Jor-el I am so scared, I can’t do this alone. I need you, where are you?” There was no answer. Only the sounds of Linduu’s sobs and the ship as it flew through the air.
  6. Chapter XIX “You fool! Nothing will stop me from killing Vandar and taking my rightful place as Lord of the Sith.” Jasra sneered. “I’ve heard enough.” Linduu said. “You have killed my Husband and my Father. The pain that is shooting through my entire being is more than even you could understand. None the less, I will not give in to my hatred.” Linduu raised her saber into the air with one end pointed up and the other towards the ground. “And you will learn here and now that one does not have to give in to the Dark side in order to be strong.” Linduu immediately struck the ground with the end of her saber that was pointed down. As soon as it hit a wave of blinding white light went out from it in all directions. “Nooooooo!” Jasra screamed out in horror as the wave of light reached where she was standing. Upon touching her, she fell to the ground instantly. Her body was as stiff as a log and her mind asleep, as if it were frozen in carbonite. Yet the breath of life did not leave her, she was still alive, but barely. Linduu deactivated her weapon and ran over to Jor-el’s lifeless body. “No.” She sobbed as tears streamed down her face. “Not now Jor-el, you can’t be dead. We were supposed to live out our lives together, to grow old together. I need you. I can’t do what I have to without you.” Linduu held Jor-el’s head in her arms, stroking his face with her hand. She sat there mourning the loss of her one true love for what seemed like days. The cold darkness of the tomb all around her only added to her pain. A few more hours passed by when suddenly the currents of the Force shifted in the tomb. Linduu sensed the change and quickly jumped to her feet. Upon focusing her thoughts a little more she felt that someone had entered the tomb. She quickly cloaked herself using the Force. “Linduu.” Linduu quickly whirled about to see where the voice had come from. But she saw no one. “Linduu I’m over here.” She quickly whirled back around to where the voice was coming from. But again she saw nothing. “This is so much fun! You should see the look on your face right now.” The voice said in between laughs. Linduu stood there listening, and to her amazement the voice sounded like…… “Never mind, it can’t be, it’s not possible.” She thought to herself. “No, you’re right. It is me.” The voice said. “I don’t know who you are, or where you are, but this isn’t funny at all.” Linduu shouted out. “And if I get my hands on you….” Suddenly a figure of light appeared right in front of her. And it looked just like Jor-el. Linduu stumbled backwards and fell to the ground as her foot caught a rock, uncloaking herself in the process. “This can’t be happening, you are dead.” Linduu said with her eyes wide in amazement. “Linduu I may be physically dead in your world. But I am alive and well in the world beyond, the world of the Force.” Jor-el’s ghost said. Linduu didn’t know if she should rejoice or cry. “I don’t understand.” She said. Jor-el folded his arms. “Lin there is so much I have to tell you. So much that I need to explain to you.” “Well you could start by explaining how I am sitting here by your dead body, yet talking to you at the same time.” Linduu replied. Jor-el moved closer to Linduu and got down on his knees, looking her directly in the eyes. “I will, I promise. But right now there are more Assassins coming to see if Jasra was successful or if she failed in her attempted plan. You have to go now. You have to get back to T-4 and the Raider. I will help you more from there.” Linduu got to her feet and brushed the dirt off her robe. “Can’t you just help me fight them?” She asked. Jor-el folded his arms as he was growing impatient. “I cannot interfere. I can only be your guide. I promise that I will keep my eye on you and tell you what to do. But you have to go now!” The Force ghost of Jor-el disappeared in an instant, leaving Linduu alone once again. “Alright then, this is definitely something that the Midichlorians didn’t include in the training manual.” Linduu thought to herself. She was overcome with emotion, yet didn’t know which one she should be feeling. She was destroyed about the fact that her husband was dead. On the other hand she was happy that she could still talk to him. Yet she didn’t know how to feel about him in his present state. She once again cloaked herself using the Force and made her way out of the tomb. She crept through the ruins, passing the Assassins along the way. Once by them she ran all the way back to the hangar where T-4 was, just as Jor-el had instructed. ******************************************* Jasra awoke to the sight of two of her Assassins standing over her. She sat up, holding her hand to her forehead as it ached mercilessly. “My Lord, are you alright? We feared that you were dead.” One of the Assassins asked. Jasra stood to her feet, anger coursing through her body. “Did you?” She snapped. “Or were you planning on putting a Saber through my heart to make sure I was? Thus claiming your new spot as leader of this settlement?” The two Assassins knelt down before her. “No my Lord, we would never think of doing such a thing.” One of them replied. “Yes Lord Lantill, we would never…..” The other was cut off in mid-sentence by Jasra. “Where is the girl?” She shouted. “I, I don’t know my Lord. When we got here you were the only one still alive.” One of them stuttered in response. Jasra became furious as anger and hatred raged through her body. “You let her escape?” “My Lord, we had no Idea…..” “Enough!” Jasra shouted. “You will now die for your incompetence.” Jasra stretched out her hands, sending each Assassin flying into the wall with a Force push. She held them against the wall, the pressure of her power pushing against their bodies. “I’ve really got to find better help.” Jasra said, followed by a maniacal laugh. She then fed on her rage as lighting shot out from both her hands, frying the two Assassins to death. “It is of no matter.” Jasra said out loud. “I am still going to Onderon. And I am still going to kill that incompetent fool of a leader Vandar.” Having finished with the two Assassins she exited the tomb. She headed back into town, straight for her personal Destroyer class ship. ******************************************* (Back at the Hangar with T-4 and Linduu.) “Jor-el, can you hear me? Are you here?” Linduu asked as she looked about. Jor-el appeared in front of her. “Yes I am here my love.” He replied. Linduu dropped down to her knees and began to cry. “Jor-el I don’t know how I am supposed to deal with this. I mean you are dead right?” Jor-el sat down on the ground in front of her. “Yes I am, but only in your world, the one I just left. But I am alive in this one.” “You said that before back in the cave, but I still don’t understand.” Linduu said. “Back a long time ago when the first of the Jedi died.” Jor-el began. “He entered into the world beyond the physical. He learned that the rules that governed the physical universe no longer applied to him, thus making him more powerful than anyone could ever achieve in the physical realm.” Jo-el stood back up. “He eventually learned though, that he could not use his powers to interfere in the physical universe. But the one thing he could do was communicate with someone who was sensitive in the Force, and was emotionally close to him when he lived in the physical world. He taught that person how to be able to do the same once they died and joined him in the world beyond. That teaching was passed down to few throughout the years. As the Force would have it, my master was one of those who could see and hear someone from the other side. Once he died he never spoke to me and I never knew why. But when I got here he taught me the secret of doing so myself. I learned very quickly as you can see.” Jor-el said as a look of accomplishment came across his face. “But Jor-el this doesn’t help me right now. I need you here physically with me. I can’t hold you, kiss you, or wrap myself in your arms for comfort.” Linduu said. Jor-el knelt down in front of her. “I know Lin, I know. But right now you have to pull yourself together for me. There is still a lot to be done. And you have to live. Our baby has to be born. He is very important to the future of the Universe” “He?” Linddu asked in surprise. “You know that it is a boy?” Jor-el smiled. “Yes I know that it is a boy, one of the perks of being dead you know.” “This is not a joking matter Jor-el. How can you stand there and joke about your own death?” Linduu asked as another tear slid down her cheek. “I’m sorry Lin, really, I just couldn’t resist. You know me.” Jor-el said with a smile. “Yes, I know you.” Linduu replied as she burned a hole right through Jor-el with her icy stare. “Lin, I really wish we could talk more, but Jasra is about to leave the planet in her ship. She is going to Onderon to try and kill Vandar.” Jor-el said. “And you want me to follow her and make sure they both die right?” Linduu asked. “Right.” Jor-el replied. Linduu turned to T-4. “Fire up the ships engines T-4 and plot a course for Onderon.” “Beep beep.” T-4 asked as he wheeled himself under the wing of the Raider. “No T-4, Jor-el isn’t going to be coming with us this time.” Linduu replied. She turned back around only to see that Jor-el was gone. “Right then, it’s off to Onderon to take on the whole Sith army all alone.” She thought to herself. Linduu climbed into the Raider’s cockpit and closed the hatch. “Are you ready T-4?” She asked. “Beep beep beep.” T-4 acknowledged. “Alright then, up we go.” The Raider blasted off from the planet’s surface and left the atmosphere within seconds. Once in orbit Linduu shut down all the ship’s systems. She then used the Force to cloak herself and the Raider. “Alright Jasra looks like it’s your move.”
