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Found 3 results

  1. I was just thinking about the history of the Final Fantasy series, and their latest release being FFXIII-2 and future release Lighting Returns: FFXIII. We've gotten FFXIV (another mmo), and still expecting FF vs XIII sometime in the next decade or so, but what about XV? If Nomura is busy working on Kingdom Hearts and Versus, and if there was to be a new director logically XV would be the next step right? Has anyone seen the Agni's Philosophy video? If not: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Many people speculate that AP is actually a teaser for FFXV, despite Square-Enix's adamant denials. I think it 'could' be related to XV, in the sense that perhaps the same elements used in the video could be present in XV. As of right now there is nothing known about a potential Final Fantasy XV, only rumors and speculation. However, I think that we will hear something by mid/early 2013 - and because the date will sync up perfectly, I think SE might try for a 2015 release of the 15th installment of the series (or at least an early 2016 release with a 2015 full reveal). Thoughts? Comments?
  2. I swear sometimes I see a force lightning being fires and has a rather long range then my range, this usually happens with bots that fire their force lightning, they don't fire it as a wide arc but rather a long range that I cannot do somehow, I tried doing force lightning lvl 2 and lvl 3 and I don't know if force lightning lvl 2 supposely have longer range but the way they fire it has much longer range than that of a human player force lightning, this is all in multiplayer with bots, do bots have a special force lightning or is there a trick to it? I couldn't find anything related to this by searching tough.
  3. MOD FOR KOTOR 2 TSL It would be great to get a new skin interior for the ebony hawk. Maybe a more finished look. Like the Republic ship without so many wires and pipes at sight. Improved lighting. And more confortable. More clean surfaces for the walls. Not so machine head looking or old. Like a passenger class and not a smugler. More luxury. Would work great if we use blue lights and white and amber color for the interior. Thanks a lot.
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