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  1. I decided to open up a thread with some Photoshop/Zbrush works that I make when I'm bored, so here's the first one: a Chiss Sith as you can see. The piercings are inspired by Pain from the Naruto Shippuuden series. Head was completely modeled and rendered in Zbrush, edited with Photoshop. Body and clothing was added in PS too.
  2. Picture of a guy that I drew a while back.
  3. Ahoy, there ! Got a piece of art, a sketch, a droodle or anything inbetween come "dump" it here. It matters not if it's superb classy like the Mona Lisa or a Windows Paint picture. This thread is mend/ meant (urgh spelling )to be casual talk about drawing, painting in both traditional and digital ways to create fun euh... pictures. So everyone is invited to "dump" along I"ll start off with some stuff I made the last past weeks. Monsters: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Some Star Wars inspired sketches: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Well thats about it
  4. Since Steven Moffat's probably going to commission a new Doctor Who logo when his tenure as showrunner starts, I decided to come up with my own ideas on what that could be: This includes the Seal of Rassilon, as combined with the Garamond font, is meant to give a bit of an elegant look. This was mainly meant to give a high tech look to the current logo. This was modeled off of a logo I saw on DeviantArt, which featured a Cyan aura behind the text, in Arial Black.
  5. This is a drawing I did for the Doodle4Google annual contest. The theme was, "If I could do anything, I would..."
  6. As the title says, this thread is for any art (hand-drawn or computer generated) that is Star Wars, Space, or War related. I'm going to start off the thread with some hand drawn star wars related sketches. Ok, here are the first sketches: 1) Young Boba Fett/Young Clone (3-4 years old) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) 2) The Final Battle from KotOR 1 (Notice both Bastila AND Juhani AND Calo Nord) (About 1 year old) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) 3) KotOR Era Sentry Droid, Floating Droid, and Astromech Droid (6 months old) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) 4) KotOR Era Battle, Sentry, and Assassin Droids (6 months old) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Now, for my [WIP], Darth Morbius! 5) Darth Morbius v 0.2 Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) 6) Darth Morbius v 0.5 Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Hope I see more Art on this thread soon! EDIT: I just finished a CIS Droid Army Collage: 7) CIS Droid Army Collage Contains: B1 Battle Droid (Ep1 version), Droid Commando (Clone Wars TV Version), Super Battle Droid V2 (Comic Book Version), and Droideka (Clone Wars TV Show Version) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Hope you enjoy! Working on a starfighter collage:thmbup1: EDIT2: Okay, I lied. I did a Warrior Collage instead. This includes a Mandalorian, Rakatan, Gammorean (I know, he's not fat enough), A Nikto?, and a Rodian fighting for the Mandalorians. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I hope someone posts something on this thread soon.....
  7. I just wanted to post some of my better cartoon drawings from (Deviantart:p) I won't post crappy works here but if you really want to you can view them at First two are Samurai Jack drawings: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Enjoy:D
  8. For all those budding artists out there: This month's Javyar's competition is centered around "Secrets." This month Bee and I decided to open up an art category. If you have a piece that fits the topic, I encourage you to submit an entry. All entries in art will be voted upon just like the fanfics and the winner gets placed in the Hall of Fame. The same rules of Javyar apply i.e. once you submit you can't change it etc. So I encourage you artists to try your hand. JM12
  9. I recently discovered a cool new program that alows you to animate a stick figure. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) (sorry about the start of the video being black, I had trouble getting it on youtube) The program is called Stykz. Its free. Feel free to post your own videos made using this program.
  10. Welcome to my art thread. Here I would like for you to post any and all spaced themed art that you have made. This thread can also be used to discuss things about the art posted here. When I say spaced theme, I mean actual space. Not something out of a sci-fi movie. Here are some examples: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) An artistic rendering of a black hole devouring a star. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) An artistic rendering of a nebula. This is the kind of art to post. Please use hidden tags to save space. I might also add that I made these myself.
