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    Autobiography entitled '29- Just like last year' currently in progress :)
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    Scotland, UK
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    Writing, RPing, Weightlifting, and Zumba
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    Medical Support Worker
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  1. Um, uh, no, this is a message board, not your PM box. I didn't even know you still existed, at least on here. Good to see you!

  2. Oh, hey there! Just got a message that my PM box is overfilled, so just figuring out how to download them into text files. Hope sending this one doesn't break LF!

  3. Jasra!!!?? JASRA!!!!???? (O_O)

  4. Oh wow, wasn't expecting to hear from you....Ever. Lol!


    I mean no harm, but you said it yourself, you really should visit more often! It's still a pleasant after birthday surprise though! :whtsmile:



    I can't for the life of me remember which server I'm on, never really pay attention (and I don't play too much). "Yours"? Plural? Heh, nah, only one character for me right now, not that I don't want to play with more, I just only have one is all (and he's still low level). Thanks for offering to take me on as a sidekick, I'd like to get "geared up", lol!


    I don't know anything about the events that are occurring, but I'd love to take up your offer! I'll get back to you with the server I'm on, hopefully one of the ones you're on. Till next time though!


    Edit: Well, unfortunately I'm not on either of the servers you're on. I'm on the Ebon Hawk.....But if you're still up for playing then I'll see what I can do!

  5. I'm hoping it doesn't come out till Jan. Looked it up on YT. Still gonna have to find a video of "mass infections" at places like GTN terminals, though.

  6. Hey! Great to hear from you! :D


    I'm trying to write too. Hasn't been going very well. :xp: Too many competing ideas in my head - can't decide which project I want to work on. I've got an RP related to the current contender in the DTC. Legacy: Blood of the Moonborn. You should take a gander, even if you're not looking to join in. Though it'd be epic if you did. :p


    I'm trying to help Lynk I can. But I'm working a great deal too, and that won't let up until the new year. It's looking like I won't be able to do much early stages, but I do hope to do my part to build a new creative community on the new website. In what capacity is still unclear, though - right now we're moving content from the old websites to the new one. Once that's done I expect we'll start talking new content, where I might get an idea of what I'll be able to do.


    If you don't check here very often, is there an easier way to reach you? Wouldn't mind having a proper chat sometime, if you're able/interested.

  7. *puts on tinfoil hat* they'll never get me, they'll never get me.... :p

  8. Rakghoul event was a plague that you 'caught' and then when you got sick, you kind of exploded and 'infected' other people (by giving them the virus buff). It was really fun to watch! People were sneaking in and 'exploding' near the GTN and getting all sorts of people infected. You collected DNA samples and used them as currency at one of the event vendors, but I think they are going to 'update' it. (Probably figured out a way to make you use CCs for them or something.) But it was a brilliant event! Sprung it on us with no one quite knowing what it was. Heard a rumour that the CDC used it as a model for disease spreading in modern society. :)

  9. Bonty Hunting now monthly, so I'll skip that till Jan,. What's the Rakghoul one?

  10. LOL! I know exactly what you mean! By the way, not only Bounty Hunter event coming, but another Rakghoul plague one is on the way as well. I loved that event! So much for cutting back on playing this month....

  11. Hiya! I really need to log on here more often! I'm doing ok. Had a trip to the US this summer to visit extended family. Working a lot to pay of the bill! :) Still playing SWTOR. Still writing a bit, and still RPing a bit on a BSG site (although not as much as I used to). How are you? I saw a message from Lynk on the TOR guild site that said there were plans to revamp LF and make it bigger and better. Are you involved in that project?

  12. My commando on Harbinger actually got some thermal regs (2) from Watching the Watchdogs. Almost forgot what they were....a fluke I'm betting.

  13. Oh, hi! :) I really have to visit LF more often! I'm still playing TOR and I've got toons on Harbinger server (with the guild) and a couple on the Jedi Covenant server. Where are yours located? I'd be happy to play and help get you geared up! Just let me know. I'll check in back here to see if you've replied. Exciting stuff on TOR in the next few days--galactic starfighting, rakghoul event, and of course all the Life Day stuff!

  14. Hey stranger. I know we've kind of drifted apart over the years, but I think it's been far too long since we talked. How've you been? What're you up to these days?

  15. Yo Jasra, just thought I'd say hi, was reading some old RP's that we were in (my personal favorite being the Star Wars: Shadow Wars RP FFWM12 made :] ) and it got me all nostalgic, missin' the good ol'days!


    Also, although I'm not very high in level, I have a character on TOR if you're interested in knowing and you wanna do something. Of course I know you've got plenty of others here on the LF forums that you probably play with, just thought I'd throw it out there as a side note, just in case *shrugs* .

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