  7. Chapter XVIII Flashes of pink and red collided in every direction imaginable as Linduu used her double bladed saber to defend herself with unmatched skill. Still, battling four Sith assassins at once was all she could handle and then some. She used the force to push one of the Sith across the fake tomb. His head slammed against the wall and he fell to the ground unconscious. Linduu blocked an attempt high, and then low. She force pushed the other three back about 20 feet and then focused on a rock formation that was hanging above the other Sith that she had slammed against the wall. Using the force she caused the rocks to come crashing down on the unconscious body of the assassin, killing him in the process. She focused her attention back on the three remaining Sith. “And to think I was about to break a sweat fighting four of you.” A smile formed on her face. “Now there are only three of you. I might get home in time for dinner if you keep dropping at this rate.” ************************************************** “Always in a playful mood aren’t you. Use your energy for attacking, not talking.” Jor-el said to Linduu as he overheard her remark to the assassins. “Advice you would do well to follow.” John remarked as he lifted Jor-el into the air with a quick wave of his hand sending him flying back against the wall of rock. Jor-el regained his composure just in time, as he blocked a slash from Jasra’s saber that was directed at his neck. “This tomb is going to belong to you after we are done with you.” Jasra said as she continued her attack. Jor-el was done talking. He opened up a flurry of slashes, spins, flips and counters on John and Jasra simultaneously. John circled around behind Jor-el and took a swing for his lower back. Jor-el dodged it by jumping up and flipping over and behind him. Just as John turned around Jor-l kicked him in the gut, sending him flying into Jasra. Their heads cracked together and they fell to the ground in a heap. Jor-el took the brief moment to catch his breath. “Wow, I didn’t know you had such feelings for John there Jasra.” Jor-el said jokingly as he watched Jasra pick herself up off of John. “You would do well not to anger me more.” Jasra replied. “I might just torture you for a while and then kill you, instead of just cutting you down right now.” “Let’s finish this.” Jor-el said as he twirled his silver double blade in front of him, bringing it to a stop in a defensive position. ************************************************* “You are weakening.” One of the assassins said as he stabbed for Linduu’s mid-section. Linduu knocked his attack aside and brought the blade on the other end of her saber around, removing the Sith’s head from his body. “Weakening? You’ve got to be kidding me I’m not even breathing hard.” Linduu said as she tried to catch her breath. She needed to finish this fight now and she knew it. She sensed that Jor-el was getting tired, and she understood that because he was fighting two Sith Lords, just one mistake would be his end. Linduu blocked a few more attacks from the two remaining assassins before she decided to put an end to the fight. As she was blocking their attacks, she stretched forth with her feelings into her lightsaber. The force began to flow strongly through her weapon. She blocked one last attempt by her attackers and then lifted her saber above her head. The two assassins were lifted up by the force with her saber. They were both frozen in the air above Linduu’s head, one above each blade. She began to twirl her saber slowly, but started speeding it up with each revolution. The two assassins were helpless to do anything as they each followed the blade they were above in circles. Once Linduu sensed that they were flying around above her with enough speed, she released her focus on her weapon sending each assassin flying across the room and into the rock walls. They hit with such impact that it killed them instantly. She turned around and saw the archeologist cowering behind some boxes. “If you want to live then you had better leave right now.” Linduu said. The young archeologist stood up and ran out of the tomb as fast as he could. She then began running over to where Jor-el was dueling with his opponents. He was holding his own quite well, but she sensed that he was weakening with every passing second. John sensed her coming from behind him. Immediately he turned and hit her with a force push that sent her tumbling head over heels across the cave floor. “Linduu!” Jor-el said as he turned to see her lying on the ground, concerned that she had been seriously injured. His love for her would be his downfall however. His momentary break in his attack gave John and Jasra the advantage that they had been looking for. John quickly used the force to begin choking Jor-el, lifting him up into the air in the process. Struggling to breathe, Jor-el lost his concentration on everything else. He could feel his body losing life. His hands and feet were going numb as his body began to shut down. His lightsaber shut itself off as it fell from his hand to the ground. “And now your pathetic life finally comes to an end.” Jasra sneered with pride. “No!” Linduu cried out as she struggled to get back up to her feet. But it was too late. Jasra readied her saber as John released Jor-el from the hold and he fell to the ground. Lying on his back and struggling to regain strength, he knew that it was over. “I love you Lin.” Were the only words he could get out as Jasra stabbed her saber straight down at the ground piercing right through Jor-el’s heart and killing him instantly. Linduu’s heart sank to the bottom of her very being. The man that she loved had just been killed right in front of her. It seemed in that moment as if the whole universe just froze and time stood still. All of the memories that she had accumulated in her short time with Jor-el flashed through her mind. She knew what she had to do. She knew that she had to finish this fight and defeat Vandar. She knew that she had to go on living, to raise the unborn child that Jor-el had given to her. And to bring it up to be like its father. “And I will always love you Jor-el.” Linduu said as she used the force to propel herself at John. She opened up a furious attack of slashes and thrust. Within seconds she had already worn John down to the point that he wanted to give up. She slashed high and as John blocked it she brought the other end of her weapon around and cut off both his hands. They fell to the ground gripping his now deactivated lightsaber. “How you could do this to me dad?” Linduu shouted out with tears streaming down her face. “How could you join the Sith? How could you betray mom and I? And how could you kill the only man that I will ever love, the father of my child?” In a moment of weakness John realized the truth. He realized all that he had been doing was evil. “Linduu, I, I………..” “Now hold on just a minute.” Jasra butted in. “Let’s not forget there young lady, that it was my saber who killed your precious husband.” Jasra said with a proud look on her face. “And let’s also not forget about my plan.” Linduu readied her lightsaber for an attack. “And what plan would that be?” “This one!” Jasra replied as she created a massive force wave sending Linduu flying. “And now my Lord Onasi, I shall complete my plan.” She said as she spit on John’s face. Jasra stretched out her hand as force lighting surged from her fingers hitting John’s body and causing him to scream out in pain. “Why, why are you doing this?” John could barely get the words out to ask. “Oh don’t be so naïve my Lord. It is the way of the Sith, you know that.” Jasra increased the strength of her force lightning so that it began to lift John up into the air. By the time he was standing he was already dead. Still Jasra wanted to make sure. She ignited her saber in her other hand and cut John’s head off. The force lightning stopped emanating from her fingertips and John’s headless body fell to the ground. Jasra kicked both of the lifeless bodies that were lying in front of her, just to make sure that they were indeed dead. “Finally, the first half of my plan is complete.” Jasra sneered to herself. “And you won’t have the chance to complete the second part.” Linduu’s voice came from behind. Jasra whirled around to see Linduu standing 20 feet away from her. Tears were still streaming down her face and a look of determination was in her eyes. Jasra couldn’t look at her for long though as Linduu’s lightsaber was now glowing white. Such a pure white that it was exceedingly blinding, it lit up the entire cavern as if the suns of Tatooine themselves were inside it.
