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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys,i'm rather new to Lucasforums,but i've heard from the JediSheml that you could help me out with finding several mods:thmbup1: for KOTOR 1 i've been searching forever for the mod that adds very cool Dark Side Bastila robes seen in this video (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) i can't find them anywhere,and my country is 'banned' from Filefront. i've been searching also for a mod that gives to the player Darth Revan's Robes that add the cape and the belt,but with the hood down like in the vanilla version and no mask it's that possible? or there's a mod that adds the sith uniforms that doesn't replace any robes? and that adds the sith master robes(the sith governor robes that has a special animation stance) not a body replacer.a separate item. thank you guys
  2. Hi everybody! Everybody knows that the character Bastila Shan, was originally going to be Vima Sunrider from the Tales of the Jedi comics, but it was dropped due to legal issues. And That's what I think is what should be Cannonical. Well, I'm not a modder, just a player, but I really would like to see a mod, where Bastila is Actually called Vima Sunrider, with her backstory, and everything, and Juhani has to be Called Bastila. It requires just a Slight alteration in script, and maybe some VO. Can it be done? With all respect, and thank you: Matten
  3. This is a new thread about a topic that spawned from the 'Revan vs Nihilus' thread. I have some questions, but seeing that the said thread is being called to be killed (in a rather 'angry mob-esque' mannner i must say ), it was better for a dedicated thread to be created. Here is the original post. Here is a screenshot of the loading message i was talking about: along with the message i posted about, i have questions about two others as well. Legend: Cyan and Yellow: It seems to imply that Sion, Nihilus, and Traya were Jedi, and that they were drawn to Trayus after the final battle. Red: It says that Nihilus (and the other two) learned a different technique from Trayus... Its says that Nihilus learned hunger... from Trayus academy This is what caused me to believe that that drain of his was a special technique of drain he learned from Trayus. (And it gave him so much power he couldnt stop taking more... which is how he became 'a walking black hole' in the force.) Red Arrow: The loading message i posted about in the Revan vs Nihilus thread. Dark Blue Mark: This is unrelated, but it seems to indicate that Revan has Battle Meditation... I didnt know that! If revan could corrupt jedi with his Battle Meditaion powered by Trayus, I wonder what Bastila coulve done.....
  4. What is the majority's favorite romance? What's YOURS?
  5. What do you think Revan and Bastila did in the fadeout on the Ebon Hawk? personally, i always think they shared a "cinderella" style kiss. if the camera was still active, i reckon it wouldve panned around them 720 degrees. there is a mod called 'bastila romance enhancement' that makes it so that they actually kiss! i liked that mod... until it came to a little message that said "one hour later..." o_O i put option two because there are actual people who think that and it would be unfair and biased not to provide it.
  6. I will point out, bastila's voice and model is in the game if u set the opitions that revan was lightside and male than Bastila walks in during a cutscene to talk with Carth. Is there a way an expierenced modder (unlike myself) can add this to be a PC character or a Recrutable party member?
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