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Found 10 results

  1. I was wondering if any skilled modder out there would be willing to tackle these two weapons. I see plenty of Republic Commando armor mods, but little to none for their weapons. Here is the DC-17m rifle: And here is the DC-15s Side Arm Blaster:
  2. I have an idea for a mod for TSL, well two actually and I'm hoping someone will notice this/be able to do this for us all. 1.Asari: A race from the soon to be Super-Hit Game Mass Effect, the members of said race varying between blue to purple I'm not sure how hard or simple this mod would be (as it would really just be a head mod if not the whole body, I leave that to the creator) but heres a couple shots for those not familiar with the game http://api.ning.com/files/kSDhWWLUYkuHFMTqNLVl4tWIIWnN1*iYBS3m9L9h0XLVVWEb4tpBKYWfd6l8rC2hHApBKiXmWlrq3zUg24ek*MmVohqK6lbF/220pxAsariScientist.png and heres another (better shot of the head crest) http://masseffected.pbworks.com/f/1199959215/mass-effect-20070126102356851.jpg ========================================================== 2. if the above is not possible could someone craft the Asari Commando's suit, a Medium or Heavy armor would suit it fine, it doesnt seem complex, it appears to be simply black leather with a few straps and buckles, heres a couple pics. http://www.masseffect-game.de/downloads/wallpapers/fanart/ac_postman/WP_AC_1600.jpg http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs49/f/2009/189/8/9/Mass_Effect_Shiala_by_kokomiko.jpg Can anyone please tell me if these are possible, I hope the suit is at least, I apologise for not having better photos, but it was difficult to find ones that good at all
  3. I have another TSL mod request, please bear with me. I'm here to ask any modder that has the time if one of you could please craft for me accurate suits of the 4 members Delta Squad's armor like those seen in Star Wars: Republic Commando, I've seen such a suit of armor before but it was slightly innacurate, basically the body armor was too thin instead of being really bulky and it lacked the backpack that Commandos carry. Basically what I'm asking is for someone to craft the accurate, bulky, replicas of their armor for KoToR 2 TSL, in case you need reference here are some images for a bit better reference http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/c/cb/Delta_Squad.jpg http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/2891/602513-squad_delta_super.jpg http://www.giantbusts.co.uk/acatalog/SWSEV.png and http://media.photobucket.com/image/Clone%20Commando%2007/Red_13_/Everything%20Else/Star%20Wars/Clone_commando.jpg please reply asap with any thoughts or questions you may have
  4. leave a name and if you can have a dedicated server for the game.....we'll all have certain desginations with N-14 being me.....like it will be this N-14 Kryra
  5. Hey, I was woundering what console to get this game for. I'm assuming it's for the ps2, ps3, wii, pc, and 360. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. What is your favorite battle on SWRP? Mine? Easy. The bridge at Kackirho (unsure of exact spelling) The music in it makes it sound sort of tragic. Lots of gunfire, and heavy resistance (especially on hard...)
  7. Greetings fellow forumites. Welcome to the official Mando'ade thread of the RC forums. Feel free to discuss specifically Mandalorian things here. Most subjects ranging from Kal Skirata and the Cuy'val Dar, to Jango Fett, or even the Taung forefathers of the Mandalorian culture are acceptable here. Just try to adhere to the forum rules, and keep spam out of this thread. Click here for info on the Mandalorians. I'll start off by asking: How do you think the training of the Clone Commandos by the Cuy'val Dar differs from the Mandalorian training of the Mandalorian Wars?
  8. Please Read the Posting Guidlines before posting in this (and all) threads http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=133730 What we do is photoshop a commando rendered to people's requests. For example: to This is a continuation of a popular, long-running (and now locked) thread in the RC forum. Please post your request in the following format. 1)Name 2)Colors & Placement 3)Weapon (we'll do the best we can) 4)Add-ons/other details All of the work in the previous thread can be found at my site http://sites.google.com/site/genliwarccp/Home Finally Please Follow These Rules in this thread DO NOT DOUBLE POST in this thread. If you do we will not produce your custom commando until the posts are edited to one. The "edit this" option is conveniently placed at the bottom right of your posts. Only request 1 commando at a time. We like to give equal opportunities for everyone to receive theirs in a timely manner. Also you may find you want slight modifications to your original request. You can request more than one, just wait until after we post the product of your original request. "People will need to heed the rules and not use the thread as an instant messaging service, but instead stick to the scope of the topic. Showcasing and requesting are fine, as are general technique questions. More detailed questions and responses should be kept to PM, and chatting is definitely out of the question."~Rogue Nine
  9. Well, me and my brother were messing around in Photoshop yesterday. We were scrolling through pictures to edit, and came across a Commando model. He decided he wanted to make his own, custom commando; so we did. His is dubbed Phoenix, while mine is Smoke. (Phoenix has fire-resistant armor and is equipped with a flamethrower) (Smoke has cloaking abilites and is equipped with a Bothan incinerator, modded with acidic ammo) I just thought I'd share that with you all, also if anyone wants a custom commando of their own, I'll be glad to take requests. All I'll need is: 1. Name of the commando. 2. Color and basic idea. 3. Type of gun. 4. Animated/Not. 5. Details (where you want the color, etc.) ~ Hyukan.
  10. What we do is photoshop a commando render to people's requests. For example: to this: This is a continuation of a popular, long-running(and only active) thread in the RC forum. The current staff is General LiWar, M@RS, and me. Please post your request in the following format. 1. Name of the commando. 2. Color and basic idea. 3. Type of gun. 4. Animated/Not. 5. Details (where you want the color, etc.) Here is a link to the original thread. If you are willing to help, please give us a sample of your work, and we will judge, and if it is good enough, you will be added to CCP group.
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