  8. Chapter XVII “Where are they now?” John Onasi asked. “By now I would imagine that they have uncovered the entrance to the tomb and are probably inside.” Jasra Lantill replied as she knelt before her lord. “You may rise.” John said. “We should probably make our way to the cave now if we are to have any chance of trapping the girl.” Jasra rose to her feet. “My Lord, shall I order these assassins to accompany us?” She asked as she pointed to the cloaked figures behind her. “No, we can handle this on our own.” John replied. “Lord Vandar gave me strict instructions to handle this alone, with the exception of you. He was very angry after I returned empty handed from my first battle with Kenobi. I won’t give him a second chance to berate me.” “Very well my Lord.” Jasra said as she and John turned to face the ruins. “I promise you my master. Jor-el Kenobi will not make it through this night alive.” John turned and faced her. “He had better not. Otherwise I am going to separate your head from your body.” He waved his hand towards the ruins. “Now let us depart.” They started off with a slow jog and worked their way up to a brisk run as they headed towards the tomb. “No my master, it is your head which will be removed on this night.” Jasra thought to herself as she ran stride for stride with him. ****************************************** Jor-el and Linduu were standing at the tomb entrance looking inside. “Do we have to go in there?” Linduu asked. “This place really gives me the creeps.” Jor-el smiled at her comment. “I will admit that this place isn’t exactly the hottest vacation spot.” He looked back down into the dark tomb entrance. “None the less, we have to go in. If we wait any longer then we risk having the archeologist find the artifact.” “Well why can’t we just wait out here and jump them when they come out?” Linduu asked. “Because if one of those assassins that escorted them in there comes out holding the artifact, well, let’s just say that I think he would be more than a match for us. Of course that is assuming the stories that I heard about this thing are true.” Jor-el replied. Linduu raised one of her eyebrows. “So what, we wait for them to find it, but take care of them before they can grab it?” Jor-el smiled. “Now you’re getting the idea. It’s about time you started learning to think strategically.” Linduu shot one of those icy female glances over at Jor-el. “What are you trying to say? That I didn’t know how to do so before?” Linduu walked over to Jor-el and cupped his face in her hands. “Give me a little more credit than that love. I got you to fall in love with me didn’t I?” “Oh now you’ve gone from strategic, to smart aleck.” Jor-el replied with a smile on his face. “Come on then, let’s get inside and do what we came here for.” They stepped inside the tomb entrance and began sneaking closer and closer towards where the archeologist was searching. They followed the sounds of the voices up ahead of them that echoed through the catacombs of the tomb. “There they are. Quick, hide!” Linduu whispered as she ducked down behind a rock formation. Jor-el hid behind some boxes of equipment that the Sith had brought with them. “Be on your guard now, there’s no telling what might happen from this point on.” He whispered. “Wait, I think I’ve found it!” yelled the archeologist. “Wait, never mind. It’s just an old depleted lightsaber emitter.” Linduu looked around the big room and noticed something odd. “Something’s not right here.” Jor-el glanced over at her. “What do you mean?” “There aren’t any markings or writings describing who this tomb belongs to.” She replied. Jor-el looked down at the ground with a frown. “You’re right.” He said still whispering. “But why would there be no writings? I mean if even the artifacts left behind by this Sith are so powerful, then surely he was a great Sith lord of much renown.” “Perhaps I can answer that question.” A female voice said from behind them as Jasra and John stepped out of the darkness and into the light of the torches that hung from the wall. ************************************************ (6 hours ago.) “My lord will you keep the artifact for yourself?” The young assassin asked. “How can I keep something that doesn’t exist?” Jasra replied. “What do you mean my lord?” The assassin asked her. “The artifact, the tomb, it is all just a lie.” Jasra replied. The young assassin looked puzzled. “A lie, what do you mean? Why would you lie about such a thing? “You have so much to learn, and my patience is growing very thin with you.” Jasra replied with anger in her voice. “It is all a part of my plan to kill Lord Onasi and take his place as Vandar’s second in command.” Jasra was now looking up into the sky with her arms outstretched towards the clouds. “And then I shall kill Vandar and become the new ruler of the Sith!” “So the tomb and the artifact don’t exist?” The young Sith asked. “Well the artifact doesn’t, but the tomb does in a way.” Jasra replied. “I found an empty cave network about 3 months ago. So I decided to use it to aid me in my plan of killing Lord Onasi.” Jasra had a proud smirk on her face now. “So I did a few things to make the inside of the cave look like a tomb. Then I spread the rumors about the powerful artifact in hopes that Lord Vandar would send his second in command here to search for it. Now I will admit things haven’t quite worked out like I planned. But none the less Lord Onasi is on his way here as we speak. Once I get him alone he is a dead man.” “But my lord, don’t you fear that he or Vandar will sense your plot through the force?” The assassin asked. Jasra ignited her red double bladed lightsaber and pressed it up very close to the young Sith’s throat. “That is the last time that you ever question me again, do I make myself clear?” The young Sith nodded in acknowledgement. “Good, remain loyal to me and I will make you a ruler of many worlds. Neither Vandar nor Onasi will find out about what I am planning. I can shield my thoughts from them just as easily as I can walk across the street.” ******************************************** (Back to the present.) Jasra looked over at the assassins which were guarding the archeologist. “It seems we have some intruders over here that need to be taught a lesson.” The four assassins walked over towards where Jor-el and Linduu were now standing. “Capture the girl, leave the male to us.” Jasra commanded as she and John ignited their lightsabers. The assassins ignited their sabers as well and began to move towards Linduu. Jor-el and Linduu gave each other a look that said, “I love you, no matter what happens, I love you.” Linduu ignited her pink double blade and dropped into a defensive position. The four Assassins leaped towards her and began their attack. Jor-el ignited his silver lightsaber and instantly went on the offensive. Slashing, thrusting, ducking and countering every attack that Jasra and John made. Jor-el and Linduu were in for the fight of their lives.
  9. Chapter XVI The deafening silence of the night sent shivers up Linduu’s spine. It was pitch black outside and there was a feeling of eeriness in the air. She walked over to the window of the room that she and Jor-el had found at an Inn for the night. She placed her hands on the window seal and peered out into the night. “How a place this big becomes so quiet is beyond my understanding. This place really gives me the creeps.” Jor-el walked up behind Linduu and placed his hands on her shoulders. “It should give you the creeps my love. Korriban is filled with the dark side. In fact some say that Korriban came into existence as a result of the dark side of the force.” Jor-el said. “None the less, we have nothing to fear as long as we are together. As long as we focus our thoughts and watch each other’s backs, then we will make it through whatever this planet throws at us.” “I hope you are right Jor-el. All I know is that I am glad I’m not here alone.” Linduu said. “So what did you find out at the central information hub?” Jor-el turned around and sat down on the bed. “That this city is the only one on Korriban at the moment. It is the first of many that are planned as part of a restoration project.” Jor-el took a deep breath before he continued on. “And it appears as if Vandar is looking for something.” “Looking for something? What do you mean?” Linduu asked. “It seems that he is hiring as many archeologists as he can get his hands on.” Jor-el replied. Linduu looked at Jor-el quizzically. “What is he looking for J?” “Well the information hub didn’t have that stored in its database, and I expected that it wouldn’t. So I went back to the cantina and did some eavesdropping on some of the local’s conversations.” Linduu sat down beside Jor-el. “And what did you find out?” Jor-el got up from the bed and began pacing around the room. “My Jor-el this must be serious. What is it? Come on and tell me already.” Linduu said. Jor-el took a deep breath. “It seems that there is an ancient and powerful Sith artifact buried here on the planet in one of the tombs.” Jor-el paused for a moment. “One that if found will increase Vandar’s power tenfold.” Linduu threw her hands up into the air. “Well this just keeps getting better and better now doesn’t it.” “That’s not all.” Jor-el said. “I have sensed the presence of an old friend here on Korriban.” “An old friend you say? Well that can’t be all bad can it?” Linduu asked. Jor-el continued his pacing. “Yes it is actually. This friend of mine trained side by side with me during my early days at the Jedi academy. She was very wise and powerful for her young age. In fact I would say that she was leaps and bounds ahead of me in many aspects.” Linduu noticed Jor-el’s facial expressions begin to drop. “What is it Jor-el? What happened?” “She fell to the dark side and joined the Sith during the last war. Since I have sensed her presence here I fear that she has sensed mine as well. She poses a great threat to us, I don’t think we should stay here very long if we can help it.” Jor-el replied. “What is her name J?” Linduu asked. “Her name was Jasra Lantill, though I don’t know what she is called now. You know with how the Sith seem obsessed about changing their names to such meaningless things like, Darth booger, or Lord goober.” Jor-el replied. “Ah I see.” Linduu said. “I see that you find the Sith changing their names to be quite pointless, even funny.” Jor-el smiled. “Yeah I really never have understood why they do it, but that’s not the important thing right now. For the moment I think we need to concentrate on getting to this ancient artifact before the Sith do.” “Any ideas on how we should go about doing that?” Linduu asked. “Earlier in the cantina I overheard one of the Sith archeologist telling his companions that he had found the tomb where the artifact is said to be. Supposedly this tomb has not yet been discovered by anyone else.” A small smirk made its way onto Jor-el’s face. “I took the