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  1. Hello, I have a surround sound system and using a Creative sound card with an analog sound output. When playing in the game I experience the following sound issues: In some cutscenes the sound is not synchronized with the actions. The music of the game comes only from the left speaker Some of the sounds in the game are not surround based (comes from the wrong speaker) In all of the other games I have played I do not recall a similar problem, and the surround sound was never an issue. I saw on some other forums people reporting the same problem, but without a solution (other than use the digital output, which is not a proper solution for me). (I have updated to the game version of 1.1)
  2. On TUF2 my mouse cursor is not showing up on the menu, and I can't access cheats and such. Help is welcome. Edit: Already uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Still doesn't work.
  3. I installed Star Wars TFU Ultimate Sith Edition and the game won't start! Here's why: I used Daemon Tools to install the game (which was successful), and i mounted DVD 2 and started the game. Then it said to unmount all drives on DT(I don't know why). Then I couldn't start the game beacuse it said that I need DVD 2. I burned all in the MDF file on DVD-DL, the I put it into the computer, I started the game and it said that I need DVD 2.
  4. Title says it all--I turned off high grapics from the lauch menu, downloaded the latest updates for my graphics card, installed the 1.2 patch, and the game is still freakin' laggy! Specs (brand-new computer): Windows 7 OS AMD Phenom II 820 Quad-Core Processor 6GB memory ATI Radeon HD 4200 integrated graphics Keyboard and mouse For well exceeding the system requirements, I sure got the sour end of USE. I'm guessing there's a way to adjust things in the game files so it runs smoother? I'm really mad at LA for not addressing this issue very well with the 1.2 patch--but then again, I don't know the bells and whistles with running USE smoothly. Thanks for all your help!
  5. I installed the game on my Windows computer no problem (I meet all the requirements) but when I click play from the first menu with screen resolution and controls, it tells me to insert disk 2. I have disk 2 in, and I think it is searching for the disk in some non-existant location, like drive E or F or something. How do I change the place it looks for its disk?
  6. If someone has already posted about this, I apologize. I googled first. Ok, so awhile back I used Steam to purchase and play SWTFU. Unlike the reviews I read, I found the game to have a fun replay factor, and I continued to play and play. I noticed my hours of play getting up there (Steam keeps track of usage). So I decided to go ahead and at least round it off to 100 hours. After 100 hours I noticed a difference in gameplay. There was another thin bar added to the screen (between the health and force bars) and I was able to force lightning anything for as long as I wanted. I thought it was a glitch at first, but then I quit playing and reloaded. Since then I have had unlimited health and force, and I have never used cheats on this game. I do like cheats, but didn't really find any good ones for this game that couldn't be unlocked by playing. So for any of you who like cheats and wanted some for this game, buy the Steam version of SWTFU Ultimate Sith Edition (it may work on other versions but that is the one I'm running) and get 100 hours of play in. Regards, Mike the Doomslinger
  7. Hey, I've tried to start a new game to play the Hoth level. But whenever it goes to the loading screen, the game will crash and send me back to windows. Is there a way to fix this? I haven't played the level at all.
  8. Hello everyone, I need some advice. I just purchased The Force Unleashed Utlimate Sith Edition for my PC. Like mavickx in a separate thread, my game runs in slow motion. Unlike him/her though, I'm pretty sure I need to upgrade my computer. I wonder if anyone has an idea about which item is causing the game to run in slow motion. Here are my system specs. AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0 GHz 4.0 GB RAM Windows 7 64-bit NVIDIA 6150SE nForce 430 (with latest driver 258.96 downloade just yesterday) 256 MB DDR1 Video Memory Supposedly DirectX 11.0 fully compatible I suspect it's my graphics card that needs an update. But is my system OK otherwise? My system seems to be OK based on the requirements on the box, but I don't want to bother buying a new graphics card if my system is also not up to the task. Thanks for any information.
