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  1. Oh, hey there! Just got a message that my PM box is overfilled, so just figuring out how to download them into text files. Hope sending this one doesn't break LF!

  2. Rakghoul event was a plague that you 'caught' and then when you got sick, you kind of exploded and 'infected' other people (by giving them the virus buff). It was really fun to watch! People were sneaking in and 'exploding' near the GTN and getting all sorts of people infected. You collected DNA samples and used them as currency at one of the event vendors, but I think they are going to 'update' it. (Probably figured out a way to make you use CCs for them or something.) But it was a brilliant event! Sprung it on us with no one quite knowing what it was. Heard a rumour that the CDC used it as a model for disease spreading in modern society. :)

  3. LOL! I know exactly what you mean! By the way, not only Bounty Hunter event coming, but another Rakghoul plague one is on the way as well. I loved that event! So much for cutting back on playing this month....

  4. Hiya! I really need to log on here more often! I'm doing ok. Had a trip to the US this summer to visit extended family. Working a lot to pay of the bill! :) Still playing SWTOR. Still writing a bit, and still RPing a bit on a BSG site (although not as much as I used to). How are you? I saw a message from Lynk on the TOR guild site that said there were plans to revamp LF and make it bigger and better. Are you involved in that project?

  5. Oh, hi! :) I really have to visit LF more often! I'm still playing TOR and I've got toons on Harbinger server (with the guild) and a couple on the Jedi Covenant server. Where are yours located? I'd be happy to play and help get you geared up! Just let me know. I'll check in back here to see if you've replied. Exciting stuff on TOR in the next few days--galactic starfighting, rakghoul event, and of course all the Life Day stuff!

  6. Aw, seriously?! Suppose you've logged many more playing hours than I have. I still have yet to create toons for all the classes and have been seriously neglecting my Imperial ones. I'd actually like to have more time to play, but I can see how once you've reached endgame status with all your toons that it could get a bit boring. I'm still playing it though, when I have the time.
  7. Not a lord? Aya felt a small flush rise to her face when the handsome warrior had corrected her use of her honorific title for him, but it soon dissipated when he didn't brush her off and continued the conversation. If he was he really interested in Ryuu-Tokai, she would certainly tell him what she knew about it. Even travelling with a caravan, the road there could be lonely, and this time, she didn't have her father for company. "Oh, sure, lot's of times, my L-- Kyo," she said, trying to sound nonchalant and more experienced than she was. "I know the town like the back of my hand." But no sooner had she said the words, her pony Bob let out a loud snort and shook his shaggy neck. She cast him an askance glance. "Well, maybe not quite as well as that, but...." Another snort from Bob, this time accompanied by a soft whicker. "I've been there five times with my father," she admitted to Kyo. She didn't want to tell him that this was the first time she'd been there on her own, and she certainly didn't want any of the other merchants to know either lest they be tempted to try to take advantage of her. "It's quite a big place. Lots of people, but even more will come for the festival. There will be a few camps set up just outside the city gates. That's normally what the caravan leaders decide though--where to set up. Although, my father and I usually stayed at an inn inside the city itself." She grinned reminiscently, then cast her eyes downwards. "He made friends just about everywhere he went." When she looked up at him again, her soft brown eyes had just a hint of moisture to them. "So is that why you're going to Ryuu-Tokai? For the Market Festival?"
  8. Aya raised a single eyebrow, then glanced askance at her wonderpony Bob and all of the bulging bags, packed crates, and brimming baskets piled high on his back. "I hope so, my lord. Ryuu-Tokai's Market Festival is like only the best one in the known world! Any trader would be crazy to miss it if they were even 50 leagues away from the city. There will be traders from the far reaches of the world, and probably some 'mancers there as well." She suddenly looked up at him and frowned. "Sorry, my lord, am I talking too much? I tend to do that sometimes. By the way, I'm called Aya, and this is Bob the Wonderpony. Nice to meet you."