liberty of placing a tracking device into the cargo on one of the Banthas in their caravan. We should be able to follow them right to it.” Linduu smiled at Jor-el’s resourcefulness. “Well done my love. Now what about numbers, how many of them are there going to be waiting for us at the tomb when we arrive?” “I counted four of them in the cantina, and I figure a few of Vandar’s elite assassins will probably accompany them. After all, he wants this artifact really bad and wouldn’t risk the chance of an archeologist messing this whole thing up for him.” Jor-el replied. “When are they setting out after the tomb?” Linduu asked. “They have most likely already left my love. We should probably get going after them right away. All we have to do is follow the tracking device.” Jor-el replied. “Sounds like a good plan, let’s make sure to keep our thoughts focused and centered.” Linduu said. Jor-el put his arm around Linduu’s shoulders. “Of course my love, why wouldn’t we.” He said with a smile. Jor-el and Linduu set out into the eerie night after the caravan. Making sure to stay out of sight and be as quiet as possible. ************************************************ John Onasi’s raider exited hyperspace and began its decent towards Korriban. He pushed a button and opened up a communications channel with Jasra. “Lord Lantill, have you made any progress in detaining the two Jedi?” “Yes my lord, all is going according as planned. We are tracking their every movement. At the moment they are headed out into the ruins. They are following the archeologist that claims to know where the tomb and artifact are located.” Jasra replied. “Good, good, very well done Jasra. I will be on the planet’s surface in a few minutes. We will meet up then and head out after them. If they find the tomb then it will be much easier for us to kill Kenobi and capture the female once they are inside.” John said. “Very well my lord, I shall be awaiting your arrival.” Jasra replied. Jasra closed the communications channel and walked to the edge of the roof on top of the building on which she was standing. “Good.” She thought to herself. “Neither Vandar nor Onasi suspect anything. It appears as if though my plan is going to succeed after all.” She let out an evil, maniacal laugh as she peered out over the city.
  10. Chapter XV Jor-el, Linduu and T-4 were powerless to do anything. The Sith raider had seemingly hijacked them and was racing towards Korriban at faster than light speeds. “Jor-el is there nothing you can do to stop this infernal ship?” Linduu was breathing rapidly and on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. Calm yourself Linduu, be mindful of your feelings. There is nothing to fear at the moment and getting overly excited isn’t going to make things any better.” Jor-el reached his hand back behind his head for Linduu to hold, hoping it would bring her some comfort and calm her down. “It appears that we are headed for Korriban and that our fates are in the hands of the force.” She grabbed his hand and gripped it tightly. “Jor-el what is on Korriban? I have never been there. All I know about it is the stories that I used to hear when I was a child. All I know is that it is said to be a place of great evil.” Jor-el winced at the massive understatement of her words. “Great evil indeed my love, Korriban used to be the home of the Sith. But after the Mandalorian wars, and after the Sith civil war, it became nothing more than dust and ashes. It is now just a graveyard of death. Many Sith lords now rest in tombs on the planet’s surface, and because of their fallen state their souls have not been able to become one with the force. They still linger, thus creating a strong dark side presence on Korriban for as long as it remains.” Jor-el’s words sent shivers up Linduu’s spine. “Sounds like somewhere I don’t want to go, although it looks as if we don’t have a choice.” Jor-el smiled. “Don’t worry my love, I am sure we will find nothing more than rubble and ruins once we get there.” “Are you sure Jor-el? Why would this raider be programmed to take us there if nothing remained anymore?” Jor-el thought for a moment. “It’s probably just an old program from back in the day, hidden away in its computer core all this time. Still you make a good point. We should be on our guard just in case.” The raider lurched forward as it slowed down to exit hyperspace. Upon exiting the group was face to face with a huge armada of Sith cruisers and destroyers. They were orbiting the planet just as a pack of Kath hounds would their prey. Jor-el felt a knot in the pit of his stomach. “Well looks like this place isn’t abandoned after all. I can’t believe the size of this fleet!” “T-4 could you please scan the sector and report the number of ships?” Linduu asked. “Beep beep woo.” Jor-el’s mouth dropped wide open. “50 cruisers and 200 destroyers, how is that possible? Where are they getting the resources to build such a fleet?” “Well remember Jor-el, the Sith are running the galaxy now. There is nothing to stop them from ravaging entire planets just for production’s sake.” Linduu replied as she shook her head in disbelief. “Why are they not hailing us?” “Do I need to remind you that we are in a Sith raider my love? There is no need for them to police their own ships.” “Right, I knew that.” Linduu replied, her cheeks a little red from the embarrassment of asking such a stupid question. The ship continued it’s decent towards the planet’s surface. It entered the atmosphere and began heading straight for a massive spaceport. Jor-el’s eyes were wide in amazement. “Will you look at this city it must be twice the size of Mos Eisly. How could they have built and developed so much in only 5 years?” Linduu looked down on the buildings. “Yes it appears as if their resolve matches their unlimited resources.” Beyond the city they could see the tombs of the Sith as well as the ruins of an old academy. The skyline above them was dark and foreboding. Lightning seemed to be a constant thing as well, for it filled the sky endlessly. “This place gives me the creeps Jor-el, it really is evil.” Linduu said with a quivering voice. “Hold on Lin, looks as if we are coming in for a landing.” The raider slowed to a stop and hovered in midair above an open docking space. It slowly descended and finally came to rest on the ground. Jor-el and Linduu exited the ship’s cockpit. T-4 started to leave the ship with them but Jor-el stopped him. “No T-4, I need you to stay here. Now that the auto program has run its course I want you to see if you can rewrite the ship’s programming to fit our needs.” “Beep beep” “Very well then, I will keep in contact with you on our personal communicators.” The two Jedi made their way out onto what appeared to be one of the main streets of the city. There were carts containing various things being pulled by Bomas as well as human slaves up and down the path. The street still unpaved threw dust in every direction, making it hard to breathe. There were buildings of all sizes all around them, cantinas, marketplaces, speeder shops, and even the occasional junkyard here and there. Many of the people began to notice the clothing on Jor-el and Linduu. “Lin I think it would be a good idea if we got rid of these Jedi robes and found some more appropriate, shall I say plain attire.” “Yes love, I think you are right.” Linduu replied. They made their way to a clothing hut not more than two blocks away. Ten minutes later they emerged from the shop with new clothing. Linduu studied their surroundings. “So what do we do now big guy?” Jor-el noticed a few dark Jedi walking by. “Well we need to stay under the radar for now, at least until we can come up with a plan on what to do. We should probably find a place of lodging to stay at. After than we need to find out as much as we can about what’s going on around here. Also we need to see if we can pick up on a trail that might lead us to Vandar.” Linduu rubbed her hand over her stomach in a circular motion. “Yeah I also wouldn’t mind getting some food, that wasn’t the shortest trip I have ever had.” Jor-el nodded in agreement and they made their way to the nearest cantina. Once inside they took a seat near the back and ordered their food. ************************************************** The two dark Jedi were going about their patrol of the spaceport when a masked figure in a dark cloak appeared before them. “My lord, where did you come from? We did not sense your presence.” The two Sith said as they knelt on the ground. The masked figure raised its hand for them to be silent. “A raider landed about 20 minutes ago.” It said with a low feminine voice. “Lord Vandar sensed that the two Jedi we have been hunting were in it.” One of the patrol guards interrupted. “Are you sure my Lord? The Jedi, here?” The cloaked figure raised her hand and lifted the one who interrupted her into the air. “You shall never interrupt me again.” She said as she choked him to death with the force. She let the body fall to the ground and looked at the other patrol guard. “Find the Jedi, and find them now or your death won’t be so quick.” The dark Jedi bowed down to the ground. “Yes lord Lantill, it shall be done immediately.” With that he ran off into the city to find Jor-el and Linduu. A moment later Lantill’s communicator began to buzz. She opened it up in the palm of her hand and a hologram appeared. “Jasra have you found the two Jedi yet?” The figure in the image asked. “No my lord Onasi, but they shall not remain hidden for long.” She replied with determination in her voice. “Good, see to it personally that they are not allowed to leave the planet. Lord Vandar has seen through the force that my daughter is pregnant with Kenobi’s baby. He has special plans in mind for the child.” Jasra smiled at the thought of what devious plans lord Vandar might have in mind. “Yes lord Onasi, I shall contact you as soon as I know where they are.” ************************************************** John Onasi entered into Vandar’s palace. He walked into the throne room and knelt down on one knee before the dark lord. “My lord, they are on Korriban, we shall take them prisoner very soon.” Vandar removed the dark hood from his head. “Good, good my faithful apprentice. Done well you have. The girl alive I want, but kill Kenobi you must.” “Yes my lord, it shall be as you command.” John replied. With that he exited the throne room and made his way to his personal raider. It was a hybrid, a mix between a Naboo star fighter and a Clone trooper X-wing. He climbed inside the cockpit and strapped himself in. “Computer set a course for Korriban.” “Course plot completed, engaging engines.” The computer replied. John Onasi prepared himself for the 12 hour journey. His ship climbed into the air and exited the atmosphere. The computer spoke once again. “Engaging hyper drive.” The raider disappeared from Onderon’s orbit, John Onasi was on his way to kill Jor-el Kenobi.
