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Found 2 results

  1. This tool is intended to ease the task of translating the Monkey Island SE. Requirements: -Monkey Island SE (got mine from Steam) -Java 1.5+ (latest Java 6 recommended) HowTo: -copy the following 3 files to a new directory: -- "misetran.jar" (download link at the end of this post) -- "speech.info" from "C:\Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\the secret of monkey island special edition\audio" or similar -- "uiText.info" from "C:\Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\the secret of monkey island special edition\localization" or similar -run the following command: java -jar misetran.jar speech.info uiText.info (add paths where necessary) -all changes are saved immediately, so you can close the tool at any time -to test your (partial) translation copy the 2 files back overwriting the ones in the MI-SE subdirectories (always keep backups!!!) and play the game with the first non-English language selected the translator keeps the English text, stores your translation in place of the first non-English language and uses the other languages to store it's data You can copy your translation over any language of an existing speech.info or uiText.info using the following command: java -cp misetran.jar Copy inFile outFile inLang outLang type inFile: the file to copy a translation from outFile: the file to copy a translation to inLang: number of the language to copy from the source file (0 = english, 1-4 = the 4 translations [1 = your translation]) outLang: number of the language to overwrite in the target file (0 = English, 1-4 = the 4 translations]) [not sure if overwriting English is a good idea] type: "speech" or "uitext" (if this is wrong the target file will be corrupted. keep backups) NOTE: this tool is released for free, but also AS IS. the translator has only been tested roughly. the copy tool is untested. Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/314488893/misetran.jar Please post feedback, questions, bug reports and so on in this thread.
  2. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Alien Swarm! What was once an extremely popular UT2k4 mod has not been revamped with the Source engine and is not being released today, July 19th, for FREE on Steam! I'm downloading it right now. I see a bunch of you already have, but I thought I'd still spread the word. Feel free to post your impressions! I'll be coming back here in an hour or two saying what I think of it EDIT: Played with some friends for a few hours. Feels very much like a top-down L4D, which is a good thing. There are loads of weapon and load out, options. You choose from one of four classes, essentially Tank, DPS, Tech, and Healer. You then choose your main weapon and your secondary weapon, along with some sort of utility (damage amp, armor, freeze grenades, etc). The game is also quite pretty. The lighting is very atmospheric and the monsters are all detailed (to the point where you can easily tell which type you're fighting). I'm headed to the gym so I'll give a more detailed review later, but my only main criticism right now is that the servers are being absolutely assaulted. The lag is pretty bad.
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