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Found 3 results

  1. I was thinking, since there are no current plans for another JK game then why not continue the game ourselves. We could create a major collaberoration of levels and other things to continue where the story left off. I think the thing people would most want i the continuation of the dark side option. It would stick you back in Katarn's shoes as he hunts down Jaden. OR You could be Jaden and get imaginative with the storyline. A lot of effort woul be required like Voice overs for the main characters. Other enemies and thing's sounds can be reused from outcast and academy. (I like the imperial officer's voices better from outcast) There wouldn't be much need for new models. Textures could be mixed from outcast and ja as well as created. And the levels could be put together using GTK Radient. New effects would be unneeded so it would probably work. It's only an idea but i think it would work.
  2. This may belong in the TOR forum, but since this is a pissing on of the very core of KotOR, i believe it belongs here. (also viewable on the TOR Timeline) That's it. Theyve completely sullied the character of Revan with this pathetic backstory. His unusual motives for turning to the dark side was one of the best illustrations of his unique character; now theyve just made him another stupid sith rebelling against their master. (and, in the process, once again completely ignoring TSL's existence) I was losing interest in this game before, now i really doubt ill even bother with it. At least theres the .15% chance that they'll pick up the series again and give us a proper sprpg sequel.
  3. I always Liked Mission Vao, and it always ticked me off that you had to kill her if you went darkside, and that you didn't even get the option of force persuading her to join you, so I were wondering if any of the Modders out there that has atleast some idea on what in the world they are doing could make a MOD where u can get mission Vao to join you if you go Dark Side
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