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Found 3 results

  1. hey there i have kotor 1 and i have all the patches up to v1.03 i have enabled cheats but now everytime i go to a new world and am asked to pay by the czerka corp im not gettin the option to pay even though i have 10000 credits and it usually costs around 100 every time i get asked to pay something during dialogue the 'pay' option jus disappears! if someone could help id be greatful. running it on windows 7 nothing else special to mention ive no mods added or anything
  2. Heyy. I just realized. When you start a new game in kotor, and in Taris you must get the codes from the sith base, its awfully annoying having to go out of your way just to grab an item from the Sith Governor. I dont know if this could be done but would'nt it be cool if in the lower city cantina instead of a Calo Nord cutscene, it was replaced with a Han Solo killing Greedo cut scene? And when u talk to him, at first he would be like....what do u want...? and when u get further into the conversation he offers a side quest. If you can find and take out a bounty hunter who has a bounty on Solo's head, he'll reward you greatly. He says that rumor has it he is hiding in the lower city somewhere. He would be found in one of the spare empty rooms in the lower city apartment. The bounty hunter would be wearing krath holy armor, equipped with double vibro blade. Once u eliminate him, his remains consist of 1000 credits, mandalorian assault armour, and a datapad. I dont know if this could be done but the date pad would read about his search for han solo and his 'stupid' pet wookie. Once u return, he talks about how he heard u got the job done. He would reward you with the codes to the ebon hawk making the sith base 'skip-able.' i dont no if this sounds stupid but i think it would be cool. Please reply!!
  3. I was playing KOTOR out of the best of PC pack and it was working fine, until I made a new user and tried playing in that one. The opening credit movies are too large; You can only see approx the top left quarter. Then, through the rest of the game, the resolution seems fine, but the mouse cursor selects things off to the left and a bit up of where the mouse appears to be. I already tried messing with my comp's resolution and reinstalling the game. I'm pretty lost. Any suggestions?
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