  9. I got FU on Steam and started playing it. In game audio seems to work fine, but when it comes to the cutscense, the voice audio can barely be heard. The music and sound effects seem to be at full volume, but the voice is barely understandable and it gets drowned out in the scene causing the story to be irrelavent. I have the audio settings set to have voice atleast 5-6 notches higher than the music and sound effects volume (to try to fix the issue, it didnt) so i'm not understanding whats happening. This seems to only happen in the cutscenes. System: cpu: i7 930 mobo: asus p6x58d-e ram: 6gb dominator 1600 vid: pny 9800 gt sound: x-fi titanium
  10. Hello, I did not see any posts about troubleshooting this issue. I have just recently downloaded the Force Unleashed through Steam. I have been trying to get the game to work with the 360 controller. I select the option in the drop down menu for the controller but it doesn't seem to do anything when the game starts up. Its a normal 360 controller connect through my usb port. The game does work with the keyboard. Can someone let me know if I am missing something? Thanks,
  11. well, hello @ all! first of all, i am german so pls excuse my bad english. i have bought TFU about half a year ago and it works very well, except for the rendered cutscenes (the intro, darth vader's arrival on kashyyyk for example). at some points the cutscenes start to lag, the video and sounds are stuttering. well, that just happens at 2 cutscenes, the one where starkiller meets juno for the first time and the other one is on corellia where darth vader captures the rebels and starkiller fights him in the snow. i have installed the new patch but it doesn't help. i'm using windows 7 64bit as my operating system, but i have also tried to play it with vista. a few details to my computer: AMD Phenom x4 9850 Radeon HD 4870 i can't tell anything about the motherboard because it was onboard and i haven't found any describe in the device manager the soundcard is also onboard and the device manager says it is an "ATI High Definition Audio Device", i have installed a new driver some days ago, but that doesn't helped. i'm using the Catalyst Control Centre 10.6, i've also tried to play it with older drivers, the doesn't helped neither. is anyone here that can help me? sry again for my bad english.. thx
  12. go to that disk error that says only one problem for the pic. but i was woundering if i can use cd crack? cause i bought the game and its just the one file... its called training room stormtrooper. i know im going to need this cause i go to the training room right on my way to kota! i mean its just that one file... but like can someone send me it thru xfire or something? lol im not saying i bought a pirate game or anything. um i think my xfire is in my signiture but incase it isnt im jbc218
  13. i have the disks and i have proof that i have them. but when i reinstalled it (it was a year and got kinda crashy) when i installed it it kept saying for even planets! it would say can not install this file should you retry? ignore? abort? i pressed retry did nothing so i just ignored them. on my way to kota it crashed. is it the disk or something? if that didnt work try this http://s919.photobucket.com/albums/ad36/darth-yoda/?action=view&current=forceunleashed.jpg
  14. ok i took a screenshot of it i put it on photobucket here it is if that didnt work than go here (if it works) http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad36/darth-yoda/forceunleasehed2.jpg
  15. Is it possible to get SWTFU Ultimate Sith Edition to play in windowed mode?
  16. This might be posted already elsewhere. But since I did´nt find it with the search-tool.... How can I access the Ultimate Sith Edition Content. I played the "standard" Levels till the End. Killed the Emperor. Restartet the Death Star Level and killed Vader. Now I got the Jedi-Robe and the Asassin Robe BUT the extra Levels aren´t starting and there is no possibility to set them in the Mission Select panel. Please tell me I don´t have to play the Game in whole again... I just want to play the remaining three levels.
  17. Hi there, I purchased TFU:SE on Steam the other day and installed it. I went to play it today to find that the start up screen is black, with sound playing. The menu is fine, however cutscenes in-game are also black, but still play sound. The game itself, when playing, is just fine. Only cutscenes appear to have a problem. Yes I do meet the minimum and recommended requirements, and I assume it's automatically patched since it's on steam. Any ideas?
