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  1. Ok guys, I spent 2 whole days playing online,trying to get legendary status. I got 64, even more medals for frenzy. Still there is no elite rifle.This is what I found in one of the hints to the game.(http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox/code/927130.html) I'm sure rules for x-box arte the same, althought i play pc version.Notice the last sentence. Unlockable Medals and Award Weapons You start off with all your medals at 0. This is Green status. To unlock an award weapon for a specific medal you must first gain 4 medals in that category to achieve Veteran status for that medal. Then when you successfully obtain the medal you will gain your award weapon. You must switch to it to use it. Veteran status allows you to gain an award weapon and also gives you a 30 second grace period in which if you die, you will respawn with the award weapon. If you die after this 30 second grace period, you have to earn the medal/weapon again. Elite Status gives you the advantage of lowering the requirement for that particular medal by 25% e.g. Elite status in Frenzy will let you gain the Frenzy award with only 9 kills instead of 12, therefore making it easier to gain. Legendary Status allows you to permanently unlock the Award for that medal. You still start with the default weapon and must switch to the Award Weapon after entering combat. Heroes cannot obtain medals, except in the case of the Mos Eisley Assault level, where you can earn Endurance, Guardian and War Hero. These are all gained in Single Player mode. Can only be used on XBL if the server allows it. Its strange because you have grace priod, that means you can have elite status in multiplayer. I am sure i got 64 plus medals in frenzy by now, I counted them as I earned them. Still....no elite rifle. Why??? Did lucasarts turn of legendary status for multiplayer? Is there anyone with permanent elite rifle or other permanent award weapons in MULTIPLAYER????? I havn't met anyone yet.
  2. How do we choose sides? For example,on coruscant (cor1c_c) i can only play as a rebel, not even jedi. Thanks in advance.
  3. This sucks! Why can't we play with eclipse in Galactic conquest? why only stroy campaign? No point in buying this exspansion now.
  4. I hate people that make this stupid rules, probably some kids as TK-8252 said. However, there are not just kids playing. I'm 18 and I play this game, and have lots of buddies and in-game friends who are about the same age as I am.
  5. I had a question about the online leaderboard. Are there seperate leader boards for players from versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the game, or is there only one for all battlefront2 players? (I mean Battlefront 2 by the way)
  6. I think you can. But in my opinion that would only waist your time. By changing between users it will be very hard for you to get on the leaderboard, because you will be playing for three people, instead of one. However,some clans have alliances, or even merge. I think you should join the clan where you have more buddies, the one that satisfies you the most and stay in that clan. Good Luck!
  7. Star Wars Battlefront 2 , version 1.0.
  8. We play on PC version 1.0 of the game.
  9. Feel free to ask any questions in this forum or in the game.
  10. Don't be distracted by the name! These are not teletubbies you know from the tv show! Our teletubbies have sharp teeth. They bite heads off their opponents and destroy any resistans! Crush and make them suffer. <Join US> Our Policy: 1. No Teamkillers Allowed. (We hate teamkillers and everything they represent) 2. No As*****es At Any Time. (We may be fierce to our opponents, but we must be kind people. We must play fair in competition and respect other players.) 3. No Cheaters Allowed In a Clan. (Absolutely no hackers. Cheaters will NOT be tolerated in a clan) The Clan Has been Oficially Formed on Aug. 3 2006. We welcome anyone who wants to join! You can ask any members of the clan to join! Look for Nazgul, Dickweed or Dark Master in Star Wars Battlefront 2 ,version 1.0 of the game. We can often be found on servers Rent: , Rent2: , and Alpha and Omega if you play at night. Our recruting server will soon be available. Initials of the clan are (F.T.) Our website isn't fully functional right now, but soon will be. http://www.freewebs.com/fluffyteletubbiesclan/index.htm May the force be with You!
  11. You are probably right. I think we will have to fnd the artifact in the game to power the eclipse's laser.
  12. I would like to see much better graphics. Also an improved jedi combat, not 2 moves. Ofcourse improved space battles. I want several capital ships and the ability to destroy them. Want smoke coming out, parts of it exploding. I think it would be cool if lightsabers could slice of hands, heads and so on. That would be my number one request. Imagine seing a jedi slicing a head of a friendly clone troper next to you. don't you agree?
  13. Don't install the patch. for some reson there are less people playing with version 1.1 and so on. Second of all make sure that in the setting you put servers from all regions or smth. like that.
  14. you know when you say stmh. when playing the line goes: Dark Master: hello So, he was talking instead of me like that.
  15. It was a pc dedicated server called Rent: . Version 1.0 of the game
  16. I din't do anything against the rules. But before this happened some guy came into the game and started talking instead of me, saying bad things. It seemed like i was chatting, but i wasn't. Have you ever encountered anything like that? Maybe /i was banned because of him?
  17. oh my god same thing happened to me! I even wrote hi name down, it was playeroneben. is it the same guy? Anyways, hacked and started taking instead of me. Now i can't get into the game, because this message keeps appearing. I sent a message to lucasarts, but if anyone knows what to do please help.
  18. I always used to play on a particular dedicated server, but for some reason now I get this message: Your CD key is not authorized to play this game. Does anyone know why I keep getting this message? Please help!
  19. I don't know if you have seen these guys. Smiths. They come into the game and mess it up. Start team killing and booting for no reason. They keep doing that until everyone leaves the game. It is impossible to boot them because there are a couple of them in the game at once. I was wondering if there any multiplayer commands wich you can use to boot people without voting or somth. that could help solve this problem. Thanks!
  20. I found thgis new preview on gamespot. I don't now if it has been posted before, but anyays here is the link: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/starwarsempireatwarforces/news.html?sid=6153802 Lokk at the first screenshot in the preview! It's awsome! To have a fleet of this size pop cap must have been increased! What do you think?
  21. By the way, if the death star would target Home ONe, it would destroy it. Come one, it has the power to destroy an entire PLANET ,but not home one?
  22. what are you talking about????The Death Star II fired more than ones in the movie!
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