  9. I play on Harbinger from the U.K., but have played on the European and East - Coast servers as well. I get pings in the 180-190ms range on Harbinger, slightly less lag on the Euro and the EastCoast servers, but not enough to really make any real difference. I do get huge lag spikes now and then, but I think that's due more to the fact that I live in a rural area and therefore pretty far away from the telephone junction box. If I lived in a town, I bet I wouldn't ever have that problem. I do have to say that I turn my graphics settings down a bit and get smoother play. On a different note, I purchased a new video card specifically for this game. My old one, although very capable of supporting other high graphic games, wasn't on the official 'list' of ones that support SWTOR. Once I made the switch, things were fine.
  10. Aya tugged at Bob's halter and the shaggy pony, loaded up with all manner of wares ranging from a luxurious mink fur stole to the most humble of basic farming implements and everything in between, started to plod forward. "C'mon, Bob, that's a good boy," Aya coaxed the beast along. "We don't want to be bringing up the rear. Remember what Father used to say: no predator, whether man nor beast, ever attacks the middle of a herd. Besides that," she added, "I don't want to be eating dirt and dust the whole way to Ryuu-Tokai." Bob snorted noisily in apparent agreement. As they joined up with the main procession in the center, Aya spotted the lone, young, handsome swordsman she had spotted in the tavern. As he looked to her very capable of taking care of himself, she figured that being in his general proximity made good sense, and she guided herself and Bob closer to him as they walked. Aya studied Kyo for a while before actually speaking to him. He didn't look particularly mean-spirited or cruel, but he did display the poise of a strong warrior and the sword he carried could probably cleave her in half. But there was something about his demeanor that made her ignore any possible danger. "So... how far are you travellin', my lord?" she asked him casually when she was in earshot. Maybe she shouldn't have used 'lord', but he looked too young to be 'Sir' or a 'Mister' and he was definitely not a 'boy' or a 'lad'. Plus, her father always said it was better to err on the side of caution than to spit in the wind. Or something like that.
  11. Overhearing Irithoi's question to the Lady Aeron--She was a titled lady, right? She had to be some sort of noble, riding on a fine steed like she was and talking all refined and head held high-- Aya raised a single brow. "Does a bear poo in the forest?" she whispered under her breath to herself, mostly. Of course this noblewoman was a fighter! Either that or she was a horsethief. Although, she didn't look like a horsethief. Of course, Aya'd never seen an actual horsethief. Not one that was alive, anyway. She swallowed her thoughts along with a gulp of water. "Even if she's not a fighter, I bet her horse could kick the pants off of most people," Aya said, then gingerly backed up a step or two as she realised she had said the thought out loud.
  12. "Erm, pleasure to meet you Mr. Schtormchild of the... Wesht?" Aya smiled, trying to keep her confidence up. "And, no, this isn't my sister," she said of the beautiful Aeron sitting next to her, "but it's very kind of you to ask. Just as it is kind of her to call me a..." Aya uttered a small chuckle, pleased by the slightly embarrassing compliment. "...a lady. I'm just a merchant, really." Aya's right eyebrow slowly arched as she regarded first the drunken ranger and his glass of water, and then proud assertive female warrior with her glass of water, and then looked at her own glass of... clear liquid. She sniffed it. It only had a slightly salty smell--minerals, perhaps. She picked up the glass and swirled it around. It didn't cling to the glass, nor did it run off too quickly--much like water did. She held the glass towards the window's light. It appeared clear, no particulates in it--so it was clean. Still... it was highly unusual for so many people to be drinking just 'water' in a tavern. There had to be something wrong with it! Was it enchanted water? She carefully set the glass down. She'd just wait for her milk and cookies for Bob. "So, m'lady," Aya said tentatively to the elegant Aeron, not certain whether to bow or curtsy or what, "are you and your fine horse travelling with the caravan today?"
  13. Yup, completely disconnected that time. But in case you didn't get my answer to your question about leveling... yes! there will be more leveling op groups like that this weekend. Not sure on the Imp side, but would think it likely. I'm going to try to be on Saturday (either Friday night or Saturday morning U.S. time). Would like to level up my BH so I could do some fun things. :) Cya later!

