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Found 4 results

  1. I ran into an issue with T3M4. He disappeared. I'm wondering if anyone can make a mod where I do something to spawn him in and let him back in my party. (Or if anyone has a partytable script that has T3, Atton, and Kreia) It says "I am broken, very broken" [:EDIT:]/(I am restarting but I still wish this incase of future errors with this. I am also keeping it on backup incase I get this and can play again.)
  2. MOD FOR KOTOR 2 TSL Turn Bao Dur Remote into a T3M4 droid. Then using other mods like the one that turns the remote into a workbench and using KSE savegame editor to put the droid class and other things tuned up! You have your fully funtional spare droid. If it can't be done with the Bao Dur remote maybe can be done overwriting another NPC or REMOTE in game. I would like it just like the broken one that appears at the beginning of the game with T3M3. Orange/red colored I think it was. Thanks a lot. Having two droids would be great for me.
  3. I was bored on watch and I spotted a very interesting site completely by accident. There's a subculture of folks that like to build mock ups of the astro-mech droids (like R2-D2 or R5-D4) from the Star Wars movies. Well, the guy that owns the site below does do those but he's also made a T3-M4 model. I thought I'd share a video of it in action with you all so you could see it for yourself: Here's the creator's site: Darth Moose's T3-M4
  4. Hey!! Thx for taking the time to check this out. Anyway, im easily confused by making mods n' stuff and I tend to get great ideas for the game. Would it be possible to get a skin for T3-M4 to look like R2-D2?? For either KotOR or TSL. Thanks!!
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