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  1. Glad no one stole the domain from you and that is was a simple fix :)

  2. Thanks for the message and the good wishes.


    I hope your holidays are going well.


    I got the site back up,..my bad..had to update the credit card info lol

  3. I wasn't sure what was wrong myself. Suddenly it was just down and then it was back up. Our hosting is changing a bit so I should have more oversight on this sort of stuff in the very near future.

  4. Bounty Hunters and the Sith Warrior are definitely the most interesting :) But in general I find all the stores pretty dang good!

  5. I'm having a great time with SWTOR so far! Haven't tried the Sith side of things yet. Wanting to get a level 50 toon first on my Republic smuggler. Love the story line. Which one of the Sith stories do you think is the best? I've heard good things about the Bounty Hunters.

  6. Perhaps you could send a PM to the moderators explaining what's wrong with the Deadly Stream site? That would be helpful.

  7. Yeah, how are you liking SWTOR? I personally am having a good time with it and rolling a couple jedi and sith.

  8. Nice to be noticed. :) Thanks! It's been a long while since I was on the Forums, but SWTOR brought me back.

  9. Hey Jasra, its been quite a while. :) Nice to see you around.

  10. Sent you the PM at deadly stream

  11. If you need me I am interested helping with VO stuff.

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