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Found 2 results

  1. Every time I try to enter East Central Ahto City on Manaan, the loading screen doesn't appear at all. I'm thrown back into a frozen version of the loading screen where the cursor doesn't move despite the animations all playing normally. I've tried playing to this point from a few different saves, but I always get the same glitch in the same spot. I'm running the Steam version of the game, and I've followed all of the Steam-appropriate fixes from this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=194296 The game had been working perfectly fine on Windows 7 in windowed mode before this happened; and although I have quite a few mods installed, none of them should be affecting this area in particular. Since this is a gamebreaking glitch, I'd appreciate if anyone had any ideas on how to fix/get around the issue. I'm happy to post system specs if anyone has any idea how to fix this. Thanks!
  2. So I'm stuck on level 7 right now ( the pod race level ), because the person who you give drinks to repeatedly gets stuck on a table when he goes to find watto. (you're just supposed to follow him). I think this is the only way to progress through to the next part of the level... unless i'm mistaken. i've tried doing it so many times now and he always gets stuck, any ideas?... I've tried force pushing him, but it doesn't "move" him in the direction necessary to get him unstuck. I've even left it there for a little bit to see if he unstucks himself, but he doesnt.... has anyone else had this problem?
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