  11. I'm just bored at the moment so.... The above are not for your usage. Thnx
  12. Thought I'd share some of my work. Most of these were made for my Studio Art folio, which I uploaded onto Deviant Art. Some of these were hand sketches, which I then later rendered on Photoshop. I may upload some more later on.... Anyway, for anyones enjoyment. Constructive Critism is welcome ^-^ EDIT: I cant display them. Hyperlinks will have to do
  13. Just what the title says, if you made something that makes you see something else when you look at it too hard, go ahead and post it here. I'll start off with this: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) To me and pretty much all of my family and friends, it looks like it is swirling out from the center. If it doesn't swirl to you, just enjoy it because it looks cool.
  14. Due to recent boredom, I have decided to make signatures and compile all of them here. All of these are made with Photoshop. So, without further ado, here they are: WILHUFF TARKIN: TYBER ZANN: IG-88: HK-47: MANDALORE THE ULTIMATE: JANEK SUNBER: DARTH SIDIOUS: DARTH BANE:
  15. It's been a while since I did anything in the CEC and since I've completely run out of ideas for fanfics, I decided to start an art thread. What you'll be able to see here will mostly be non-Star-Wars art, but every now and then I might add something starwarsy too. There will also be many reposts from my deviantArt page, since I'm not really getting any feedback there. Anyway, I've recently colored several pencil works and I think I'll start with this one (I'll post both the pencil work and the Photoshop-colored one for comparison): Original: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Color: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Black & White version (just because I thought it would look nice): Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Enjoy! EDIT (9/16/2009): Due to lack of feedback, I have no choice but to give up on this thread (the mods are free to close/delete it at their discretion). I have, however, updated my deviantArt page, so those interested in my stuff can see it there.
  16. Using Photoshop, I create a variety of arts. While all are good, I am most proud of my abstract art. Using my own experiments, I created this. Wall paper sized (1024x768) so anyone can use it if they want to. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) And, as per Lord of Hunger's request, I made him one for his much larger resolution: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I quite like how this one turned out. Oh, and if anyone has the 1920x1080 resolution, go ahead.
  17. Well, my Lilith:Vampire Hunter story has a handful of Vampires that use modern day firearms, with certain distinctive changes. I'll be doing my best to show you what I think their weapons look like(I should know, right?). Here is the first, Malik's signature weapon, Anubis: Information: Base(Real World) gun: Para-Ordnance P-14 (fictional) Maker: Anubis Arms Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  18. This is where you can post stuff that you made/recolored/drew/whatever about fantasy stuff. like dragons, wizards, witches. That stuff. Here is one that I recolored: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) This is the original pic: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  19. Hail, all! I return with a new piece of (Earth), set, while on this planet, in an alternate timeline: Key: Empira Britannica Carthaginian Empire Spanish Empire Russian Federation United Indian Territories East Asian Coalition Pacific League American Confederation Platonic Republic No Affiliation/Not Developed General Information: Year (in terms of our "BCE" and "CE"): 1840 (CE) World Population (only major empires' populations, where census are taken, are listed): 6,000,000,000 Technological Progress: In general, this Earth's medicine, and technology, in general is 20-30 years ahead of our own. Oil has been largely abandoned, in favor of renewable resources. Every nation has launched at least one manned space mission to the moon, and many have begun exploring beyond the moon. Nations: Empira Britannica: Information: Centered in London, England, the British Empire (called so informally) is one of the most powerful of the kingdoms in the world. With their economy focused on the manufacture of consumer goods, and, to an extent, military goods. Government: Constitutional Monarchy, wherein the Monarch is chosen by hereditary means. The Parliament (consisting of the House of Lords and Commons) shares power with the Monarch. (Major) Cities: London (Capital), Paris, Berlin, Kiev, Stockholm (Major) Exports: Manufactured Goods, Commercial Goods, (Major) Imports: Foodstuffs, Steel, Natural Resources Date of Foundation: (Archaic) 1022 (Modern) 1508 Population: 1,250,000,000 Other: N/A (as of now) Carthaginian Empire: Information: Founded on the ancient city of Carthage, this