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Found 3 results

  1. I have an idea for a mod for TSL, well two actually and I'm hoping someone will notice this/be able to do this for us all. 1.Asari: A race from the soon to be Super-Hit Game Mass Effect, the members of said race varying between blue to purple I'm not sure how hard or simple this mod would be (as it would really just be a head mod if not the whole body, I leave that to the creator) but heres a couple shots for those not familiar with the game http://api.ning.com/files/kSDhWWLUYkuHFMTqNLVl4tWIIWnN1*iYBS3m9L9h0XLVVWEb4tpBKYWfd6l8rC2hHApBKiXmWlrq3zUg24ek*MmVohqK6lbF/220pxAsariScientist.png and heres another (better shot of the head crest) http://masseffected.pbworks.com/f/1199959215/mass-effect-20070126102356851.jpg ========================================================== 2. if the above is not possible could someone craft the Asari Commando's suit, a Medium or Heavy armor would suit it fine, it doesnt seem complex, it appears to be simply black leather with a few straps and buckles, heres a couple pics. http://www.masseffect-game.de/downloads/wallpapers/fanart/ac_postman/WP_AC_1600.jpg http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs49/f/2009/189/8/9/Mass_Effect_Shiala_by_kokomiko.jpg Can anyone please tell me if these are possible, I hope the suit is at least, I apologise for not having better photos, but it was difficult to find ones that good at all
  2. Hello...today I'd like to make what I hope to be a simple request. (bear with my I'm unsre if these've been done). I'm looking to have three heads made allowing the exile to appear as the race the head is modeled after. If anyone can be so kind as to do so. 1. Bith: Ihavent seen one of these yet and I'm hoping to see one made as I'm under the belief one doesnt exist. 2. Quarian: Yet another head I'd love to see, I havent seen one outside a simple disguise pic and I'm simply looking for the head if possible. 3. : Trandoshan: I saw one on filefront but it seems a little too bug filled to me, I'm hoping to see this. Can someone please tell me these three are possible to do, I hope they are, Thanks.
  3. Two items, one would be how about the ability to add the heads from KOTOR1 and KOTOR2 together for both games. Two, CHANGE THE BUTT UGLY COLOR OF THE HEART OF THE GUARDIAN CRYSTAL FROM BURNT ORANGE TO ANYTHING! How about silver it seems to be a nice color fans like. whatever color you choose it has to be better, theirs not much worse. I'll do the work if someone with know-how will send clear directions. (Remember directions are going to someone how has never done this before.)
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