  18. Please help me! I downloaded the game from Steam, and immediately started playing. I set the graphics to 1600x1200 and started the game. The game ran from the beginning as if it were in slow motion. I thought this must be because I had high detail set, with a high resolution, but the display seems fine, and the camera isn't really choppy. I turned the resolution to the lowest setting and turned off high detail, and it is still having the problem. Steam is set to automatically update the game, so I'm not sure if a patch is the problem. I'm running Windows 7 64x on a Intel I5 2.67ghz quad core, 8gb ddr3, and an Nvidia Geforce 210. I know the processor is only being pushed to about 25%, and the ram about 40%, so the only thing I can think of is the GPU is too slow. Any ideas?
  19. I started playing Force Unleashed, Ultimate sith edition today. I was using version 1.0, and it worked well, except for the lag, thus I updated to version 1.1 to lower the graphics settings. However, now that I have updated, I'm no longer able to access the skills menu. it shows a short loading bar, then returns to the game. I have started a new game, and still had the same error. Please help me solve this issue Wyrm780
  20. So I am trying to install, but when I try to start the installer setup, it gives me an error: "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check you computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher" I know I am running 64-bit windows 7. I've tried Google for anything and came up with nothing that could help. Any problems other people are having with this error message seems to revolve around going from 32 bit to 64 bit. I've tried looking everywhere also for info on if Force Unleashed is even compatible with 64 bit and have found absolutely nothing on that either. Unless the setup is a 16 bit program(which I doubt, but could be wrong) I'm stumped as to why I am getting this error message. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks
  21. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I came here because LucasArts doesn't have much support for the PC version of the Force Unleashed. Anyway, I got SWTFU on PC recently and it is quite enjoyable but of course it has it's bugs and problems. I searched and found a patch for it which I tried to install but it wouldn't let me,saying that I didn't have the game installed(I tried both the Euro and US patches). I did not modify the game in any way and it's 100% legit. I checked the version and it says that it's 1.0 so I should be able to patch it. I am running it on Windows 7, I don't know if that might be part of the problem. Does anyone know a solution to this?
  22. Hi everybody. I´ve got a big problem with FU. I have installed the game. I have also installed the patch. When I start now, i have no animation. I only can hear the sound of the game and see my normal Windows desktop. When i close the game with Strg+Alt+Del und reopen i can see and use the menu. But when i start the game there will be only the Intro-Text. The sound go on, but the Screen freezes again. I´m using Win XP with an ATI Graphic-Card X1900GT (i can here the "powered by Nvidia" slogan at the beginning ;-) ) with the newest driver (i tried to fix it with the update but did not help). I installed on my laptop, too. That works, but you are not able to play because of the performance. Greets Hargan
  23. I'm curious if anyone has tested any cheat codes for this game on the PC. I don't yet have the game so I can't test these, but supposedly these are working for the PC version of Ultimate Sith Edition (though the listing of the "demo" item makes me think this was copied from the Xbox 360 one, though it might still be the same since the PC version is a port of it): *POSSIBLE SPOILERS* (Highlight to view) ****************************** ****************************** *END POSSIBLE SPOILERS*
  24. Alright, so whenever I go to Raxus Prime (the first Raxus level, anyway. Haven't started the second one yet), I get some weird coloration in the first area. I'm wondering if that's my graphics card overheating, but it only does this in this area, and it's a 9800 GT, so I would imagine it's fine. And it does that even if I've left my comp off overnight, and start that level first thing in the morning with a huge fan blowing in there, which drops my case's temp by around 10 degrees. Is Raxus Prime supposed to look like that?
  25. Hi, i have a problem with the game. When i run it i can hear all the sounds bun i still see my desktop. I have to minimize it and restore to see the menu. Then menu works fine but after staring campaign i can't see anything but black screen. Minimizing doesn't work here. However when i press for example attack button i can hear saber(same with walking and powers). I tried pathing the game to 1.1 , changing drivers but it didnt work. It might be my graphic card's fault, it is: ati radeon x1950 pro.(i meet the minimum reqirements) So please help me out , i've been waitin for this game for 2 yrs.
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