  11. Chapter XIV Jor-el opened his eyes to the rays of sunlight that were filtering their way into the room through the window. His body was aching and his head felt like a Boma beast had stepped on it. He attempted to sit up only to fall back down to his pillow in pain. He then felt the soothing touch of Linduu’s hand upon his forehead. “Easy there big guy, you had quite a day yesterday.” Linduu said in a caring voice. “Linduu what happened? Where are we?” “We are back in the apartment love, now rest, you need to let your body recuperate.” Jor-el looked up at Linduu with curiosity and fear in his eyes. “Lin what happened? The last thing I remember was laying on the ground and that Sith was walking towards you and was about to dismember your head from your body. After that I blacked out, I can’t remember anything else.” Linduu looked away from Jor-el and down at the floor. “All I know is that when I woke up from being unconscious, you were standing behind me. You looked like the most evil creature I had ever laid eyes on. Your face was contorted, your eyes were red, and your lightsaber was blood red as well.” Jor-el was filled with horror on the inside, and it showed on his face. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” “No my love, you didn’t touch me at all.” Letting out a sigh of relief Jor-el asked, “You said that my eyes and saber were red?” “Yes they were, it was one of the most horrifying moments of my life, but,” Linduu paused and looked into Jor-el’s eyes. “But when I spoke your name everything changed back to normal. Your face, eyes, saber, all of it, then you fell to the ground unconscious. Please Jor-el, I was so scared, please promise me that the whole evil transformation thing will never happen again.” “I don’t know what happened love, and I don’t know how. But I promise that I will try my best to never let that happen again. And I promise that I will never ever hurt you.” A few tears fell from Linduu’s eyes. “Okay, I will trust you.” “And what happened to the Sith?” Jorel asked. “All I know,” Linduu said. “Is that the assassin’s body was lying on the ground lifeless and burned. It appeared as if a lightsaber had been shoved through his chest. As for the burns, I don’t know. It’s possible that some of the fire from the ship got a hold of him.” Jor-el thought for a moment. “I guess it is possible that I blacked out because of all the emotion that was running through me. Maybe it was me who killed the Sith. Perhaps I fed upon those feelings and became what I needed to become in order to save you. My master always told me that I had one of the strongest connections to the force that he had ever seen. But this might be a bit beyond that. What do you think?” Linduu laid down beside Jor-el. “It is very likely that being trained by the Midichlorians themselves has caused us to become closer to the force than anyone ever thought possible. I mean some of the powers and abilities that we possess, you said no Jedi or Sith has ever been recorded as having them right?” “Yes,” Jor-el said. “I guess that could explain a few things, what you are suggesting is possible. But as for my lightsaber changing colors, that is something that has never happened in the history of the order, at least not that I am aware of.” Linduu had a revelation. “Wait, we took the crystals from the Midichlorian cave for our sabers right?” “Yes we did” Jor-el replied. “Well then what if these crystals are bonded to us? And since they are the same type of crystal that the Midichlorians speak through, then perhaps they possess special abilities as well. It is possible that the crystals change to reflect our mood, situation, or even our alignment with the force, ala light side or dark side.” Jor-el smiled proudly. “Wow Lin, I think you are really on to something there, in fact I think you are absolutely right. That would sure explain a lot.” Linduu pulled herself closer to Jor-el and kissed him on the cheek. “Well thank you love, I couldn’t have come to this conclusion without your help though.” “I guess we will have to ask the Midichlorians about all this should we survive all that is to come. Hopefully we will be able to find our way back to their planet. But for now we must assume that all of our theories are correct.” Jor-el said. Linduu got up out of bed and headed for the kitchen. “Are you hungry?” “Yes Lin, I am starving.” “What would you like me to make you?” Jor-el smiled, “How about a brand new ship?” “Ha ha, very funny sithy pants.” Linduu said as she poked her head around the corner, “How about some Gizka eggs and Drylek strips?” “Yeah that will be fine.” Jor-el said as he managed to slowly pull himself to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. “You know that does present a whole new problem for us.” “What are you talking about love?” “Our ship, now that it has been destroyed we have no way off this rock.” Jor-el replied as he winced in pain standing to his feet, “Which means that we are sitting targets.” “Yes I suppose you are right, which means that we need to figure something out fast.” Linduu came walking back into the room with the food. “What are you doing out of bed?” “Bah, I can’t stand to be still when I have so much running through my head.” Jor-el said as he walked over to the window. Linduu sighed, “Always on the move.” Jor-el looked out over the city as the morning sun was hitting the tops of the buildings. “Hmm,” Jor-el thought aloud. Linduu walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulder. “What are you thinking Mr. Kenobi?” She began to gently massage his neck. “That assassin had to come here by ship. Perhaps there is a way to find out which port it is in and steal it, I mean, borrow it temporarily. Lin where is T-4?” “Oh he is in the front room standing guard.” She replied. Jor-el turned around and looked at her inquisitively. “Standing guard?” Linduu let out a chuckle, “Yes, I told him to use his shock arm on the first thing or person that came through the door and then to alert us.” Jor-el yelled out to the front room. “T-4, come here please.” “Beep beep dwoo.” The little droid responded as it came into the room. Jor-el knelt down in front of it. “T-4, I need you to go find a computer port and try to hack into the docking control mainframe. Look for any records of a Sith raider or unregistered ship arriving in the last 3 days or so.” “Dwoo.” “Alright then off you go, make it as quick as possible.” Jor-el patted the little droid on the top of its metal head. T-4 turned around and exited the apartment complex. Linduu helped Jor-el back to his feet. “That was really good thinking, let’s hope he finds something.” 30 minutes later T-4 returned to the apartment. “Beep beep.” Jor-el got up out from the table as he was just finishing his meal. “Great job T-4, I knew you could do it.” Linduu came into the room from the back. “I take it he found what we are looking for?” “Yes, he found a record of a Sith raider that landed 36 hours ago and tracked it down to dock C bay 7.” “Then we will check it out in the morning.” Linduu said. Jor-el put his cloak on. “No, we need to go now. Besides I have been out cold all night, so my body doesn’t need anymore rest.” “Okay, if you say so fearless leader.” Linduu said with a hesitant tone in her voice. “T-4 I want you to go to the raider now, we will meet you there in a few minutes. We just have to gather a few things first.” Jor-el instructed. “Beep dwoo.” T-4 replied as he exited the complex. 5 minutes later Jor-el and Linduu were on their way to dock C. They found bay 7 where T-4 was sitting outside the door waiting for them to arrive. “Okay T-4, do your stuff.” T-4 plugged his arm into the computer port on the wall and began hacking away. Within seconds he had unlocked the bay door and they went inside. The raider was not much different from a Jedi fighter in design. It was slightly larger, having two seats in it instead of just one. “Well looks like it’s time for us to get off this planet.” Jor-el said as he climbed into the cockpit. Linduu followed and sat in the seat right behind him. T-4 made his way over to underneath the wing, two mechanical arms came down and pulled him up into the droid holding compartment. Jor-el studied the controls. “Let’s see now, how do we operate this thing. Ah there, looks like this thing is activated by that handprint device.” He said as he placed the palm of his hand on the sensor. Immediately upon touching it the ship’s cockpit closed itself and locked on top of them. “Well this can’t be good.” Linduu said as she tried to push it open. A pleasant female voice came through the ships computer. “Hand print I.D. not recognized. This ship will now return to the emergency location as a result of attempted theft.” With that the raider’s engines fired up. “Jor-el, do something!” Linduu shouted as she buckled her safety harness. “I’m trying, but nothing is responding! T-4 can you access the computer and stop this program?” “Beep beep beep!” “T-4 says that he is locked out of every system, looks like we are along for the ride Lin.” “Well that’s just great now isn’t it Jor-el.” Linduu replied with a bit of anger in her voice. The landing bay doors above them opened and the ship lifted off the ground. Upon clearing the atmosphere it began to power up its hyper-space engine. “Jor-el it’s powering up for a hyper-space jump!” “Yes, I know love. I am trying to stop it, could you please be quiet? You’re not helping things at the moment.” Linduu folded her arms. “Humph.” “Oh no, no no no!” Jor-el exclaimed. “This isn’t happening.” “What now?” Linduu asked. “The computer has set a course for Korriban!” Jor-el blurted out. “And I can’t stop it!” With that the Sith raider entered hyper-space and disappeared from Tatooine.
