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Found 3 results

  1. Ok i know others have had similar problems - When i first get to the telos academy, and handmaiden tells us to drop our weapons, then whichever choice of dialog i chose, then the screen goes black, at the time it was fine, as i used the warp armband to warp to the ebon hawk and continue with the game, but now when ever a cut scene from telos kicks in it goes to black screen, so ok i use warp again...BUT HERES THE PROBLEM...now i have got to the point where i go and fight atris...well after the scene with handmaiden confronting her sisters the screen goes black, so i save and reload, but i can't continue the story...plz help. BTW. i know there was a telos fix but can't get that anymore, i have got the 1.0b update, which i know breaks the dialog.
  2. I just did a search and didnt find this, which is quite suprising so i thought id make it myself. This is a poll on what you think of Jedi Matser Atris from k2 (if you by some chance didnt know). I've heard some opinions, but it would be interesting to see the stats. Do you hate her, or love her? Couldnt care less? State your opininon! This thread's icon seems to suit Atris, yes? I chose option 6
  3. Hello there. I have recently seen a mod called "Exile's Atris Style Robes". I do wonder though, does anybody know where I can find the white version of it? I do have KotOR tool, but can't seem to find it.
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