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Found 13 results

  1. Every time I get a lightsaber when completing a mission I keep getting Double-bladed. I have 4 now But I like Dual-bladed more. My save corrupted I guess? Update1 welp I gt 5 now after killed the DarkJedi at The Sith tomb, kinda useless to me Don't know what to do with them. http://i.imgur.com/mUB2lW3.png
  2. I've directed a short movie "The Choice" with lighsaber fencing scene, created by me. There is a link to it: I'ce created it to show my skills and abilities as fencing artist and fencing choreohraph to SW team. What do you think about that? I would appreciate any feedback =) There is full info in video description on YouTube page. If you like it help me to show it to J.J. Abrams and Star Wars team by posting this video in the Internet, please!=)
  3. So apparently there is a fan film being made based on the book Revan, which was in turn based on the video game Revan. Looks like they need a lot of financial help to make the movie better, but the rewards are actually pretty cool. For anyone who is interested, check it out here. And if you're not interested in investing money right now (I know I'm not), you can just watch the progress. I'm pretty excited to see how the film will be. What are your personal thoughts?
  4. Hi, after playing all of the JK series games before JO, ive noticed some saber differences in all of the titles. I am very curious why in every Star Wars game featuring Kyle, theres different color for his saber. In the first JK Kyles saber was green, in MOTS orange, and in Jo blue. So why, why in every JK game Kyles saber has a different color?? I personally think that Kyles saber should be always green in every Star Wars game, mostly becouse it has memory and nostalgic value, due to the fact that long time ago it was his fathers saber. Being careless about details sometimes can affect the storyline, and if not explained properly it can ruin the image and proper fell, example: What if Stormtroopers instead of white would wear a pink armor ??
  5. I recently set up a dismemberment mod, and when i did that it told me i needed a cd.....so i set up a no cd crack....and now THE CHARACTERS ARE INVISIBLE!! and the game freezes if you start walking.....please help!! do I need to install the game again? do I need another no cd crack? (I cant find any that work, and the websites always have innappropriate crap on the side....any clean non-virus website that have quality no cd cracks are welcomehttp:// ) please help as soon as possible!! the game was working perfectly before!
  6. I hope this is the right place to post this. I already have required what I need to build my first lightsaber and Boa-Dur has helped me construct it. But now that I have gotten a few of my team members to be force sensative I need lightsabers for them. Is there a way to create a lightsaber using the workbench? Is so, please tell me in detail and if not then how do I get my other team member's lightsabers??? This is like the only thing I don't like about Kotor 2. In kotor 1 you get more then enough lightsabers you want, but kotor 2 it's so hard to find and obviously in my case, build them =/
  7. Progression of a Jedi Knight Cool sneak peak at some of the gear and Combat Progression for the Jedi Knight, and Guardian/Sentinel Advanced Class... Cool to know you'll be able to see the Lightsaber crafted as the Novels and Visual guides have always told us it is performed
  8. I have this idea for asaber that I'm sure a lot of people would find cool, but I'm not good at modding, modeling or skinning, so I have too ask for help. My idea is that someone would make a katana like hilt for a saber hilt, not an actual katana to use, but a lightsaber with the hilt of a katana. It would be a fairly long hilt wrapped in black or brown clothe with the activation button at the top near the tsuba(hilt guard). It'd either have to be a special saber used by someone that you find on your quest whole or it could be a sidequest where you'd have to go around collecting all of the parts to create it. If someone could and would be willing too do it. I'd be very thankful.
  9. I think I've done my research right, I've searched numerous mods using different search terms, looked through tutorials, poked around the Kotor tool into .2da and .uti files, but I haven't found the answer I'm looking for. I'm not sure how many experienced people still pursue this forum, but I have one major question I'm trying to tackle: For KOTOR 2 TSL, how do I create lightsabers that can have their colors changed with crystals on a workbench? I think this is out of my league, so here is my mod request outlined in its entirety. Some of this I can do on my own and have done, but because of the issue above, I'm looking for a mod that does the following: Adds the dialog option for Bau-dur to make a shortsaber in addition to a doublesaber and singlesaber All the lightsabers that Bau-dur helps you make are unique and different from regular lightsabers in the following ways The lightsabers Title will be <FullName>'s Lightsaber or shortsaber and so on The description of the lightsaber will be "This particular lightsaber was made by the Exile, <FullName>. The grip is cold to the touch and nearly leaps out of your hand when you ignite the blade." The lightsabers won't apear randomly as loot or in stores and can only be made by Bau-dur once or use console codes They give a +2 Cold Damage atribute in addition to normal energy They give the Bonus Feat Force Jump (just the first one, not the higher levels) Finally, and most importantly, when you use a work bench to upgrade the unique lightsaber, it can change colors with different crystals and doesn't crash the game. They don't need special hilts or flickering blades, in fact I prefer them to look like the standard ones. If you really must alter something, I wouldn't mind if the shortsaber hilts were longer, though maybe they already are the same size as a normal blade hilt, I've never really looked at them side by side. Thank you for your time, especial reading this rather wordy, long-winded post. I hope there is someone still active who can accommodate me or at least tell me with finality that what I'm trying to do is impossible because something or whatnot is hard wired and you would have to gut the whole game engine......
  10. I have looked EVERYWHERE and nobody has the pics for all of the wii saber colors! I also would like to know the specific locations just in case a cheat I got doesn't work. It SUPPOSEDLY unlocks all lightsaber crystals (power and color) and I got it off of GameStop, but idk...haven't tested t yet...Well, thanks!
  11. Hi I found this picture and i think the hilt is awesome so I need some helpfull modders who can help me. I want it to replace the hilts in the game that way I don't have too stick with those ugly default hilts already in the game. I want a button on the flat grey part on the upper side of the hilt Thx for ur attention.
  12. Hello all. Within the last month I got into applying mods to my overplayed TSL. I have tried out several and finally got my override in order. But, during my search for new content, I did not find very many mods/add-ons for power crystals, lens, emitters, firing chambers, etc... Actually, I dont think I found any for targeting, firing, power packs, e.cells, emitters and the like... only crystals. ANYWAY, to the point. I love the customization of TSL (sorry, I never found a copy of kotor1 so I STILL havent played it ) and not just the modding (to which I am new) but the weapon and armor modifications in the game. Anyway, what I am wanting (if possible) is this for starters: #1) a power crystal that is a.) +2-20 LS or DS damage, dependant on my characters disposition. b.)I would also like it to bear my characters name i.e., <Charactername>'s Crystal. c. and d.)Also, a +3 to Attack and -3 to defense. e.)I do not want it to replace any crystal's (as I have mods on them currently). Lastly, the icon for this could be any crystal icon recolored (pick your fav). Can this be done... more importantly, would someone be interested in creating this? If so, I will send a description for the item. #2) A lightsaber lens called Opila Beam Lens. It should provide keen, +1-8 unstoppable and +1 to Atk, Dmg, Def and BBD. Description - These lens are shaped and polished from a large and naturally flawless Opila crystal, making these lens extremely rare. I have a list of ideas for mod items for sabers, blasters, melee and armor if anyone is willing to do this?! It could become a parts pack!!!
  13. No; I don't mean the Twi'lek assassins from TSL. I was going through one of my favorite sites again and came across a very unique lightsaber hilt called "Twin Suns". I would do this myself, but I lack the skills necessary to do something as good as this. Twin Suns hilt. Also, I was hoping someone could do this, this and this as well. I was hoping to use said hilts for something I'm doing... The modeler of them would, of course, get full credit when it was released. It doesn't matter which game they were made for, as I can easily convert hilt models made for one game into being usable for the other.
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