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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everybody, I'd like to share my video playthrough project with you. As far as I know, it's the first Full-HD (1920x1080) resolution English walkthrough for XWA using the wonderful XWA Upgrade Project mod. I am about to finish it, so most of the missions are already uploaded. I'll be so happy to have a discussion, whether it will be about the tactics, the missions or the modpack and how beautiful it is. , the first video shows my joystick and keyboard setup, I think it can be useful for beginners, if there are any left around here hehe... I'll be posting here whenever I release a new video. Fly fast and shoot straight! Destex Joystick and keyboard setup Mission 1: Aeron's Lesson: Transport Operations Mission 2: Emon's Lesson: Weapons Mission 3 - Aeron's Data Recovery Mission 4: Sticking it to the Viraxos - Covert Delivery Mission 5: Black Market Bacta: Cargo Transfer Mission 6: Rebel Rendezvous: Aid to the Alliance Mission 7: Nowhere to go?: Escape Imperial Attack Mission 8: Deep Strike Evaluation Mission 9: Starfighter Superiority Evaluation Mission 10: Convoy Attack http://youtu.be/FENSeAwPaQU Mission 11: Rescue Uncle Antan https://youtu.be/efcS8IFE-fM Mission 12: Reconnaissance of Imperial Task force http://youtu.be/fueqv8z-sm0 Mission 13: Rescue Echo Base Prisoners https://youtu.be/lKIp52OUVRk Mission 14: Recover Imperial Probe https://youtu.be/wSu4-UgqxJ0 Mission 15: Stop Resupply of ISD Corruptor https://youtu.be/YyEyKfrYLhY Mission 16: Destroy Imperial Sensor Net https://youtu.be/qyyBBFmyG84 Mission 17: Flight Staff Transfer https://youtu.be/KIMxFJj7eFk Mission 18: Ensnare Imperial Prototype https://youtu.be/Wnr3pNzn99U Mission 19: Kill K'Armyn Viraxo https://youtu.be/c2yfA600LFo Mission 20: Raid Production Facility https://youtu.be/1kTWJ0dIcOA Mission 21: Defend Cruiser Liberty https://youtu.be/KL_t2NWBZVc Mission 22: Destroy Imperial Research Facility https://youtu.be/lSMuFC0XPN8 Mission 23: Liberate Slave Convoy https://youtu.be/d1HB6qWtWIw Mission 24: Supply Rebels with Warheads https://youtu.be/a6kR46JtjXg Mission 25: Recon Imperial Research Facility https://youtu.be/_4-vGOdxzhM Mission 26: Investigate Imperial Communication Array https://youtu.be/vmpHV0rz_DA Mission 27: Plant Listening Device http://youtu.be/o3LedfI-KUk Mission 28: Rendezvous with Defector https://youtu.be/H2iITGOScyc Mission 29: Scramble! https://youtu.be/9wPIyPFhmPo Mission 30: Shipment to Mining Colony https://youtu.be/k2WR8S5TYoA Mission 31: Reconnaissance of Imperial Convoy https://youtu.be/44-eWCIP7ok Mission 32: Mining Colony Under Siege: Rescue Aeron https://youtu.be/zVswU_v5cec Mission 33: Capture the Freighter Suprosa https://youtu.be/8_GHzKFQAGY Mission 34: Abandon Rebel Base at Kothlis https://youtu.be/9C55-V7t78g Mission 35: Protect Imperial Computer https://youtu.be/0nGVmoA6JYE Mission 36: Protect Alliance Smuggler Meeting https://youtu.be/wWRax4ynWNI Mission 37: Attack Imperial Convoy https://youtu.be/uXwubnOKsEw Mission 38: Break Emon out of Brig https://youtu.be/dlWSMO4bLp4 Mission 39: Protect Smuggler Retreat https://youtu.be/jXLN8rMSKNQ Mission 40: Rescue Smugglers https://youtu.be/cYk6xXcqUbw Mission 41: Recover Family Data Core https://youtu.be/1enMFHxWZuY Mission 42: Attack Pirate Base https://youtu.be/t-1fCTPKKis Mission 43: Meet with Bothan Delegation https://youtu.be/MjkXn6TV7KQ Mission 44: Locate Mercenary Base https://youtu.be/9kLdVlzHDYw Mission 45: Raid Mercenary Base https://youtu.be/UZq2AeYaCuU Mission 46: Rescue Bothan Spies https://youtu.be/DB0lQdyoNX4 Mission 47: Steal Imperial Shuttle https://youtu.be/18nzeVSC9cQ Mission 48: Protect The Fleet Gathering https://youtu.be/Djy3wUOKBvo Mission 49: Meet Uncle Antan https://youtu.be/SYNta0VB9xU Mission 50: Battle of Endor (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Mission 51: That Thing's Operational! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Mission 52: The Shield is Down! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Last Mission: Death Star Tunnel Run (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  2. How can I get Rc to work in hd? love this game!!!
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