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  1. My 6200 OverClocked struggles.....I don't think yours will so much better.
  2. They said when the next patch comes out...probly before x-mas
  3. I'm gonna end up needing to get a new system all together because apparently I don't have a PCI Express x16 slot on my Motherboard. So I'm getting a gateway with integrated 6100 graphics. It has a core duo and 2 GB or RAM. I still plan on getting a new card. BTW, the 7950 GX2 comes in a whopping 700....That's the one I WANT. But ya never know. Maybe Santa will bring me a new card.
  4. I would wait but my card is lacking. It's not even a 512. I mean, at the moment, how long do you think the 7950 GTX would last until it would be required to upgrade?
  5. When do you think the directx 10 will start to appear on cards?
  6. Huh, so they cost the same. Do you know which is better?
  7. I was thinking about that. But isn't the ATI equivilant cheaper?
  8. I have a Nvidia 6200 Over Clocked, 2.4 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, uh....Yeah. My system is okay but I plan on getting a new video card. What would you suggest as one that is the best but is cheaper. Between the 7950 GTX and the Raedon equivilant. What would you suggest?
  9. Every time I try to load a campaign, the game crashes, I have the log if it would help.
  10. I'm fine with not having the new units in the old campaign because if you get a mod, say LoW or AGD, it is easy to mod into the campaing. And new GC's aren't hard to put in. I don't like the if one person dies, you lose deal. That, though, shouldn't be too hard to fix thorugh some XML editing.
  11. Is the Ecplise mod for FoC or EaW?
  12. Okay. I saved last night in the campaign. A exception occured so I called it quits and decided to restart at my save. Well guess what? The save is corrupted, as is the autosave. I have the _except file if any body want to see.
  13. Just wait a day or two and a mini-mod will re include it in all it's glory
  14. I keep seeing rebel unit's descriptions in...Chinese? Weird. Not bad though. I'd say I'm a Third of the way thru the campaign. Any body know how to use the map editor with FoC?
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