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Found 11 results

  1. There are a few hidden interactions in the game (ie. things you can do that have no UI clue/mouseover tip whatsoever), which makes me think there might be even more. I wonder if you guys have found some. Here are a the ones I know of: Mele Island (3): Taking Guybrush on the map where Meathook island, Fetuccini brothers' Circus (clearing) and the House were located in Monkey 1 will trigger Guybrush comments LeShip (1): Wally's shackles on the deck High Street end game (2): Positionning Guybrush behind the photocall stand will add yet another nice photo to your collection. Placing Guybrush at the church entrance and he'll ask Elaine if they could renew their vows and she says "maybe another time". There has to be more!
  2. OK, so the title of this post is really just an invitation to someone who's smarter than I am to deliver a real honest-to-goodness analysis comparing Twin Peaks: The Return and Return to Monkey Island. Dantoine in another thread (here) brought up this comparison, and I think it's a great one, well worth exploring. In both cases, the original creators (David Lynch for Twin Peaks, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman for Monkey Island) return decades later to pick up and "wrap up" their original stories that never received proper conclusions. In both cases, the creators insisted on full control to create exactly what their vision was. And in both cases, the results were not what many expected or necessarily wanted, in some cases actively pushing back against the very concept of there being such a thing as a satisfying conclusion. I'd argue that Gilbert and Grossman are way more in the camp of "give 'em what they want" than Lynch is. RTMI is much more inviting than Twin Peaks: The Return, which at times felt intentionally alienating. But I can't help but feel that they share a lot of the same DNA philosophically in regards to the tension between storytellers and their audience. What is the story that needs to be told that justifies coming back after all these years? Do they have a story so compelling that they felt a need to share it with the world? Is it more of a feeling of obligation because the fans demand it? How much is motivated by money? If the answer to that is, a lot, does that taint the experience? How much is motivated by ego? Isn't storytelling largely ego-driven to begin with? Is it possible to deliver a satisfying follow-up to a popular, legacy franchise without coming across as pandering? RTMI is first and foremost a fun and silly game, and these are some philosophical questions that a casual observer might argue are looking for depth where it isn't merited. But just because it doesn't present itself as Art (with a capital A) the way so much of Twin Peaks: The Return did doesn't mean it doesn't warrant the same level of scrutiny. At any rate, it's fun! Not just the game itself but talking and debating about it. If nothing else, maybe we'll make some friends along the way!
  3. There's a lot of music in the game, so I'm curious... if you had to pick one location, which one would have your favorite music? (This poll is a part of a larger scientific study.)
  4. Hello there, I have beaten twice this game (still loving it), and I am trying to slowly get all of the achievemtents (still missing a lot, but hey) However, one REALLY scares me: the speedrunner achievements to finish the game in less than two hours. Can any of you give me tips on what to do and reduce as much time as possible across the game? I am not even sure I can reach Monkey Island in less than two hours!
  5. Wow, so I just finished the game and absolutely loved it! The writing and jokes were top notch, the puzzles were really well designed and didn't delve into moon logic, and the art style in motion looks fantastic. The thing that really stuck with me though, was that ending! Now, we all knew the end was gonna be divisive, one way or another. The biggest question looming over the world of MI has always been "is any of this real?" and I think they did a good job of leaving it ambiguous enough that it's still open to interpretation. I've noticed though, that a lot of people who want the world to be real have been relatively...unimpressed with the ending. They wanted the answers to all the questions to be laid bare and definitively answered, a big final confrontation with LeChuck, and a Secret that would live up to the years and years of hype. After ruminating on the ending for a while and seeing what other people thought, I decided to start a playthrough of the writers cut. I ended up checking the to do list and saw the item of "Find the Secret and relive the glory days" and it finally hit me. I'd seen this before...roughly 5 years ago... Return to Monkey Island is Ron Gilbert's Twin Peaks - The Return! IT'S EVEN RIGHT THERE IN THE NAME!!!!! Almost everything is exactly like what happened when TP S3 came out. A series that has been in stasis for years, with so many questions left unanswered and the original creator coming back to fulfill their vision how they see fit, fanbase reaction be damned. Their both about chasing that feeling of reliving the glory days and answers that could never truly satisfy everyone and that you should enjoy the journey, rather then trying to get to some all encompassing Secret that could never truly live up to the expectations. You're supposed to treasure and relish in all this new time we get with these characters and this world that we all love! There was never gonna be an ending that could live up to the expectations of so many years of pondering and I really think this is the best and most tasteful way they could've approached it. All in all, it was really cool seeing my favorite game series tale so much inspiration and lessons learned from one of my favorite TV shows ever!
