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  1. Hi guys! I got a questions about MI2 SE engine. What exactly 2D/3D engine is it? Is it just updated scummvm system to HD format and platforms? or Is it something what had to be done from scratch? I seen some 3d modeling work for the game, so is it 2.5D engine? Is it possible to get to the source code and use the engine (try out)? thanks
  2. Heyo! I might be spamming here, sorry, but I've decided to randomly dump all my MI fan creations (over the past year) here in chronological order in an attempt to share it with other MI fans, that seem to have all disappeared somewhere. For now... First one contains spoilers for Tales: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) This one is really bad, sorry, but if you insist on watching it and happen to live in Germany, Hola.org helps (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) I like how this one turned out! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) I did it for the Vine! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Random Vine LOL if you're familiar with Vine you'll get the reference! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Just finished this one a few days ago! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Also wrote a one-shot set after Tales at some point, spoilers though! It's called Deathbed.
  3. Hi guys, I'd like to ask for your support on LEGO Ideas website for the Scumm Bar's project. It's still under development, so if you have any ideas, suggestions or advice, they are welcome Thanks for your support! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/72407/updates
  4. So shortly after finishing Tales I was listening to Payphone by Maroon 5 and started thinking "Hmmm... MI2 call box XD" and THIS was the result! My first Monkey Island fan video! And I want to share it with you guys! (It's not NEARLY as epic as Ogat's one, just warning you beforehand ) Aaaand it contains the MOTHER OF ALL SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't finished Tales! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) So what do you think?! (Quick! Before youtube randomly takes it down like they do with some of my other vids! )
  5. Hi everybody! I've received a brand new, never-opened Monkey Island statue for Christmas (oh, marry Christmas guys!) produced by Symbiote Studios. