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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for videos, but here's the text crawl from my RP Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection I'll have to wait for it to upload to Youtube. It's taking a while. Edit: I'll try to get the framerate fixed tomorrow.
  2. This is a map for my newest fan fiction, "Dances With Fear" (click the link in my sig if your interested in reading the fic). It's about a girl (Jedi) who was kidnapped and dumped on Yavin 4. The story will later move on to more exciting events. Anyway, this is the temple she is brought to by R2-C9. Please, I know it's not perfect but I wanted to give this a try since everyone else is. ______________________________________________________________ A little history: This is a Sith Colony Temple created over 4,000 years before the Clone Wars. It was ran by a Sith Lord, and his apprentice. The rest who lived there were slaves. You can pictured what I do by thinking of a survivor colony on the moon. The people who lived there were not unhappy. The Sith treated them fairly to began there plan for total galaxy domination. This was soon ended by the Jedi. So, the plan never did finish it's creation. The temple was lost for 1,000 years, until a droid lost from it's traveling party found it. Clera, the girl in my story was brought here by the droid and discovered the Sith marking engraved in the wall. She is very eager to return home to Onderon to research it. Well, I hope that was a good enough explanation. Take care! -Fish-
  3. No particular series I'm fan-arting here, just original things that pop into my head. All on Deviantart, so if you've got an account, feel free to leave comments there too. Listed newest to oldest. The Other Side Casath Mara Jade(custom) Jedi vs....Daleks?(I was bored....REALLY bored) Pumpkin Carver(It was halloween then, what do you expect? And yes, I do think somebody with a lightsaber and pumpkins would do this) Otherworldly Battle There's more in my gallery, I'm not particularly happy with some of them, there's a lot of non-SW stuff too, but this is for SW artsies.. Lemme hear what ya think!
  4. Just something I did for a project I'm working on... (click for larger version) Sort of based on one of the original Star Wars posters from way back when. There shall be more...eventually. Any comments would be welcome.
  5. I'm going to post all of my art here. I know I've already started a thread, but erm, I made the mistake in titling that 'Bao-dur, Atton and Exile.' so, i guess this is Darren from my Quest for Revan story. but, the eyes turned out, erm, wrong. and the moustache just looks annoying lol
  6. Heeelllllloooooo!!! I was tweaking with Windows Movie Maker, Fraps and my copy of KotOR II, and I found some interesting visual effects in WMM. With even more tweaking, I was able to create a "graphic novel" effect which is very Frank Miller-esque. After applying it to a clip from KotOR II, I got some very nice results, especially with the "Kreia's Fall" scene. This is the result: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAP1ehJCXdQ I'm planning to possibly create more, but I'll need some suggestions, criticisms, and comments, since I belive I need some improvement on the effects. Thanks! EDIT: Disregard the thread review request; when I previewed the post after I unticked the box, I suppose it automatically ticked itself. Sorry about that.
  7. I got bored, and having seen threads on who would act KOTOR characters on the big screen I decided to photoshop actors faces into character artwork. So far I've only done two, though I plan to make up the full cast. Here's what I came up with. See if you can guess the actors: I'm rather more pleased with Kreia than Bao-Dur (damn tattoos), but never mind: there's always an opportunity to improve.
  8. I've been practicing drawing on my PDA, the first one should be painfully obvious who it is and the second one I'm not quite sure myself:
  9. Something I did during my freetime; I made a little comic based on the characters of FF7... except they're in a chibi-like form. I posted this on some other forum, so I thought "why not post one here for the fun of it?" I plan to make a few more on the way, so I hope you enjoy this one.
  10. I hope it's big enough to see the writing. Haven't got photoshop yet, so the shading and that isn't too good. but soon, i will. [: hope you enjoy!
  11. Intimidated by all the awesome art you see posted here? Ashamed of your scribblings and gripped by the urge to hide them in a dark corner, never to be seen again? Fear no more, because the art thread for n00bs is here! (Well, assuming it's allowed:)) The basic idea I had here, was to provide a place where n00bs like me could share and discuss artwork of any medium (preferably KotOR related) without getting publicly humiliated. This is based on the premise that we've all tried drawing, but are too embarassed to show the piece to anyone, which is exactly why I think a thread like this should exist. Of course, only constructive criticism should be given here. I can't draw to save my life, but I'd love to learn. If the pro artists would so kindly drop in once in a while to give us tips, it'd be greatly appreciated! This would only work with your support, so aye or nay?
  12. This Thread will be for the illustrations from my fanfiction, Shrouded in Darkness. Most are with Yuthura Ban, but I will be adding other characters as well. Any criticisms, even minor ones, are appreciated. I would like you to be as cruel as possible, but understand that some shadow errors are from the photoscaning. Hope you enjoy! Yuthura and Revan. Yuthura has two lightsabers (One that she built before joining the sith. Another was built after she returned to the jedi.) She uses both as shoto (short sabers) like we use escrima weapons. This image is incomplete, but I wanted to know if there were any problems other than Atris' left hand not being on the saber. I also know the facial expressions aren't right. Please let me know if there are any other problems before I provide a final copy. Thanks. Note: Yuthura is gripping her side because she was wounded earlier. Although it would not have been proper to use one hand for fighting, I thought that the pain from fractured ribs would have been significant enough that she hold hold onto her side.
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