  12. Chapter XIII “Oh I don’t think so, not this time. You shall not best me again.” Jor-el said with a hint of anger in his voice. The Sith stood up straight from his battle stance in surprise. “What’s this? Is that anger I detect in your voice Kenobi? You don’t even want to know how your pathetic master managed to save you, but not kill me in the process?” A look of rage formed on Jor-el’s face. “No I don’t want to know anything. I just want to separate your worthless head from your pathetic body.” Linduu looked at her love in horror. “Jor-el, how can you say such things? Are we not supposed to run from our anger, our rage? Do they not lead to the dark side?” “I don’t have to explain myself to anyone!” Jor-el shouted. “Now get out of my way!” The Sith assassin looked on in amazement as Jor-el used the force to knock Linduu across the docking port. She hit the wall with a loud thud, knocking her unconscious. “Why Kenobi, I didn’t think you had it in you. I can feel your anger, it is running through my very being.” Jor-el raised his weapon, “The only thing that is going to be running through you is my lightsaber!” Jor-el screamed at the top of his lungs and ran at the Sith, his saber pointing straight out in front of him. His attack was met with a block and he barely ducked the Sith’s counter slash at his head. Jor-el stood back up and released a flurry of slashes and jabs. The Sith easily knocked every attempt aside. As they battled on and on Jor-el began to lose his focus in the river of his rage. He made one final swipe at the assassin’s head that left him open for attack. The Sith recognized the opportunity and raised his hand in the air creating a massive force wave. Jor-el was knocked 20 feet backward and landed in the middle of a burning pile of wreckage from the Ethon star. His saber had slipped from his hand during the trip through the air and now rested on the other side of the burning ball of fire that used to be his ship. Jor-el pulled himself out of the fire and rolled on the ground to put out the flames on his robes. “Nothing has changed Kenobi, you were weak on Dantooine and you are even weaker now.” The Sith said as he walked over towards Jor-el. The assassin put his lightsaber to Jor-el’s neck. “You are a pathetic excuse for a Jedi.” He then kicked Jor-el in the face, taking any strength he had left to resist. “And now Kenobi, you are going to watch me kill the one thing you have left in this world that you care about. And once again you will be all alone.” The Sith let out a maniacal laugh as he walked over to where Linduu lay on the ground unconscious. Jor-el was at a loss. He had no strength left to do anything, let alone get back to his feet. The Assassin was raising his saber to swing down onto Linduu’s neck and kill her when Jor-el closed his eyes. It seemed as if all time stopped and Jor-el was living in a moment. He began to remember the battle on Dantooine. This very Sith’s lightsaber sticking through his chest as he passed out from the pain. He remembered how his master had fallen at the hands of the Sith. That for the last 5 years he had been drifting in space alone and pointlessly all because of the Sith. He then began to dwell on his feelings for Linduu, the love she had brought into his life. The companionship, the joy, the laughter, and a soon to be born child. He never wanted to feel lonely again, he did not want to lose Linduu. He began to feel hatred, anger, and rage towards the Sith. And at the very moment when the feelings were at their peak, he grabbed onto them, fed on them, and became them. Jor-el opened his eyes, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. He jumped to his feet and stretched his hands towards the sky. He screamed from the bottom of his lungs a cry of anger. He then used the force to call his lightsaber to him. Upon touching his hand the beautiful silver glowing weapon turned a chilling shade of blood red. It was the deepest yet most radiant shade of red you could imagine. The saber seemed to be overloading as sparks began to fly from the center of it, almost as if it were electrically charged. The Sith turned around as he sensed the disturbance in the force. Only to see a surge of blinding force lightning coming from the end of Jor-el’s lightsaber right towards his eyes. The Lightning hit, sending him flying backwards and to the ground. His eyes were now nothing more than smoldering holes on his face. He cried out in pain. “What have you done? What manner of trickery is this? Jedi do not possess such power.” “Silence!” Jor-el said with a deep and disturbing tone in his voice. He then raised his hand and force lifted the Sith into the air, tossing him across the port like a rag doll. He hit on the other side and Jor-el kept him there, 20 feet off the ground and stuck to the wall. Jor-el looked up at the Sith, his eyes were blood red now as well. “Now, you will die!” Jor-el then threw his lightsaber towards the Sith, guiding it with the force. It lodged itself into the helpless assassin’s chest. “I will show no mercy towards you” Jor-el said with an emotionless voice. He then clenched his hand into fist, causing lightning to emanate from his saber and electrocute the Sith to death. The Assassin now dead Jor-el let the charred, lifeless body fall to the ground and recalled his lightsaber to his hand. Linduu finally awoke from her unconscious state. She sat up only to feel a strong dark side presence in the force behind her. She slowly turned around and saw Jor-el standing there looking down on her. His face looked like the most evil thing she had ever seen. His eyes were blood red and his lightsaber matched. Shivers went up and down her spine. “Jor-el, is that you?” Linduu said with a quiver in her voice. With that Jor-el’s facial features seemed to return to normal. His eyes turned back to their normal shade of blue and his saber back to its shimmering silver. “Linduu, I…. I….” Were all the words Jor-el could mutter before he fell to the ground in a heap.
