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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, after playing all of the JK series games before JO, ive noticed some saber differences in all of the titles. I am very curious why in every Star Wars game featuring Kyle, theres different color for his saber. In the first JK Kyles saber was green, in MOTS orange, and in Jo blue. So why, why in every JK game Kyles saber has a different color?? I personally think that Kyles saber should be always green in every Star Wars game, mostly becouse it has memory and nostalgic value, due to the fact that long time ago it was his fathers saber. Being careless about details sometimes can affect the storyline, and if not explained properly it can ruin the image and proper fell, example: What if Stormtroopers instead of white would wear a pink armor ??
  2. ...Why isn't there a thread about this? I haven't seen it, but i'm seriously contemplating it. I have some friends that say that 3D is the only way to see it. There is a cinema very near where i live that afaik doesn't have it in 3D. If i wanted to see the movie in 3D, i will have to travel 30-40 minutes and then pay $20 for the movie ticket. But seeing that my personal income is far from steady or substantial, $20 of my hard earned money to go watch a movie requires quite some persuasion. (I'm not counting it out completely). I haven't heard one bad thing about this movie. None. at. all. All seats were prebooked for days, and all who see it go around raving about it. But if anyone here who has seen it could provide their input on 3D or no 3D, it would be appreciated. Currently, i'm keeping away from all spoilers (not even reading the synopsis), so please use hidden tags, like always. [edit] Avatar was nominated for four Golden Globes: Best Film Score, and Best Film Song, winning Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director. Based on the success of the movie, James Cameron has confirmed the possibility of sequels: Meanwhile, despite being its most successful movie, Avatar has been mostly banned in China for fears that the movie may cause political unrest.
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