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  1. I liked your post on logic as grammar in the thread in the Senate; I was thinking of pointing out something similar but then I found you had done it instead. ^_^

  2. Logic is applied to just about everything within philosophy, because it is a truth-preserving operation. Other than establishing validity, consistency and the like, it has no content on its own, it's more like a grammar. That's why logic alone cannot be used to determine what a moral action is. For that, we'd need a set of premises as well and at least one of them would have to be normative to begin with, since we can't get any morals from purely descriptive/factual premises. Now justifying those normative premises is quite the problem and that's where I think theistic theories have a disadvantage, as their premises involve a deity. (Which means that the plausibility of their premises is linked to the probability of the existence of that deity.. not a good thing if you ask me ) But the logical validity... well that's really a necessary requirement for any argument, if it's deductive. I'm sure there are theistic moral philosophies which are ok logically speaking.
  3. This cinematic is absolutely awesome. Almost on par with Blizzard's cinematics. I don't agree with their choice of music though.. TSL's music doesn't fit here imo. Also, the Sith look rather boringly designed to me, especially the Sith Lord.
  4. I'm an agnostic atheist. There's no evidence, or any hint for that matter, which suggests the existence of a god. 1. At the age of 17 I think. 2. No. My parents aren't religious even though they do believe in god. 3. They didn't make a fuzz about it.. I actually had lots of interesting discussions with my dad where he played devil's advocate. 4. Religion should be a personal, private thing. It shouldn't influence politics or moral issues. 5. No. 6. I haven't read a single book entirely devoted to this issue. I find it very interesting though (the epistemological side of it) so I will probably read one at some point. 7. Contemporary authors? Dawkins, Harris, Dennet.. Hitchens not so much. I really like Hume and Russell. ;> 8. I don't have a favourite philosophy.. even though I'm a philosophy student. I don't live by any philosophy. I'm interested in epistemology, philosophy of science, logic & set theory, morality. 9. I'm not sure what that is supposed to be about.. I'll go with just about anything Descartes has to say about God in his Meditations on First Philosophy.. 10. I don't know.
  5. When you say "prove" what exactly are you talking about? Science is not math. We cannot prove scientific theories the way we prove propositions in math. Math is axiomatically-deductive, science is not. So I guess by "prove" you actually refer to having gone through the scientific method. Well evolution has, creationism, or intelligent design, has not as it's not science.
  6. I realize that lots of people probably believe in God for the reasons you mentioned. But to me, that seems a lot like pascal's wager. Whether god exits or not is completely unrelated to any of that.
  7. Hm.. I'm not awfully familiar with homoeopathy, for example, but if proponents claim that their medicine works, state a hypothesis to that effect, deduce a necessary fact from the hypothesis and test for it.. I don't see why a hypothesis like "unbelievably diluted substances cure this and that" can't be a scientific hypothesis.
  8. I know you didn't mean that seriously but perhaps it's best to clarify something. A hypothesis can be perfectly scientific and false.
  9. Hi, I thought it'd be interesting to have a thread on science and pseudo-science and how to distinguish the former from the latter. I guess one popular approach to this problem of demarcation is Popper's account of falsifiability, ie a hypothesis is scientific if and only if its falsity can be shown by observation or empirical evidence. But there are differing opinions among philosophers and scientists, and this is probably also true in this forum. I'd be interested in reading them.
  10. Hey,


    Since you were a fan of my earlier work on SoD, I thought you might be interested in reading my Javyar's entry, Eternity, if you haven't already. If you would, I'd be much obliged, and I encourage you to read all of them and vote on who you feel has written the better peice. Thanks. ^_^

  11. Personally I stick to the rule of thumb that there are no girls on the internet.

  12. Darnit. There should be UN laws made that forbid users from using avatars of the opposite sex.

  13. I'm not female. :/

  14. I've noticed that you enjoy my jokes. Ergo, I like you. If you are female, I like you even more.

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