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  1. Hiya, Maybe someone knows of this problem; I started this ticket with Aspyr last week. Untill now no response has come and the ticket's status is still "new" and "unassigned".
  2. When playing the game, for some reason the cutscenes become choppy. It doesn't always happen to all cutscenes, sometimes they run flawlessly and the chopping is random, it's not always at the same part of the cutscene and for varying ammounts of time. The game itself runs without issue. Another strange issue is that when I went to install the latest drives for my graphics card it said it was out of disk space, it only needed 25MB and I have over 313GB of empty space. Computer specs: 6GB of RAM Quad-core 1.8GHz AMD Phenom II processor 750GB hard drive at 7200RPMs 1GB ATI Raedon HD 5770 450W power supply
  3. Hi all, I have a problem with navigating in the selection menu for force powers, combos and talents. I simply cannot find a way to switch to the talent and combos menus. According to the menu the keys [ and ] should allow you to switch menu. However, on my keyboard (which is a very standard one) these keys require you to hit: for [ Alt Gr and 8 for ] Alt Gr and 9 This does not work in my game. I have basically tried rolling my face on the keyboard to get some kind of respons, but nothing seems to work at all. anyone else encountered this problem and know a solution?
  4. *edit* I would like to thank the 41 people sofar that have downloaded my save game, I hope it helps. I will be posting other saved games such as the new areas, tat, hoth, coruscant, for those that had trouble finding it like me. why they make you start a new game to get to them i'll never know Woot up to 50 downloads
  5. I have the ultimate sith edition for pc, but all i can play is the basic force unleashed, I cant reach any of the ultimate sith edition areas. like hoth, coruscant,tattoine, why cant I reach these places, I have done good and evil endings and neither continue on to go to those areas. Please help! Randy
  6. Hi Annyone else had problems when entering new areas and the game shuts down and returns to window???? It happens when i leave the rancor pit,so i never enter the area with Shaak-ti. I get no error message,no log entries and no othe sympthoms that the game stop working. It starts loading the next area then shut down program. Would be great if annyone had a solution to this problem. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know, or has made profiles for this macros keyboard? would be awesome
  8. Hi there, When I tried to play the game today I moved the mouse and the game didn't answered only the buttons were working. Do you know how can I solve this? Cumps
  9. Hi, I have a PC Sith Edition of SW:FU. I've changed control keys in options window, but during every quick time event, game shows me deafult keys to press. It's very annoying cause I make mistakes, die and have to start from last autosave. Is it a bug or just Lucas programmers haven't thought that there are people who change key mapping? Sry for my English
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