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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone Okay here we go these are my first tips and l hope everyone will like them How to build the Death Star at EAW In order to build the Death Star you must build first the level five spacetation it would be best to build the station at planet Kuat but if you don't have enof credits at EAW then at your conquered planets you must try to build atleast two mining factory's so your credit number would get larger and the Death Star will cost 20000 credits but it's contruction will take more time and when it's fanaly finnished then you will be able to easily crush the Rebelion How to build the Imperial Star destroyers at EAW In order to build the Imperial star destroyers you must upgrade your tech level but when your station is level five and then you will be able to build the star destroyers but also if you have any fleet comanders then your ships will be almost unbeatable How to build the Death Star at FOC Well all the details are the same but you only need now to build level five station at any planet and that will be all just remember to have more minning factory's bult on your conquared planets:) so your credit number would increase How to protect your planets from sabotage Well in order to protect your planets from sabotage you must always need to send your bounty hunters at your corupted planet to sabotage a enemy hero and when you see a word "corupting" then it will mean that Defiler (consortium minor here) made a visit at your planet so prepare your bounty hunters for a mission Okay that's all thank you for reading more tips are coming soon
  2. Hello, I apologize in advance if this has already been answered. I could not seem to find a search option on the forum. While playing EAW I only have one issue. Various times that I have tried to blow up planets with the Death Star the game will completely freeze up. I have to exit out the program and start it over. It got to the point at which I had to save before every space battle. I have tried NUMEROUS versions of the game. I've tried 'The best of Star Wars' version. The EAW two disk gold pack from Wal-Mart. A torrented version. And the purchased Steam version. Every one of these shares the same issue and it is obvious to me that my computer is the problem. Has anyone else had anything like this? And if so, could you recommend a fix for me? Much appreciated.
  3. i coud really use some help im trying to add units to a mod called clone wars modification iii idk how tryed a tutorail but not working
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