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Found 5 results

  1. Can somebody please tell me where to get the following? I tried multiple web searches and I can't find any working links: Raven's Tool Kit V1.0 Raven's Tool Kit V2.0 JK2 Skeleton For 3D Studio Max 4.x (Kyle) JK2 Skeleton with LOD 0 For 3D Studio Max 4.x (Kyle) JK2 Skeleton With Weighted Tags For 3D Studio Max 4.x (Ki-Adi-Mundi)
  2. Hi! Can someone help does anyone knowns is there are a tool that can create awsome npc for tsl and kotor l have been searching were to download but nothing found !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please l need some help l have been planing to create a mod named recrutable 50th legion and this will be realy awsome
  3. Okay here we go:lsduel: l have been seeing some intresting npc and l have been wondering if every one create's some asome npc's l cud too create a npc .But l can't find the right jka tools:argh:. l Wonted to create a Darth Malgus model Jka style with his own animations and sound's but l don't known what kind of Jka tools l need to use and download can someone help a litil
  4. l known it will be crude of me to ask this but please help!!!! l created an awsome reborn skin but l don't known how to make it a pk3 file please help l abaut to finnish a mod!!!!!!
  5. :confused:Hi everyone, I am sort of new to modding on outcast, so please help me with this, where do I put this file http://jk2files.jediknight.net/file.php?id=750 How do open the ingame menu and such to choose a new light saber. I thank you for any help I get thank you all! UPDATE I got the mod to show up in the setup mods, but when i hit "load" it goes to a white screen and stays there for a while until i start task manager, help!
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