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Found 11 results

  1. As the title suggests, I'm experiencing a certain problem concerning the level system.Right now I'm on Goto's Yacht and I've chosen to send Kreia and Mira.I've noticed a very weird glitch - currently all of my party members are level 15 or 16 except Kreia who at the moment is level 12 and I'm not able to level her up.Have any of you encountered this glitch before?If so, please share how you've managed to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.
  2. So I'm playing a medium game on the equal footing map as the empire, and throughout the entire game, the Rebellion's sole strategy has been: massive attack with often 100+ X wings/Y wings 10-20 Nebulon B's and a couple Corvets. If you auto resolves those battles, you lose, but if have even just a level 3 station and coordinate the defense yourself (Which takes often takes forever) , you can win. At first I had no problem with this, it feels great to destroy a massive invading force with just fighters and a corvete, even if it does take forever. But once I hit tech levels 4-5, and the Consortium started building captial ships, I expected the republic to start using more advanced ships and tactics... Nope. Still a fighter swarm. So, all that to say, is that the only strategy the Republic uses? Is there a way to make it use more reasonable tactics? Noteworthy: I have played as the Consortium on the Origin of Corruption map and the rebellion does the exact same thing
  3. I learned of this glitch (on the Nar Shaddaa world) and have been able to use it in my Xbox version, however my attempts on the pc have failed. I can't even get the quest entry of "plague carrier" to appear whether I fail to heal Geriel or not. I did a search online recently and have found several guides and cheat sites that claim it is possible to achieve the glitch (getting unlimited 1,000 points at a time through dialogue with Hussef) on the pc version. I would like to know if anyone here has done this only for the pc version of the game! I've played these games dozens of times, but since learning level 50 is the maximum level up I really want to achieve this! (I could easily accomplish this task on my xbox, but I have limited private time to play on my xbox these days.) Again, don't just say "it should work" tell me if you've actually succeeded in doing it! Thanks in advanced!
  4. Long-time PS3 player of this game here – I've just downloaded it on Mac (I'm away from home and couldn't bring the console…), and on starting a new game I've found loads of texture issues: mostly missing heads/helmets (Vader's bowl bit of helmet missing, Rebels missing theirs, and pretty much every Starkiller costume missing its), but also some bigger textures such as the doors to the hangar on the Hoth DLC, as well as Luke's pilot-outfit forearms and shins being empty. Really weird, and can't find anything online. I'm running the game on a 2012 Macbook Pro 15" Retina, which according to all the reviews handles and plays the game seamlessly. Help?! edit: here's a screen-cap of the problem: this kinda thing happens with almost every playermodel http://imgur.com/frF9zGh
  5. I originally posted this on the "Are You Stuck on Telos" Sticky Thread, but my issue was not resolved, and techanically I am not stuck on Telos, but I am unable to revisit it with resetting the main quest line. When I exit the E.H alone, the dock worker does that little speech about waiting for Grenn, who never shows up. If i go with Kreia and Atton, same thing, but Grenn actually shows this time, and dialogue options appear, all of which end after the first option. Once the dialogue is over, you can't talk to them, and everything appears as if you were never there the first time around. Nothing changes in my Quests, but it does give me 1000xp. I am sorry if this violates any rules about posting on different threads. Please help with this, thanks in advance to all who try!
  6. To short: the game occasionally jumps to main menu screen when changing areas or previous save game. It started since I try changing the model of my female char head with a new one... The story: I got bored so I decided to change my fem char head model [pfhh01] with another model [pfhc03]. Since I was lazy editing appearance.2da and head.2da, here's what I did: Extracted three things: pfhc03.mdl, pfhc03.mdx, and pfhc03.tga. Renamed all pfhc03 to pfhh01. I resize the texture to 512x512 since it was only 256x256. Put them all back to Override folder. Start the game, then load my save The game loaded up fine at first, but when I tried to go to another area, it jumps to the main menu... Not only that, I when tried to load a previous save it happened too... And other times my previous saves worked but when I tried to change areas it happened again.. Am I missing something?
  7. Hi all. So, I got to working on beating KOTOR 2 again, and I worked my way up to Nar Shaddaa. I've been through the Jekk Jekk Tarr without issue and my problem starts after the Mira/Hanharr battle (I am light sided). Once I switch back to the PC, movement in and out of combat mode gets glitchy. Many times I've killed bothan guards, then once the combat mode switches off my controls shut down. I can't walk with WSAD or my mouse, the only way to move around is to highlight an object that I can interact with and have myself autorun there. I'm running Windows 7 and an EVGA NVIDIA GTX 480, which isn't recognized by the game, but it still runs. Side note, when I upgraded my graphics card, power supply and DVD drive, this glitch started. Not sure if coincidence, or just incompatibility...? Any help would be great. Thanks! [sWKotOR] ReportDateTime=7/9/2012 3:47:26 PM SysInfoVersion=v1.00.60 GameExists=1 GameVersion=v2.10.427 GameInstallLocation=C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\ [OS] Name=WinXP Version=Windows XP v5.1 build 2600 Service Pack 2 Service Pack=None Status=Pass [swapFiles] ?:\pagefile.sys=0 [CPU] CPUCount=4 CPUSpeed=3191 CPUFamily=6 CPUModel=5 CPUStepping=5 CPUVendor=Intel CPUName=Intel® Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz Status=Pass [Memory] RAM=4096 Status=Pass [Disk Free Space] C: (NTFS), UNICODE=546.33GB Status=Pass [CD-ROMs] DriveLetters=D:\,I:\ Drives=ASUS DRW-24B1ST c ATA Device,TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653G ATA Device [Video] Video Card Name=RDPDD Chained DD Video Memory=4096 Desktop Resolution=0x0x0 DirectX=DirectX 9.0c ( OpenGL Version=4.2.0 OpenGL Vendor=NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Renderer=GeForce GTX 480/PCIe/SSE2 NVidia Driver=(null) Vid Card Status=Warning Vid Card Driver Status=Fail GL Status=Pass DX Status=Pass [Audio] Sound Card Name=Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) Status=Pass ;Game Options from swkotor2.ini [Display Options] FullScreen=1 Disable Movies=0 Disable Intro Movies=0 Sort Modules=1 Width=640 Height=480 BitsPerPixels=32 RefreshRate=60 [sound Options] Music Volume=47 Voiceover Volume=85 Sound Effects Volume=85 Movie Volume=85 Number 3D Voices=32 Number 2D Voices=32 2D3D Bias=1.00 EAX=0 Sound Init=0 Disable Sound=0 Force Software=0 [Graphics Options] Grass=1 Shadows=1 EnableHardwareMouse=1 FullScreen=1 RefreshRate=75 Width=1024 Height=768 Emitters=1 Anisotropy=16 Frame Buffer=1 Soft Shadows=1 Brightness=57 V-Sync=1 Texture Quality=2 Anti Aliasing=8 [Game Options] Enable Tooltips=1 Keyboard Camera Deceleration=2000.000000 Keyboard Camera Acceleration=500.000000 Keyboard Camera DPS=200.000000 TextureVariation=2 BodyVariation=13 AppearanceType=170 PCGender=0 GameCompleted=0 CurSithLord=2 Hide InGame GUI=0 Use Small Fonts=0 Hide Unequippable=0 Tutorial Popups=0 Subtitles=1 Mini Map=1 Floating Numbers=1 Status Summary=1 Enable Mouse Teleporting To Buttons=1 Mouse Sensitivity=44 Difficulty Level=0 Auto Level Up NPCs=0 Mouse Look=0 AutoSave=1 EnableScreenShot=0 Reverse Mouse Buttons=0 Reverse Ingame YAxis=0 Reverse Minigame YAxis=0 Combat Movement=1 UnlockedPlanetSongs=255 TooltipDelay Sec=1 Disable Movies=0 [config] firstrun=0
  8. Hi everyone, a long time reading but first time posting here I recently played Sam & Max Season 3 and found out about alternative endings in season's finale, since I couldn't find any Youtube clip about it I decided to make one myself. I also found out about some stupid glitch when you're in Max's storage room, you can go beyond normal walking space when you're a vacuum cleaner. So, here's the clip, enjoy it. S&M - Alternative endings & glitch I have a slow connection speed and my upload bandwidth is crap, so the video is compressed more than I wanted it to be, not to mention that the part with the Glitch is all in shades of black which Xvid compressed like hell, so its best if you watch it by night. The audio is little out of sync too. For some reason the first version of the video I uploaded to Youtube had no audio and it looked like a codec non-compatibility. So I remade the audio stream and mixed it into the old video, but some sync was lost in the process. I did my best with the little spare time I had. Hope you'll enjoy my video Cheers!
  9. hey, just wondering if anyone could help me...I have vista home premium and it runs EaW no problem, but then i installed FoC and there were no text files or audio. as in they might be there (I don't know where to look) but they aren't working. my mission objectives were stated as: [MISSING] and for the opening movie of the campain, i heard the music and saw the visual part, but whenever there was dialogue i didn't hear anything and there were no subtitles even when turned on. also, in the game itself, when i click on a unit, they don't acknowledge me. all the units from the original do, but none of the expansion units do. i got the latest patch and now the text files are there, so i know what i'm doing in a mission, but there is still no audio......WHAT DO I DO????!!!
  10. Hey, On mission 3 of the first set of missions, (ON JA), ive destroyed all the bombs and im told to get back to the ship.. so ive gone through the explosions and im back where i entered the place... but the door out to my ship wont open no matter what, ive tried everythin and made sure i didnt miss anything.. then i read on a review on gamespot that a guy experienced the same problem and that its a bug that sometimes occur.. but he didnt say how to fix it, its my only save point cos i delete em as i go.. so if i cant fix it i gotta start again cba with that lol, so i wanted to know if anyone here has had the same problem and can help me??? Any help is appreciated x THanks hope you can help.
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