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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to see a mod which changes the Mandalorian Combat Suit and Mandalorian Heavy Suit to look like Jango's armour. The regular Mandalorian Combat Suit should look like Jango's, and the Heavy Suit like Boba's. Thanks Mandalore
  2. lol hello everyone, i am new to lucasforums, I joined cause everyone is nice, helpful. i know there is alot of threads about Mandalorian wars... I am making a Mod called: Revan's Past: Mandalorian Wars, in this mod, (maybe this part) i dont play kotor 2, but i kinda know the story... LOL. So im planning to show kreia teaching revan some stuff, (maybe someone can take the kreia model.) and revan having a vision of the whole jedi council, (vrook says the same thing he says to the exile in kotor 2 when hes gonna fight him/her. Would anyone like to help? btw, i am finished the Cut off jaw malak model, but its using the brotherhood of shadow... is it okay if i kinda takes some models from the brotherhood of shadow? cause i need it for the malak cut off jaw, ik there one, but it has those buttons, i toke off the buttons lol.. and the problem is i cant export it to a mdl.. heh. anyone wanna help?
  3. Greetings fellow forumites. Welcome to the official Mando'ade thread of the RC forums. Feel free to discuss specifically Mandalorian things here. Most subjects ranging from Kal Skirata and the Cuy'val Dar, to Jango Fett, or even the Taung forefathers of the Mandalorian culture are acceptable here. Just try to adhere to the forum rules, and keep spam out of this thread. Click here for info on the Mandalorians. I'll start off by asking: How do you think the training of the Clone Commandos by the Cuy'val Dar differs from the Mandalorian training of the Mandalorian Wars?
  4. The origins of Revan's mask have finally been found! Click here and all will be revealed. What do you think about that?
  5. I have a request that many people might say is impossible (and they will most likely be right if they do), but I have decided to ask anyway. Could someone make a custom Mandalorian model that looks like this: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) It wouldn't matter to me whether it was for K1 or K2. If someone could just make this model and make it a disguise property, I could set it up in a way that it was only usable by the Wookiee in the party. When I was done with that, the modeler and skinner could do what they wanted with it. If anybody can do anything that would be something like this I would be greatly appreciative.
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