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Found 3 results

  1. Hello!! Um l known this will be a weird question but does anyone remmember the mission at Mannaan level were you need to kill the giant firaxian shark well l'm stuck with the part with the kolto computer l known there is a quicker way is to click on dump the vents with toxin but l'm playing as a lightsided character and l don't wan't to get DS points and l always click on the dump the vents with toxin when l'm playing as a Dark sided character but now l'm playing as a lightsided character is there a way to pass this part without getting DS poits ??
  2. Every time I try to enter East Central Ahto City on Manaan, the loading screen doesn't appear at all. I'm thrown back into a frozen version of the loading screen where the cursor doesn't move despite the animations all playing normally. I've tried playing to this point from a few different saves, but I always get the same glitch in the same spot. I'm running the Steam version of the game, and I've followed all of the Steam-appropriate fixes from this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=194296 The game had been working perfectly fine on Windows 7 in windowed mode before this happened; and although I have quite a few mods installed, none of them should be affecting this area in particular. Since this is a gamebreaking glitch, I'd appreciate if anyone had any ideas on how to fix/get around the issue. I'm happy to post system specs if anyone has any idea how to fix this. Thanks!
  3. Hi I looking for a mod that restores the encounter with dead-eye on Manaan but every link I see goes to sites which no longer are in operation. I was hoping that someone has the mod or a working link. Thank you.
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