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Found 10 results

  1. does i have to play that map i am on cause i want to play another one
  2. I played my ps2 and beat the game in 3 days. Beat it again in 1 day, with stats. the next day I was planning on beating it again. I went to load the game but accidentally hit new game. asap I went back to main menu. Went to load game and started my game [it was at 23:34 or something] and it went to the very beginning. I knew for a fact that on the 3rd play i was at kota's ship. went back to main menu and it said that my game was at 00:00!! AHHHH Does anyone else here get this issue?
  3. I didn't know that you could choose a boss to Fight on the last stage. I thought you HAD to fight the Emperor, but recently I found out that you can kill Vader instead. (mush easier). And there is 2 different endings! COOL:thmbup1:!
  4. I'm on the boss battle again. I beat the game and was on the Question "do you want to restart the game with all your stats?" and my PS2 shutdown. I had to redo the Battle star Quest mission thing, and beat Darth Vader, but I want to know some good combos before I fight the Emperor again. Last time I Had to beat him than do the button pressing game, but kept loosing and redoing it. Took forever, so I want to know the BEST combos there are.
  5. Hi all, Am at Imperialized Raxus (Zone 8 on the saved games index) and no matter how far I get, past the AT-STs, past the troops etc. Whenever I go back to the game i'm back at the start of the zone with the cut scene where Proxy delivers message as Vader and have to do it all again. This is despite the save icon appearing many times throughout the level as I play! The game has saved fine up til this point. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks, Neil
  6. anyone can help i nedd the one in the middle i have the 1 at the wookie planet forgot name and the one you have from the beginning but where is the other
  7. but I can't figure out how to destroy the two tractor beam power generators in the Death Star across the gap the TIE fighters fly through. I've tried saber throw, force lightening, force grip-n-throw of everything in the room (including TIEs), force push, but they seem too far away...TIA
  8. I've looked EVERYWHERE. I've seen those, and they're no help! They don't tell me where to look. I've wasted literally (not exaggerating) 2 1/2 hours and two game saves trying to find this darn hilt. It's my last one to find. Can someone give me a more detailed spot where to find it? Or if they can, take a picture of where it is? I've looked... everywhere.. I'm on my last nerve.
  9. i've been driven crazy for the past two days by the felucia level. i get as far as the part against shaak ti where you gotta push the buttons in sequence, i get onto the sarlaccs tentacle but when your supposed to push the button when you use force lightening its like the screen flickers and i fall off. i spent a total of 6 hours trying to get passed this part even trying pushing the buttons at different times but i've had no success. has anyone got a solution to this or anyone else having this problem? i'm currently in touch with activision but they don't particulary want to help. please no replies saying i'm not pushing the button fast enough as i've tried that several times.
  10. Can somebody tell me please why this game is being made on PS2, seems a waste of time to be honest. Cant make use of the full potential of the physics etc
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