  13. Chapter XII John Onasi stopped dead in his tracks. He had never expected to hear the word “Dad” ever again. The expression on his face went from that of anger to surprise and horror. Linduu saw the change of emotion on the Sith’s face and with hope gleaming from her eyes asked, “Dad is it really you?” John searched for the words to say and stuttered, “Linduu? Is that you? Are you really my baby girl?” “Yes daddy it’s me! How are you still alive? I was told that you were killed.” Linduu said with tears running down her face. John felt the eyes of Vandar upon him and quickly reverted back to his anger and rage. “It is of no matter to me who you are woman, I shall kill you just as I have been ordered to.” John said with hatred and contempt in his voice. He raised his lightsaber to deal the killing blow to Linduu as she lay helpless on the ground. The sound of a saber being ignited resonated throughout the building as Jor-el got back to his feet and leaped towards Linduu, blocking John’s slash at her neck. Confused and stunned Linduu could only lay there and watch as Jor-el and her father fought each other. “Dad you have to stop this now!” Linduu screamed in desperation. John was again caught off guard by those words and momentarily froze up. Jor-el wasted no time and stretched out with his thoughts trying to take control of John’s actions. The Sith resisted at first, but Jor-el won the battle of wills after only a few seconds. He forced John to deactivate his saber and place it on a nearby table. He then made John sit down in a chair between Linduu and himself and released his mind. When John realized what had just happened he stretched his hands outward creating a massive force wave. Jor-el and Linduu were knocked up against the walls and fell to the ground unconscious. John stood up and walked over to the table to retrieve his lightsaber and after that he simply left the cantina. His feelings were conflicted about having to kill his own daughter, despite the anger and rage that now dwelled inside of him. “Why are you leaving Lord Onasi, accomplished yet your task is not.” Came the voice of Vandar in John’s head. “I am returning to you my lord, I have a bone to pick with you, a few things that we need to discuss about certain, lies.” John said with purpose in his voice. “Turn around you must, finish your task you will. If my orders you obey not, then kill you myself I will.” “No my lord, my feelings are conflicted in this matter, I will fail if I return to try and kill them. I cannot use my anger to fuel my power when the feeling of compassion starts to take control of my heart. She is my daughter, and trying to kill her is bringing forth emotions I had long forgotten.” “Turn around now Lord Onasi, or my wrath you shall feel.” “Then I shall stand before you and your wrath my lord, none the less, I am returning to see you.” With that John Onasi made his way to his personal star fighter. He left the planet and docked with the battle cruiser in orbit. “Captain Valreem.” “Yes Lord Onasi?” “Set a course for Korriban, we are going to see Lord Vandar.” “Yes Lord Onasi, we shall leave immediately.” With that the Sith battle cruiser turned away from the planet and entered hyperspace. 2 months passed by and Jor-el and Linduu were still on Tatooine. They had spent the time there recuperating and preparing themselves for what lay before them. They found a local administrator and got married and also talked about Linduu’s father, and what they should do about him. Jor-el opened his eyes, it was early morning and the hum of speeders could be heard over head. He rolled over and saw his new wife lying next to him. “Good morning love, how are you feeling today?” He said with tenderness in his voice. “I’m good Jor-el, how are you?” Linduu replied with nervousness in her voice. “Love I’m fine, is something wrong? You seem tense.” Linduu looked away, then back at Jor-el. “There is something I have wanted to tell you for about a week now, but I haven’t been sure how to say it, or how you would react. So I am just going to come right out with it.” She got up out of bed and walked to the window of the apartment they had been staying in. Looking outside and breathing in the morning air she said, “Jor-el, love, I’m pregnant.” Jor-el jumped up out of bed. “What? Are you serious Lin?” He said with excitement in his voice. Linduu turned back to face him. “Yes, I am positive, we are going to have a baby.” Jor-el pulled her close to him and held her in his arms. “Linduu this is amazing, this is wonderful, I can’t believe it. I am going to be a father!” Linduu sighed in relief. “Oh Jor-el, I am so glad that you are not angry or disappointed. I know the timing is not good for this to happen right now, I am just so glad you are as happy as I am.” “Here Lin, you get back in bed and rest, I am going to make you some breakfast ok?” “Oh Jor-el its ok, I can make breakfast.” Linduu said. “No! I insist, I want you to rest love, I will make the food, now do as I say alright?” Jor-el said with a stern tone in his voice. Linduu shrugged her shoulders. “Ok, if you are so determined to make me breakfast, I will not object.” Jor-el went into the kitchen to prepare the food. As he was working he talked loudly so that Linduu could hear him in the other room. “You know I have been thinking about why the Sith haven’t returned to attack us again. I think that Vandar is unsure of the power we possess now and wants us to make the next move.” Linduu stepped into the kitchen doorway. “I have felt the same thing in my meditating. But the one thing that I still don’t have a clear picture on is my father. I mean after all this time to learn that he is alive, but that he has joined the Sith and become a dark Jedi. I just don’t know what to do or how to feel.” Jor-el thought for a moment. “You know he is not the same man you once knew Lin, He may physically be your father, but his soul and mind are different now.” “I know love, but there was still a part of my dad in him, I could see it in his eyes, I could feel it. That has to be why he wouldn’t finish killing us. I mean we were unconscious, he could have easily finished us both. No, no I have to find him again, I have to try and talk some sense into him.” “Linduu, knowing that he is alive but has joined the Sith must be torturing you. And I am certain that our paths will cross again soon. But he is evil, he will not listen to you. If you hesitate when we confront him again, it could mean the end of your life, my life, and now our baby’s life.” Linduu sighed. “I know you are right Jor-el, but I just can’t help to want and try to help him. I mean he is my father, I love him. The pain he must be in on the inside, it hurts me to think about it. And when the time comes, I just don’t know if I can kill my own father. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I know it is going to.” At that moment T-4 came rushing into the apartment! “Beep beep twoo beep!!” “What’s going on Jor-el? What’s he saying?” “Oh no, T-4 says that the ship just blew up into flames! Quickly, let’s get down to the docking port, maybe we can still save it!” Jor-el and Linduu put on their boots and ran to the port where their ship was, with T-4 behind them trying to keep up. Once they arrived what they saw was horrible. The Ethon star was completely ablaze and shattered to pieces. What was once a beautiful freighter was now nothing more than mounds of burning metal. Jor-el stood in shock. “I can’t believe it, my ship! Who did this?” “I did.” Came the sound of a gruff voice behind them. Jor-el and Linduu turned around to see a figure in a dark robe emerge from the shadows, a red lightsaber in his hand. Jor-el ignited his saber. “Who are you? What do you want? “I’m here to finish what I started back on Dantooine 5 years ago, when the end of my lightsaber sticking through your chest should have killed you.”
