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Found 3 results

  1. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Alien Swarm! What was once an extremely popular UT2k4 mod has not been revamped with the Source engine and is not being released today, July 19th, for FREE on Steam! I'm downloading it right now. I see a bunch of you already have, but I thought I'd still spread the word. Feel free to post your impressions! I'll be coming back here in an hour or two saying what I think of it EDIT: Played with some friends for a few hours. Feels very much like a top-down L4D, which is a good thing. There are loads of weapon and load out, options. You choose from one of four classes, essentially Tank, DPS, Tech, and Healer. You then choose your main weapon and your secondary weapon, along with some sort of utility (damage amp, armor, freeze grenades, etc). The game is also quite pretty. The lighting is very atmospheric and the monsters are all detailed (to the point where you can easily tell which type you're fighting). I'm headed to the gym so I'll give a more detailed review later, but my only main criticism right now is that the servers are being absolutely assaulted. The lag is pretty bad.
  2. ...Why isn't there a thread about this? I haven't seen it, but i'm seriously contemplating it. I have some friends that say that 3D is the only way to see it. There is a cinema very near where i live that afaik doesn't have it in 3D. If i wanted to see the movie in 3D, i will have to travel 30-40 minutes and then pay $20 for the movie ticket. But seeing that my personal income is far from steady or substantial, $20 of my hard earned money to go watch a movie requires quite some persuasion. (I'm not counting it out completely). I haven't heard one bad thing about this movie. None. at. all. All seats were prebooked for days, and all who see it go around raving about it. But if anyone here who has seen it could provide their input on 3D or no 3D, it would be appreciated. Currently, i'm keeping away from all spoilers (not even reading the synopsis), so please use hidden tags, like always. [edit] Avatar was nominated for four Golden Globes: Best Film Score, and Best Film Song, winning Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director. Based on the success of the movie, James Cameron has confirmed the possibility of sequels: Meanwhile, despite being its most successful movie, Avatar has been mostly banned in China for fears that the movie may cause political unrest.
  3. I've played many Star Wars games and read plenty of Star Wars books and I have to ask: Why are there so many Humans? Its a galaxy full of many different species and most if not all "star" characters or "main characters" are human. It seems a little racist on the part of LucasArts doesn't it? And why are most of the species based on the appearance of Humans? They could have at least done something other than calling them "Humanoid" and "Near-Human". Maybe they could have had different classes (other than the ones I just mentioned) for the body types of the many species. I think it would have been more realistic if they had filled the galaxy with less Humans and "Near-Humans", and more of the alternative. And don't even mention the canonical argument that Humans were the fastest to colonize, and humans were the most common species in the galaxy, and Humans were found on more planets. That's just a cheap excuse LucasArts came up with to avoid the subject. Nothing against LucasArts, but they should have done better. Edit-- Please ignore the flaming remarks of the Emperor Devon and Sabretooth. Provoking them will only make it worse...
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