empire is, mainly, an agricultural one, in which the average citizen earns their income by means of farming. Exporting to the Spanish and British Empires, along with the Russian Federation, the Carthaginian Empire is not an overly rich one, but still maintains a strong standing in international politics. Government: An Oligarchical Gerontocracy. Led by the Twelve Elders. The Elders act as the executive and legislative branches, but a separate judicial branch is able to exercise an amount of checks and balances over the Elders, prohibiting their complete dominance over the Empire's law. (Major) Cities: Carthage (Capital), Rome, Córdoba (Major) Exports: Food (Major) Imports: Consumer Goods (cars, assorted household goods), Manufactured Goods (cars and agricultural equipment are the most prominent of such) Date of Foundation: 1184 Population: 250,000,000 Other: Most lands are farmland or desert, save for the scattered cities of the Empire. The Empire also acts transports most of the European-made goods around the world, earning a large profit from such trade. Spanish Empire: Information: A rather backwater 'empire' surviving on their precious exports, the Spanish Empire is the youngest of the world's empire-nations. Founded by criminals exiled from Europe, the Spanish Empire immediately faced problems in setting up an organized government (most realized that death would be had in an anarchic society). Despite the partially successful attempts, corruption is rampant, and is rumored to spread from the lowest mayor to the highest branches of the executive office. Government: Utilizing an elected President, the Spanish Empire governs itself by means of an electoral college. Voters elect representatives from their county, who, in turn, vote for the leaders of the country, including the Cabinet (legislative branch) and the President (executive branch). (Major) Cities: Mexico City (Capital), Miami (Major) Exports: Precious Minerals (Gold, Silver), Food (Major) Imports: Agricultural-Related Machinery, Technological Assets Date of Foundation: 1722 Population: 150,000,000 Other: N/A Russian Federation: Information: A relatively recent empire compared to its millennium-old compatriots, the Russian Federation is the main supplier in the world of basic natural resources. Not equipped with any major industries, Russia relies nearly entirely upon trade to import necessities. Government: Absolute Monarchy (monarch is colloquially referred to as the Supreme Lord), in which politicians of all level compete for positions in the Supreme Lord's Cabinet, which is said to influence his decisions greatly. (Major) Cities: Moscow (Capital), St. Petersburg (Major) Exports: Timber, Natural Gas, Minerals (Diamonds, in specific) (Major) Imports: Consumer/Military Goods, Technological Assets, Other Manufactured Goods Date of Foundation: 1643 Population: 750,000,000 Other: N/A United Indian Territories: Information: One of the more unique conglomerations of territory, the United Indian Territories was formed in the mid-1400s as a way to establish a powerful trading empire. Though scattered across the Indian Ocean, the UIT is a developed nation, capable of preforming basic industrial tasks for themselves. Government: Triple Monarchy, in which two monarchs are elected, whilst the other is born into the position. These three monarchs collaborate on contemporary issues and debate with each other on the best course of action. They have established a bureaucracy to help them carry out their wishes. (Major) Cities: Delhi (Capital), Johannesburg, Jakarta (Major) Exports: Timber, Natural Resources, Spices, Manufactured Goods (Major) Imports: Natural Resources, Technological Assets (computers, mainly) Date of Foundation: 1453 Population: 1,400,000,000 Other: Major trading empire, as like Carthage. Transports more goods than it actually makes. East Asian Coalition: Information: Built on the old Empire of Japan and the Northern Asian Commonwealth, the East Asian Coalition was formed through political alliances which cemented together during a series of wars that rocked Asia in the early-1300s. Government: Constitutional Monarchy in which the monarch holds Emperor holds more power than the legislative branch, but can be overruled by an 80% majority. (Major) Cities: Tokyo (Capital), Beijing, Seoul (Major) Exports: Timber, Minerals (Iron, mainly), Manufactured Goods (Major) Imports: Natural Resources, Food Date of Foundation: 1328 Population: 900,000,000 Other: Pacific League: Information: Formed, as with the East Asian Coalition, during the wars that rocked Asia during the 14th Century, the Pacific League was a means by which to withstand the rabid invasions posed by the less-prestigious societies of East Asia. Government: Democratically-elected Chief of State and legislative branch. President serves three year terms, and Congresspersons serve two year terms. (Major) Cities: Hong Kong (Capital), Sydney (Major) Exports: Timber, Food, (Major) Imports: Manufactured Goods Date of Foundation: 1347 Population: 700,000,000 Other: N/A American Confederation: Information: Formed by a number of Native American tribes after visitation by Europeans (and the subsequent transfer of technology and goods), the American Confederation, though not as powerful as the other powers, still holds a fair amount of political power in the world by means of its vast amounts of natural resources. Government: Oligarchy composed of tribal leaders. These leaders elect, from amongst themselves, a Council Leader, who acts as the unofficial leader of the American Confederation, but requires the support of the other leaders in order to make nation-altering decisions. (Major) Cities: New York (Capital), Detroit (Major) Exports: Timber, Natural Resources (gold, silver, and uranium included), Food (Major) Imports: Manufactured Goods (especially those related to agricultural development) Date of Foundation: 1283 Population: 200,000,000 Other: While many natives continue to practice their pre-discovery beliefs, others have adopted the European styles, and moved into large cities. Platonic Republic: Information: Based partially on the Athenian ideas of old, the Platonic Republic is something of a misnomer- whilst drawing heavily upon the ideas of the great Athenian philosophers, Platonic Republic has drawn together a unique conglomeration of thought processes in order to create one of the most effective governments in the world. The Republic, while not heavily industrialized, focuses more on agricultural production and research and development, Government: Per the executive branch, a monarch is elected every four years by means of a direct democracy. For the legislative branch, the Senate, members are not elected, but rather selected based on civil-service examinations. Numerous requirements must be met (or, in some cases, an extreme proficiency in one subject) in order to be accepted, and, once having been accepted into the Senate by a special committee, the member serves a variable term (determined by their aptitude, determined in part by their examination and life-long grades and actions), ranging from one year to their entire life. (Major) Cities: Jerusalem (Capital), Athens, Constantinople, Alexandria, Baghdad (Major) Exports: Food, 'Education (in the form of universities, and schooling),' (Major) Imports: Technological Assets, Manufactured Goods, Date of Foundation: 896 Population: 400,000,000 Other: N/A No Affiliation/Not Developed Information: Composed of the remaining territory, the non-affiliated countries are mostly small, independent ones not caught up in global politics, either through lack of power or economic strength. Government: Many different kinds, from monarchies to republics to direct democracies. (Major) Cities: Too many to last, although none are as large as previously mentioned cities. (Major) Exports: N/A (Major) Imports: N/A Date of Foundation: Population: (Unknown, estimated at 500,000,000) Other: N/A
  20. i'll just dump stuff in this thread from now on new to old thanks
  21. Here are some wallpapers I've made. Please give me your opinions. I'll try and have some more up later. All were done in Gimp. Feel free to use them. Star Wars Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Abstract/Fractal Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  22. Firstly - Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Yeah Carth. Secondly, an original character from a comic/story idea I've been brainstorming. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) General something or other. I'm calling him Hacket until I come up with a better name. I think his eyes are too big. I was trying to avoid anime-ey eyes, butttt...
  23. After seeing Alkonium's and AndurilBlade's HeroMachine creations, and the buzz it's created, i've decided to create thread where everyone can post their creations and share ideas. So, to kick off - here's some of mine. The first two are Vampire Uniforms for an RP i'm designing - a Vampire Infantryman, and a Vampire Cuirassier. And the next two are characters from fics i've written - Vynn Drax, and MacLaine. And, with his permission, Alkonium's characters, Andorra Evenstar, Darth Virul and Alkonium Kaltas. So don't be shy, share your heroes! EDIT: I'm an idiot. I forgot to add a link to HeroMachine - fixed now.
  24. This is where I post the outcomes of my artistic endeavors. Everything I have right now is non-SW, but SW-themed creations may come later. TODAY'S POST: The lovely lady Arwen from the Lord of the Rings movies. I've always loved this shot of her, with all the emotion in her eyes. So I set out to capture it if I could. This was done in simple, run-of-the-mill drawing pencils. (EDIT: I've also posted the photo I drew from.)
  25. http://i43.tinypic.com/25kmltx.jpg Something I cooked up for a story.
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