  14. Yeah my bounty hunter's been taking a long time for me to level too. Probably because most of the guild action as far as operations and stuff go is on the Republic side. But we can change this! Think this weekend I'll try to level up on the Imp side. I'm sure they do something similar for an XP run on the weekend as it's double points again.

  15. Oh new story, definitely! Even if it's not a class story, I'm still looking forward to it. (Like to see the new planet, too, as I love the designs and artwork in this game as well, but first choice is new story.)
  16. Well, 50 would be the minimum level at the moment, but it's mostly the gear that makes the differences. Even though I hit 50 with Neshta yesterday, she still has a pitiful amount of HP because she's still wearing her level 41-44 gear. :) That's something I'll aim to fix soon enough, but I still need to finish the story with her as well.


    But now that Lewis is a 50, he can start going on the ops and get better gear, and perhaps even some gear for any lower level alts (if they are bound to legacy and not the toon.) Check the website for when they are doing their next run. I think tomorrow there is one, but not sure what time it starts or what operation they're planning on doing. Might be something to do with the Gree stuff, I dunno. :)


    But Congrats on your 50! :D

  17. With her pack pony loaded up, the short, slight woman with mousy brown hair and wide dark eyes, headed towards the Tavern. She didn't know if she would find what she was wanting inside, but she had to give it a go. As she stepped over the threshold of the dimly lit place, one thing was clear. It was not where she wanted to be. There were a few rough looking characters in here. Some furtive looking ones as well. And some who didn't look like they quite belonged, which made her wonder if they might be the kind with only one oar at the picnic that her father had told her to be wary of. She swallowed hard, smoothed her dress, then strode purposefully to the bar. "One glass of milk and two cookies, please," she said to the bartender. He glared at her. In response, she raised her chin higher and squinted one eye half-closed, trying to look mean. "For my horse," she added posthaste. "And I'll have...," she nodded in the direction of virtually everyone, "what they're having." The ability to feign downing a strong drink was not unfamiliar to her, and she hoped that it would at least fool some folk into thinking that she was not weak, or frail, or barely able to lift a sword let alone use one. It just wouldn't do for a merchant to not be able to hold their own in the caravan. "And make it a double," she added, just to be sure she was getting her point across. The bartender rolled his eyes, then sighed. "So, that's a double water, a glass of milk, and two cookies." He sighed. "Chocolate chip or peanut butter." "Erm... peanut butter, please," she said meekly. "Chocolate's not good for ponies." She sat down gingerly on the nearest stool, perched precariously on the edge of the seat in case she had to make a quick exit, while she waited for the bartender to fetch her drinks and cookies. Next to her sat a blonde haired man who, even though he was dressed like a ranger, seemed a bit... oarless at the moment. She couldn't help but stare, but then not wanting to be seen as completely rude, she introduced herself to him. "Hi, I'm Aya. You, erm, traveling with the caravan today?"
  18. Hiya! Tried to get on the TWC guild site and it looks like it's down for maintenance. But I will be doing the op on Saturday! Will try again tomorrow to sign up for it, but just letting you know in case you were wondering if I was or wasn't going to participate.

  19. Outside of the tavern, a short, slight woman with mousey brown hair and wide dark eyes seemed to be playing tug of war with a shaggy old chestnut pony. Her hair was plaited in to a long single braid, although it still looked a bit unruly in places, and she wore a faded brown dress over a pair of well-worn mens leather trousers tucked into a pair of equally worn black boots. It wasn't fashionable attire, but it was practical and modest and that's what one needed to be if traveling to Ryuu-Tokai for the biggest market day of the year. As she pulled hard on the rope that was fastened to the pony's halter, it was unclear who was winning as the pony was very nearly sitting on his haunches and so nearly was she. "Come... on... Bob!" The girl huffed and puffed and pulled again. "It's only your pack frame. You've worn it like... a... thousand... times! Yesterday in fact!" The pack frame that the pony was so adamantly opposed to was a monstrosity made from of dark, aged hardwood with leather straps and metal hooks and wooden holds all over it. It was obviously created for stowing the several bags, boxes, sacks, pots, pans and other sundries that a merchant's pony would carry from town to town. "Stop...being...so...stubborn!" The rope was taut between them and the pony was just inches away from sitting. "Ok, ok, I'll give you a cookie!" The pony suddenly relaxed and stepped forward and the girl suddenly found herself sitting on her backside on the ground. The animal snorted and shook his shaggy mane while he let out a soft nicker. "No, that was not funny," the girl disagreed with him. She picked herself up, dusting off her clothing. "Now come here so I can get this frame on you, otherwise no cookie. And I mean it, Bob. We don't have time to fool around. We've got a long journey ahead and we have to do it on our own this time. I'm depending on you, and mom and Rui are depending on me. So please, Bob. Help me out here." The pony's ears pricked up and he eagerly moved forward for her to place the frame over his back.
  20. Aw! I love my cheap shot! It's my only really good damage ability! waaaaaa! Might have to respec after I see what's changed.
  21. I have to go back to Hoth! I just found out through a bit of random net surfing that there's supposed to a pet to be had there in a little secret hidey spot. Going to check it out tonight to see if it's true. (Gotta go there anyway for that Gree mission anyway.)
  22. Ok, so I've earned some reputation from the Gree Enclave daily quests, enough to have reached the Newcomer rank (even did the PvP ones without dying too much!) Now, I'm the first to admit that I'm numerically challenged (a.k.a. bad at math), but I can't see how I'm even going to be able to earn the amount of those Gree comm things to even buy one piece of their gear by the next of next week. I think to date I have like 3. Am I doing something wrong?
  23. Happy Belated Birthday, LDR. Hope you had a nice one! Here's a virtual party for you -- :
  24. I agree, it does to me too! I'm can finally do some of those Voss Heroics that I skipped and get something I can use. (Mim helped me with a couple earlier that I attempted to solo but failed miserably--thanks, Mim!) But l like Voss--it's all autumnal and the Voss people look pretty cool. Wish they were a playable race with custom colors. Looking forward to the Gree event, too. Not sure how long it is supposed to last, but heard it's a 'recurring' event. Not sure how that works, but it doesn't really matter. I'll find out when it starts. Suppose this is just the beginning and we can look forward to more reputation building organizations. Wonder if any of them will be in conflict with one another in future? Like if you help out the Gree, would it damage your reputation with the Hutt Cartel or something similar? At any rate, it's something new to play with. Yay!
  25. I liked the Bonus Round on Alderaan, even though I really hate the bugs. (Things with more than 4 torso appendages just creep me out a bit. Tails are ok. Scales are fine. Just multiple arms/legs/tentacles.... eew.) Got a lot of credits during that Bonus round of missions, too, as I recall. And some nice gear for my companions. Found the very last Heroic and Area missions a bit tough, but found someone to group with when I was just about to give up. If you need help with them, I'll be happy to lend a hand.
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