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Found 2 results

  1. (Not a spoiler) In the game Persona 3: FES there is a "Secret Boss"; one that is SO hard to beat it can take up to TWO WHOLE WEEKS to just PREPARE to fight it! I am not joking. Two... weeks. If you make a single mistake you die immediately. Even after you finally finish preparing to fight this ungodly boss you have to fight it, and beating it requires as much luck as it requires patience and skill. Well, that's my answer. Who do you think is the toughest boss in video game history?
  2. Today on July 9 2011, Derek Sanderson Jeter joined an exclusive club. In the history of Major League Baseball, there are a lot of NUMBERS. 700 homers; 300 wins; 2000 hits...and perhaps most impressively, 3000 hits. 750+ home runs is a feat to be sure, but 3,000 hits in a career is a testament to one thing: longevity. Derek Jeter became the first Yankee to collect his 3000th hit with the Bronx Bombers. And he got every one of them with the Bombers. He did so with a home run against the Tampa Bay Rays, becoming just the second player to join the 3,000 hit club with a homer. The one one? Wade Boggs, who was playing for the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays at the time. I don't like the Yankees; I am a Boston fan through and through. I bleed Red Sox Red I "pahk my cah" at Fenway "Pahk". However, I respect and admire Derek Jeter. Congratulations, Derek...you earned this one. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Breakdown of Jeter's hits: *2,223 Singles *481 Doubles *62 Triples *287 Home Runs Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Does anyone else have any thoughts or feelings on this? Feel free to share them below.
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