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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have the model of obi wan from the clone wars series, season 4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6sy3lekt7xqwnw0/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202014-08-02%2022.42.07.png?dl=0 Unfortunately the model lack the texture files. could someone help me to get the textures?? I wanna put this model ingame like the plo model: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxbqjxby2v2jyk7/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202014-05-27%2009.10.13.png?dl=0 Thanks for the help! 😊
  2. Hello everyone!!!! does anyone knowns how l can easily destroy those AT-ST's walkers becoz l'm stuck:mad::¬::(:confused: on the Astrus final level and my objective is to keep those prisoners alive but when l make some shots at the AT-ST the prisoners are all dead and l fail the mission please does anyone knowns how l can destroy those AT-ST's!!!!!!! P.s l'm only a beginer now at jko
  3. Hey everyone !!! can someone help me with one small problem please !!! does anyone has a copy of these mods Sith lagacy ll skin pack for jko mp Kyle jedi stealth gear mod Camo jan skin Darth Vader to desann Kyle's stormtroopers armor Mace windu lightsaber hilt mod Clone wars saber sounds mod for jko Clones skin pack for jko mp Anakins hilt mod for jko Count dooku/Lord Tyranus skin for jko l having trouble by downloading them from game front when l try to download them a weird bug appears file not found l don't understand it l tryed several times by clicking on the download section but nothing still file not found:eekanime::argh: please can someone send me a copy of these mods and can someone tell me what's happening to gamefront ???? P.s l'm having this problem all day please l can someone send me a copy of these mods
  4. Hello everyone !!! Today l just gotted swkotor and l need some help with the options;)please.l won't to known is there a way to make the game run smoother so it won't have a lag becoz when l pass some of the levels then game closes and l need to lounch the game again ! l realy need some help with the options. P.s sorry for the bad english.
  5. Hi! Can someone help !!! l wont to known are jedi available when playing galactic conqust on sw battlefront 2 ?? l am a big fan at playing SW battlefront 2. p.s sorry for the bad english.
  6. Hi! Does anyone known's why kreia is so easy to defeat ? does anyone knowns a way to make her strong well when l reached the final level at tsl l just needed to defeat her but l atack her seven times she just easily died and then the dialog started does anyone knowns a mod to make things improved ?
  7. HI can someone give me some advice with the theme music's what theme music will be best for me to reaplease 'confronting darth bandon' or 'last confratation'(duel with malak) reapleasing with 'duel of fates'. l am planing to make "beter kotor theme music's" mod l already reapleased two theme music's but l thinking abaut confranting darth bandon theme music please l need some help p.s sorry again for the bad english
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I rarely post here, and whilst attempting to follow Forum etiquette there is a chance I've gone wrong somewhere. A quick look for previous posts on the subject failled; and I couldn't find a search function. I prefer the Handmaiden to the Disciple. However it has come to my attention the Handmaiden mod in question is listed (here) as not compatable with The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (v 1.7). I've not played through the restored content before, thus am looking forward to it. But, stubborn as I am, I'm trying to have my cake and eat it - instead of playing as a male for the play through, or using the Disciple. The compatability list states that this is due to the editting of many files by both mods, however when I tried installing the former over the latter; only two files needed 'replacing'. I noted these down, and they were both dialog files - one for Kreia, one for Handmaiden. I looked at the changes listed in the handmaiden's file's readme for the Kreia file. It seemed a small change, so I figured I'd try it myself. Several downloaded programs, several tutorials read, and a few hours later, I've failed to get anywhere. I can't seem to get the GFF programs to even work properly (user error, I'm certain). The RCMs Kreia.dlg file won't open with the Bioware GFFEditor (which seems the most user friendly), the K-GFFEditor won't seem to work at all, and the KotorTools GFF Editor seems unhelpful in its normal use, and utterly confusing in the text variant. I did manage to edit a single line with the text version, however I can no longer open the file after doing so. Is there any help to be had, anywhere? Has someone already made the mods compatable, and is willing to send me their version of it, or tell me how? Is it completely impossible (or very very difficult, thus no one has) to get it to work? Have I wasted a portion of my life, never to gotten back, in a futile attempt of idiocy (which I don't mind, its all about the experience, right..)? Any other advice? Is it worth contacting the mod's developers directly? Help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. How can I get Rc to work in hd? love this game!!!
  10. when i try to install Escape from Monkey Island i get this error "C:\windows\sytem32\AUTOEXEC.NT file not suitable for running MS-DOS..." how can i sort this so i can get my Monkey Island on? x:confused:
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