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Found 4 results

  1. HelloEveryone, I'm new here! Anyway, I'm here because there is a mod I've wanted to make for several years now, and since the sun is setting on the KOTOR days I figured I have to make it now! I am actually able to do quite a bit of modding myself, but I am very limited at scripting/coding and I don't have all the time in the world to figure it out. I really would like a helper or maybe even a team to help me create this mod. Okay so remember Malya...? No? Remember the Taris undercity and the outcast village and that old guy named Rukil who was searching for the Promised Land? Well he had an "apprentice" named Malya who was described as a young woman who died trying to find the Promised Land. Now I don't know about you, but that sounds like a serious missed opportunity to me: A female roughly the same age as Bastila who is adventurous and open-minded enough to be a crazy old man's apprentice! Also, I believe KOTOR would be better if you had an option as to which girl you want to end up with romantically. I don't really like Bastila, personally . Now you have a choice, Bastila or Malya. So in this story, Malya survives and joins up with the Main Character and the gang. She is an eccentric sweety-pie who has albinism and has never been outside the undercity, and has never seen the light of the sun in her life. However, she is less pessimistic than the other outcasts and believes in the symbol of hope itself, the Promised Land, even if only in spirit. As a youth, Malya finds a mysterious Holocron while exploring the undercity. She develops an understanding of the Force, and the lack of Jedi interference causes her to develop extremely unorthodox views. These views influence the Main Character and help to cause an even more tense love triangle with Bastila. Also, the Holocron's mysterious source eventually ties into the Main Character's story. What I Can Do -I can do graphics somewhat. I have already made a prototype Malya. I will also make her clothes. I made her a hoodie based on the Dark Jedi Female model, complete with a hood that actually moves with Malya's head! -I can dialogue edit. Mostly. -I can use KOTOR Tool. -I have a very intricate story already developed, I will tell you all about it if we email or Skype . It contains themes of acceptance, love and romance, spirituality and belief, and tradition vs open-mindedness. -I voice act for male characters. I also have ways to get voice actors for female characters. -I am nice and will be your friend forever if you help me . What I Need You To Do -I mainly need someone who can script the quests and cutscenes. I am lost when it comes to this stuff. I am also a full-time college student who works during breaks so I can't really dedicate a ton of time to learning this. -A couple of new areas/maps (they can be reused/reskinned) That's it really. Goals -Make a new fully voiced Party Member with an optional romance storyline. -Expand KOTOR 1's horizons with new looks at morality and spirituality (KOTOR 2 style). -Keep the look and feel of the original game and have the mod seamlessly weave into the normal storyline. -A new "Malya" ending. In addition, if things go well, I have storylines for an expansion that involves adding on the the Malya ending with a new faction that joins the Main Character's independent cause, discovering who made the mysterious Holocron that Malya found, and invading Coruscant . Alright, so if you are interested in helping in any way whatsoever, or if you just want to ask about the mod, feel free to contact me! You can reach me through PMs, or preferably Skype me, my name is justinkorycki (look for the weasel with the pipe!)
  2. Hi guys! I'm new to Lucas Forums, don't really know if there are still active modders viewing this, but I'll give it a shot. I've been working on a couple of skins, and got the idea to create an Asajj Ventress PC, for TSL. In order to do that I would need to get the bottom part of the female Revan model (from the waist down, minus the cape) merged with the top part (from the waist up) of the female underwear model. Anyone up for it? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello 'brothers'! I'm a new guy 'round here. I had some problems in the past with the game but this forum really helped in some situations. But oddly enough, I didn't wanted to register because I knew I'd found help without joining. But now, I have a personal request for those who know how to mod RC. I've played RC hundred of times, if not thousands. Although, I'm a bit tired of the weapons' ammo capacity. Can someone, please, mod the weapons ammo capacity and the ammo boxes? Let's say: DC-17 Blaster - 999 DC-17 Sniper - 999 DC-17 Anti-Armor - 9 ACP repeater gun - 999 ACP Array/Scatter Gun - 99 LJ-50 Concussion Rifle - 99 Wookiee Crossbow - 99 Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon - does this one has a ammo capacity? Heavy ACP Repeater - 999 Thermal; flash & EMP grenades - 999 *The same for the ammo/grenades boxes.* No special colors, no special power shot or other, just the ammo capacity. Thank you for reading -Trexmaster *If this isn't the right section to create this topic, then I'm apologizing to the staff and ask to re-place it if necessarily.* *Edit* I've seen some kind of mod was created but it had some new skins, powershot and colors... and it isn't what I want. *Edit 2* I want this mod ONLY for single player.
  4. [sPOILLERS] Right, I know there are many Darth Revan's Robes Mod's out there, that give you Revan's Robes with the Cape and Mask, however: I've played my Darkside Character, and gotten bored. So I intend to make a Lightside Character, however, the Starforge robes look horrible. So... my request: Could somebody make a Mod of Darth Revan's Robes, that contains both the Cape and the Mask, and is wearable by Lightside Characters? [END SPOILLERS] P.s I thourght it best to put the Spoiller Warnings in, don't want to get told off with my first post on the forums. Any help would by much appreciated.
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