  14. Chapter XI Jor-el and Linduu made their way towards the cantina. “Ah, only 10 more minutes and we should be enjoying some nice hot food.” Linduu said as she rubbed her hands together in anticipation. Jor-el laughed, “Yes, it has been quite a while since we had something besides Zorgang nuts and water” Once inside they found a table in the west corner of the room and took a seat. A Twilek waitress approached them. “Do you two already know what you want? Or would you like some more time to decide?” “Well,” said Linduu, “What is the house special today?” “Our special today is liver of Bantha, with brain of Gizka soup.” Linduu grimaced at the thought of eating any part of such disgusting creatures. “I’ll just have a racer’s sandwich, wait make that two racer’s sandwiches and a Juma juice please.” “And you sir?” Jor-el thought for a moment, “I will have your biggest steak and the stiffest drink you can bring me” “Will that be everything for you two?” Jor-el smiled with gratitude, “Yes that will be all, thank you.” After the waitress left, Linduu looked at Jor-el with curiosity in her eyes. “Their biggest steak and the stiffest drink they can bring you? That doesn’t sound like the healthy food a Jedi is supposed to be eating.” Jor-el sat back in his chair with a grin on his face, “Well my love, there is one thing you must learn right now.” “And just what is that?” Linduu said with a raised eyebrow. “That we are the only Jedi left, therefore no one can tell me what I can or can’t eat” Jor-el replied with a noble yet joking look on his face. “You know love, that attitude is going to get you in trouble one day.” Linduu said with quite an amount of concern in her voice. “Hey lighten up, I was only joking” “Yes Jor-el I know you were, and that is one thing I admire about you, the ability to joke about anything. But I’m just saying, one day it’s going to get you into trouble. Just be careful ok?” “Alright Lin, you made your point, I’ll be more careful about serious matters in the future. But I have to ask, it’s only a steak, why are you so uptight?” Linduu felt a shiver go up her back, “I don’t know, ever since we left the hangar bay I have felt uneasy.” Jor-el took a deep breath, “I was hoping it was just the wind, but I felt the darkness as well. It felt very similar to when we saw the vision of Vandar.” “I agree, we should be careful love, I sense something is not right in this place.” Jor-el thought for a moment. “Alright then Lin, let’s eat our food when it arrives and then we shall look for a place to stay, but we should keep our wits about us. I want you to be prepared, it is very likely we will have to confront some of the Sith very soon. Real combat is much faster than our training together. Make sure to be in tune with the Force, it will not fail you.” With that their food arrived and they ate it with very much haste as they felt like something was closing in on them from all around. Just as they were finishing up a dark, menacing presence seemed to fill the Cantina. Shrieks began to break out among the crowd and people started kicking and clawing their way to the exits. Within a few seconds Jor-el and Linduu were sitting at their table, the only two people left in the building. “Well whatever just happened, it wasn’t good.” Jor-el said as he stood up from the table “Ready your self Linduu. I sense that whatever it was that we felt by the hangar bay is now approaching.” Just as Linduu stood up from her seat, a wave of gripping emotion washed over her, it was painful, full of fear, and it caused her to fall face first to the ground! Jor-el knelt down beside her, his back to the front entrance. “Lin! Are you ok? What’s wrong? What’s happening?” From behind Jor-el came a cold, dark and emotionless voice. “Apparently your apprentice has been shaken by my presence, Master Jedi.” Jor-el stood to his feet and whirled about to see who the voice belonged to. Before him stood a dark figure wearing a black hooded robe so that you couldn’t see its face. “Who are you? And what do you want? Answer me now!” Jor-el blurted out, obvious anger in his voice. “Who I am is of no importance to you Jedi.” The dark figure quipped with hatred in its voice. “All that matters right now is that I have been sent here by Lord Vandar to kill you.” Jor-el ignited his lightsaber. “You will not be killing today, or ever again for that matter. You are nothing but a puppet of evil, and you shall not taste victory in this battle.” The menacing figure ignited a dark red saber. “No my friend, it is you who will not be victorious, I am going to make quick work of the both of you.” Jor-el, angry from the fact that the love of his life was laying on the floor clutching her midsection in pain, made the first move. He used the Force to lift a nearby chair and hurl it at the Sith. The dark figure raised its hand and froze the chair in midair, then closed its hand into a fist making the chair explode into nothing but splinters. Jor-el leaped forward and swung for the Sith’s head. Blocking the attempt the Sith countered with a slash at the feet. Jor-el’s silver blade blocked the attack and swung in an upward motion towards the Sith’s head, it was blocked and now the duel was on! Linduu was beginning to adjust to the pain she was feeling. She knew that Jor-el needed her help so she got up to her feet and used the force to cloak herself. As the duel continued she crept up behind the Sith and ignited her pink lightsaber. The figure whirled around and hissed like a snake at her. Caught off guard she stumbled backward and onto the ground. Ducking just as Jor-el’s blade came flying over its head, the Sith's hood fell off revealing its face in the process. It turned and used the force to push Jor-el and sent him crashing into a table a few feet away. The Sith turned back around to attack Linduu, revealing its identity to her. A look of unimaginable horror and disbelief made its way onto Linduu’s face and great tears began to well up in her eyes as the Sith moved closer to attack her. The only words she could seem to utter were….. “Dad?”
  15. Chapter X “I don’t think they have seen us yet, but it’s only a matter of seconds.” “It’s too late! I am picking up multiple ships on an intercept course heading straight for us!” “T-4 set the turrets to auto target now! Linduu, you know that power that the Midichlorians taught you?” “Which power are you talking about?” “You know the one where you can make yourself invisible through the force.” “Oh right that one, what about it?” “Do you think that you could do that to the entire ship? Could you make us invisible? They might see us on their sensors, but they wouldn’t be able to see us visibly. It would at least give us a small chance to get to the surface.” Linduu wrinkled her eyebrows with a frown coming upon her face. “I don’t know. I can give it a try.” “Alright then, it’s now or never!” Jor-el was clutching the flight controls with white knuckled fist as Linduu sat down and began to focus her thoughts. With each passing second the palms of his hands began to pour more and more sweat. “Here they come I sure hope you have been able to do it.” The Ethon star and her crew passed right through the midst of the fighters. “I think it worked Lin, they don’t seem to be able to see us! Wait, they’re coming back around now. They can still see us on their sensors, but not with their eyes, this is great.” Suddenly the fighters began to fire blind, random shots at them. “Okay maybe I spoke too soon. We are taking some hits but I still don’t think they can see us. We aren’t going to be able to take this for much longer, bah, flying is for droids! I’ve got an Idea, T-4 on my mark I want you to shut down every system we have, and only run the life support at minimal levels.” “Beep beep twoo” “Okay ready, ready, wait for it…. Now T-4, now!” T-4 instantly shut down everything on the ship, the engines, the shields, the sensors, everything! Their attackers passed over them and continued to fire blindly ahead. “Well, looks like it worked, great job T-4, looks like we are invisible to their sensors. Linduu I know you are concentrating and can’t talk, just keep it up for a bit longer. Those fighters are going to have to return to the ship soon. If we can wait them out then we will make our way to the far side of the planet and then we will be able to land unnoticed.” 10 minutes passed without their attackers detecting them. “Okay their gone now Lin, you can uncloak the ship.” Linduu stood up but had to brace herself against the cockpit doorway. “It’s a good thing it didn’t take any longer Jor-el, I don’t know if I could have kept the ship cloaked anymore. The amount of focus and energy it was taking me to do that was indescribable.” “None the less Lin, that was amazing! The fact that you were able to do that at just a moment’s notice shows me how strong you are becoming in the force.” “Yes well let’s not test my abilities like that for a while ok? I think that was a big enough challenge for the day. I’m weak Jor-el, I need some food and some rest.” “Alright then I think that it’s safe for us to start the ship back up and land on Tatooine now. T-4 fire up the systems, let’s get out of here.” The Ethon star roared to life as it glided towards the planet’s desert surface below. “We need to find a place to store the ship for a while. Perhaps we can find some space in one of the ports below. Hmm, looks like Mos Eisly is the closest, Linduu see if you can hail the port control center.” “Mos Eisly this is the Ethon star, requesting directions to an empty docking station.” “Ethon star this is the Mos eisly control center. Docking station 126 is open and waiting, coordinates are being transferred to your navicomputer.” “Hopefully we don’t encounter any problems in the spaceport, we need to find out what that Sith battle cruiser is doing here at Tatooine and it would make it a lot easier if we didn’t draw any attention to ourselves.” Linduu placed her hands over her stomach, “Agreed love, but first thing we are doing is finding a cantina and getting some food!” Jor-el smiled, “Ok, ok love we are almost there, patience.” They landed the ship in the docking bay and prepared to depart. “Okay T-4, we are going to be gone for a few days if all goes as planned. I want you to run routine maintenance on the ship and make sure no one steals our baby here, got it?” “Doot deet” Linduu tugged at Jor-el’s sleeve, “Come on slow poke I am starving!” “Okay fine, if you aren’t the most impatient woman I have ever known.” Linduu pursed her lips, “Hey! That’s not nice you take that back right now!” “Or else you’ll do what?” “Or else I will make myself invisible and take my own vacation for a few days without you.” “Okay, okay, you win. I’m sorry, I take it back.” Jor-el said with his hands in the air. They made their way out of the docking area and onto one of the main streets. “Look love, down there, there is a cantina just a few blocks ahead.” Linduu jumped up and down like a little girl. “Yay, food!” As they headed towards the cantina a cold, menacing shiver went up Jor-el’s spine. “Ah it’s just the wind” he thought. Behind them standing in the shadows stood a dark figure wearing a hooded cloak, it was watching their every movement. “Yes my lord, he has arrived, but he is not alone. A female travels with him and seems to know the ways of the force.” *silence* “It will be done my lord.”
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