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Found 1 result

  1. Concerning Mr. Grey: An RP combining fantasy and sci-fi An RP with a style I personally have never seen here on the forums, combining the magic of fantasy, and the technology of sci-fi to create a huge new world. Lore: Five thousand years ago was when everything changed. Three of the six major races were all but extinct due to the corruption of the Archangel Azriel (who has been cured of the corruption), and the world was falling into poverty and destruction. But it all changed, when a young man took the throne, claiming he had been visited by the gods and told of devices that could save their world (this event is known as the Revolution). He created these devices, dubbed "Steam Engines", and with these, he revolutionized the world as we knew it. Since the Revolution, this technology has developed, eventually letting us reach into the stars with advanced engines and technology. Many of the ancient ways, such as magic, stayed the same, and some others have become nearly obsolete, such as the use of swords. Recently, this world has received a new visitor, who only goes by the name of "Mr. Grey". Current Story: Letters have been sent out to many men and women of each of the races, across time and space, concerning this "Mr. Grey". These men and women have been selected to find this man, and apprehend him if necessary, and bring him into the capitol of the Human Empire. The Letter: To All Those Concerned, There are many in this world who are wondering whom this "Mr. Grey" character that has appeared is. We are among those people who are wondering this. We have tasked each of you, whether you choose to take this task alone or in a group, to track down this man, apprehend him, and bring him back to the capitol of the Human Empire. If you cannot apprehend him, then you are authorized to use deadly force. Many of you have been contacted by the veil of Time, and therefore a single-use time transportation has been provided, that will only be used to transport you to the time that it was sent. We hope to see you there. Major Races: Humans: These are the humans we all know and love. The first of the races to master technology, they have become quite powerful since the Revolution, even attempting to destroy the other races twice. Elves: The race that is the most magic-prone, it is the elves who discovered the use of magic in the early days of the world, and used it to shape the vast desert region they live in into a more habitable environment. Most people figure that the elves would live in the woods, bringing them closer to nature, but in fact it is the opposite. The elves tend to love the desert heat, and the challenge of transmuting the sand and other things into soil for them to plant on. They are naturally taller than the others. Dwarves: By far the most prosperous of the races, it was the dwarves who forge the first swords, and created the first mines. Naturally short, they are very hardy, and tend to live inside of the mountains. Their greatest love is that of forging, for they feel closest to their gods when creating a sword in the fires of the "Great Anvil". Shape-Changers: The second rarest of the races, they were almost entirely wiped out by the corrupted Archangel Azriel with extreme prejudice. All shape-changers have three shapes, one that is the shape of one of the other races (allowing them to become a part of any society), a battle form that depends on their personality, and a travel form, usually that of a Cheetah or bird. Their humanoid form is typically that of a Human before they turn twenty, when they acquire their permanent form. Only one out of ten times will you be able to find a shape-changer in a normal crowd. This is because of two factors, their rarity, and the fact that they seem like any other person on the planet. Automatons: The most mysterious and feared of the races, automatons were discovered in an old cave nearly a decade after the Revolution, dating back to almost a millennia before. It is unknown how new Automatons are created, although it is not in the same fashion as humanoid children, that much we know. It seems that their population never changes, and new Automatons only appear when one is destroyed or deactivated permanently. Automatons tend to be larger and more durable, but they are much slower, causing them to be referred to as "walking tanks". There is an extremely small amount of the Automatons, numbering only in the hundreds, causing them to be extremely rare. They are the only race of the Three Races to have been discovered after the Revolution, and are the only that were not at all damaged by Azriel. The automatons tend to look along the lines of this, albeit with smaller females, and with clothes if the automatons so choose. Mariners: The race with the fourth highest population, the mariners are extremely elusive, considering that many do not leave their underwater cities. They are the only race that has not bothered to reach the stars, preferring to stay underwater, and those that do leave on the occasional ships leaving must have a "Water Tank" strapped over their gills, allowing them to stay out of the water for a time. The mariners are second only to the Elves in their mastery over magic. The greatest center of magical learning is located in their capitol, containing records of nearly everything that has happened and the census records. Character Form: Name: Age: Race: (no hybrid races) Gender: Career: Time Period: Class: Forms: (if a Shape-Changer) Weapons: (three at most) Spells: (only for if you are a magic class; four at most) Casual Clothing: Combat Clothing/Armor: Description: Personality: Bio: Affiliations: (what groups they were/are involved with) Activity Level: (less than four posts a week is unacceptable, you will be denied until you can post more often) Classes: Warrior: They are walking tanks, conditioned to stand extreme pain, and therefore are the most hardy of the classes. This class knows no magic. Warriors are proficient in all weapons, excluding staffs. Mage: Weak in body, strong in mind, they have exceptional control over Magic, some even being able to transmute items into other items of the same value, or enchant weapons and amulets for the people. Mages tend to use staffs for weapons, either to channel their magic through, or to crack an enemy over the head with. Priests: The priests combine both the aspects of the Warrior and the Mage, being able to use weaker magic, while being able to dish out large amounts of damage with the maces or shotguns they tend to wield. Assassin/Thief: The sneakiest, they prefer the silent and deadly method, modern assassins using Sniper Rifles. Both assassins and thieves can brew poisons to kill their enemy, or potions to aid their allies. Notes by Head Archivist: Note 1: It is a relief to all that the Archangel Azriel has been purged of all traces of corruption. After assuming his Archangel form once again after recovery, he ascended into the realm of the Angels. Note 2: It seems that we are truly alone in this galaxy, as far as we can tell. It is a sad fact, but one that remains true even to this day, four hundred years after our first excursion to the stars. Note 3: It was a very strange occurrence, the appearance of the Automatons. Most of them are friendly, but some have showed extreme distaste in humans, simply excluding themselves from humanity. My speculation is that in the past, humanoids were prosperous at one time, and created these Automatons, but sealed them away when they were deemed dangerous. Many of the angered Automatons, when questioned, only commented about how "Our creators abandoned us, just as you will. You look like them, that means you are them." Not all of the above notes were recorded by the same Head Archivist, and some of them are only partial interpretations of what may actually have been written.
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