  6. WARNING: THIS THREAD AND ARTICLE ARE AS SPOILERY AS IT GETS! It turns out that the very end of Return gets pretty ragged and frayed; the different things you do in the final few scenes can tip the games conclusion and epilogue in many directions. Mojo has compiled all the ones theyโ€™ve found so far and itโ€™s already a whopping ten variations. That article is a great writeup of whatโ€™s currently known about the different endings and epilogues including full video capture of all of them and how to get them. (Pour one out for the Mojo staffers who watched the entire credit sequence dozens of times to tease all these endings out and then verify how they are reached!)
  7. There's a 'Make one serious prediction' thread in the main forum, and obviously we can't leave spoilers there, so how about we talk about them here, and any other genuine predictions we might have made over the course of the pre-release. Mine from that thread was: The carnival/child Guybrush is in SOME sense real , and the 'real' guybrush we're playing now is genuinely grown up. As is the brother thing, that's also real. It might not be quite what we imagined, but it's also not going to be 'actually nah that was all just a spell that LeChuck put on you'. The opening of the game will address this, but it'll be revisited at the end too. In another thread I said: As we journey through the carnival we see attractions that mirror different parts of monkey island games ( not as many as I thought, but it's in there) and as Guybrush's imagination wanders, the world slowly morphs back into his pirate fantasy () We see an older guybrush taking his own kids to the carnival ( I'm definitely giving myself this one) which has become more run down since he last visited ( I'm giving myself half marks for this one. It is more run down than it looked but not since he last visited). And he reminisces (), which triggers something like the above ( not really, it just goes straight into the game) We see wizards of oz style real-world versions of characters from the MI universe at the carnival () Also you know what, I'm going to take this comment I made about my above predictions and call it a hit too: "Also I think there's perhaps a way for all the stuff I said to happen without it necessarily *simply* meaning that it's all Guybrush's fantasy but I don't want to get into it right now" (Basically, I had a strong feeling in two directions: that the carnival ending wasn't simply LeChuck's curse, firstly. I never understood the impulse to just write it into nothing, like that. And secondly that the straight 'guybrush's childhood fantasy' read of it didn't quite account for everything and that while it was closer to the truth, it would be complicated somewhat by what we actually get.) I am OKAY with that hit rate and yes I did create this post just to tell you all how clever I am I'm wondering how YOU think you did.
  8. This game has approximately one infinity little details that are good. I'm going to list a few of the ones I liked here. These are probably bigger things than the main "Details of Monkey Island" thread, because I'm not feeling the need to drill so deep yet, but it's in that spirit: Stuff that didn't need to be there but made me happy or excited me. Not sure how to spoiler tag this so I'll just go whole hog, but if that isn't necessary we can just leave them open?? A thing in the prologue: A cool thing in part 1: A couple good details in part 4: There are many more but there are a few that came to mind when thinking back on my playthrough.
  9. Use this thread if you've just started playing and want to talk about the early game, without getting into the rest. If you've played the Prologue and are just getting into Part One, but don't want late game spoilers, this is the thread for you. My simple take is... I love how this game starts. It's absolutely nothing I would have expected. It was a delight to be playing through and having absolutely no idea what was happening, or would happen next, until the ground finally slowly came in underneath me.
  10. I am setting up this thread in advance - obviously - as ReMI is not released yet at the time of writing. Letโ€™s be honest here and write down your reaction after your first time playing ReMI. How did you feel after you played it? What did you like and what not?
  11. Somehow Monkey Island returned... And we're playing it. I was fortunate enough to be a playtester on the game so I already got to the end a while back. I am extremely eager to discuss the entire game with all of you so I made this thread. I'm guessing it'll take a little while for others to get there but in the meantime this thread is GAME WIDE spoilers. That means ending discussion etc is fair game in here! I'm going to hold off on posting my thoughts for a minute so some others can catch up but... I can't wait. It's been a long few months holy hell.
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