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Found 4 results

  1. Dear fellow Grim Fandango fans, A couple of month ago, I have undertaken a fan-art GF stop motion animation project. My aim is just to do a re-make of the intro cut-scene of the game. However, these 3 little minutes of animation are likely to take a lot of time to deliver: the day-job tends to get in the way, and, as you will see in my production blog, there are actually a lot of moving parts to bring together. The project is in its set-building and puppet-making phase and, realistically, I don't expect the shooting to start before March 2012. I have already enrolled some talented help from this fine GF fan base, and will certainly solicit this fine community for help and feed-back.
  2. I've followed both swapping animation tuts, I've thought I did what they said and this is what I get, I thought when I looked at the jawa skeleton it was close enough to work... I guess not.
  3. My sister is a second year uni student doing (amongst other things) 3D animation. She's currently on semester break which ends on July 13, and her adventure into 3D wonderness starts next semester. She needs a new computer that handle the kinds of stuff she's going to do before then. Though she can use computers well enough, she's certainly not technical, hence me helping her with this. Problem is, I've never really looked into the design side of computing and I don't know what kinds of hardware requirements she needs. So I'm/we're looking for advice as to how to pursue this. The programs that I know she's going to use for sure are Maya and Adobe CS3. I think there will be more, but I'm not sure. She has 3000-4000 NZD to spend on this computer. For a reference into what the market in NZ is like, check out these links: Retail store Retail store 2 Small computer store I know better than to go to money-milking retail stores; the best ones to go to are the small computer ones. But ask anyone in the know over here, and they'll point you to PriceSpy.co.nz, the site for finding and comparing the best prices for hardware in New Zealand across many, many stores. Ive found computers 5x more powerful on PriceSpy's listed stores for the same price than the pathetic stuff you get at the big chain stores. So the main question is: What kind of computer is she going to need? (Cpu, ram, graphics, monitor, etc)
  4. Hello there, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm bloody searching for a mod which disguises/transforms you into Malak. Although I found some already, all of them have their animations bugged(aka when attacking with lightsaber) Is there any Malak mod which doesn't have the animation bug? Thanks in advance.
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