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Found 2 results

  1. another great feature! notice the new awards people have! pretty awesome! youre onto it, mods! keep it up! this is even better than the loading messages. whats more is the awards have snazzy icons. where did they come from? discuss!
  2. Some of you may have noticed the new additions to the contacts, messaging and friends part of your profile, and may have started receiving 'friend requests' and the like. Please use this thread to: *Vote *Express your opinion of said feature ? concerns? jubilation? *Comment of frequency and potential for ongoing use Doing this will be an important way for staff to gather feedback about the feature. Ive placed this thread here as opposed to the feedback forum, as it it also a point of discussion as opposed to a feedback issue purely. My concerns ? *The fun part about coming to places like AHTO and the swamp was the esprit de corps that pervaded the larger community areas ; Like walking into a (virtual) room full of people whom you have some level of commonality and familiarity. Important for newer and younger members also was the friendliness that was engendered by this communal spirit. The bonds that form the core of these community areas are usually forged in the mayhem that follow a release of a wildly successful title...which correlates nicely with how the JK and SWK areas are the strongest from a communal/numbers POV. It probably isnt a huge deal, but when something has potential to affect: >LFNs unique communal spirit >Acessibility to newcomers to feel comfortable entering the community as a whole.... It is important that members are allowed to comment on it have your say! mtfbwya
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