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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, Here is a Corellian Defender I made for my friends at Bioware. Initially I designed it to not accept minifigs but instead be in scale with the statuette piece (depicted below). Then the Fury came out (This actually happens to be in perfect scale with the Fury), and it has figs, so I decided to go ahead and integrate them. The minifig integrated Defender is a little less authentic to the game, but I like it more actually. The red top to the cockpit should be Grey for instance but I like the aesthetic better with the White/Red/White/Red. As you can see in the above image the whole cockpit canopy comes up...I was thinking of putting in some "hydraulics" here but I like the idea of supporting two figures more...so there is not any room for the hydraulics I was thinking of. I am really proud of the sliding out mechanic used for the C2-N2 pod. Here are some of the custom figures I am designing to go with the Defender. the Trandoshan is Qyzen Fess, who is a companion to Jedi Consular in SWTOR. The droid is C2-N2, and is the droid that comes with the ship. Satele (and official Lego minifig) is holding of the statuette part I mentioned earlier. I would love it if they produced these in trans blue for holograms. The one in the image is a rendering. This design is meant to be visible form all angles, so I used a lot of SNOTTING. The ships is bisected down the middle and flipped. Its been a lot of fun. I look forward to any feedback, good or bad. If you really like it you can support it on Cuusoo right here. Cuusoo is a Lego website where people can suggest new sets. If 10,000 people support the idea then Lego will review the concept and might mass produce it. This (rather poor) image shows the size of the Defender relative to the Official Fury. Here is one of the images I used as the source for my build presented to allow comparison. Thanks to KielDaMan for this side by side comparison image The future: Although I have minimal space to do it in I am going to attempt to make retractable landing gear and have the Cargo/Droid pods open indirectly...well will see what I can pull off. For my next Star Wars project I am working on the Mantis.
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