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  1. now i no that there have been many threads with bf3 wishlists but in the big picture, will there be a bf3? (sorry if i am repeating a thread, i have been gone for a while and i am kinda behind) so what do you think about the chances of battle front 3 ever coming out?
  2. i would deffinetly want 2-3 different maps on a planet because i would have more choice to choose from. not a very good reason but thats all i could think of.
  3. I would definatly like to see revan. maybe even kreia.
  4. I dont play alot but i am not bored of it. especially with online play.
  5. I am wondering if anyone could make me an animated gif of the mustafar duel for an avatar or a signature. Doesn't matter witch. Maybe even both. ploz and thank you.. Darth_Death, post something once it is a request, post it again and it becomes spam. No more ok? Thanks. -RH
  6. Welcome to the forums!!! Enjoy your stay.
  7. or how about mara jade for the empire...
  8. Wookies by far. Ewoks are in 2nd for me.
  9. I would have to say conquest...
  10. Also red guards could have spears (or w/e they are called) as they do in the books and i think in the movies.
  11. How about the geonesians or utapatians. Not as hero's but as playable units in genaral.
  12. O Yeah Palpatines/sidious guards would be awesome.
  13. or Darth Death... srry i ment Darth Vader for his force joke
  14. Yes it is a good sig but Skye is right. It is much to tall. And i have a question. Is that sanfrancisco in the backround of your sig?
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