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Found 4 results

  1. I've recently picked up KotOR and TSL, and I downloaded KotOR tool. No matter what I do I can't seem to get KotOR tool to detect either of the games, even if I manually in-put the pathway. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. NOTE: Kotor Tool current version: v1.0.2210.16738 (2006-1-19 12:38) You can download it at: Kotor Tool site You can check out the new features that will be in the next release here For those who take the time for README files... kotor_tool readme.txt Some features of Kotor Tool: *ERF Builder - create your own .mod/.erf/.hak/.sav files *2DA Editor *New image viewer built in (with extract) *Text editor now more like a "real" editor *GFF internal format viewer *Editors/viewers for most all GFF files (.utc,.utd,.uti,.utm,.utp,.utt, etc.) *Dialog editor *Search for text in game files *Project Manager *3D Model extractor (with helper app) *Module editor *and much more!
  3. hi! excuse me does anybody known's does is posible to create asome jedi robes or sith lord robes on kotor tool ???? cud somebody help out!!! l tried find out on youtube but nothing found!!! l tried once to generate a merchant on telos by using kotor tool but a bug when l first began tested it !!!! cud someone help out with kotor tool please!!!!!! l am just a beginer with that tool!!!!!
  4. I've got an issue with Kotor Tool and dlg files. The conversation editor comes up fine, and you can create and save a dlg just fine. However, when I try to open an existing dlg file, the tree view remains empty. Attempting to save the blank dialog generates an index out of range exception on the TreeNodeView control I've tried this for a number of different dialog files that I know are valid. Can anybody tell me what's going on? I was in the middle of a project and now I can't keep going because I can't open any of my dlg files.
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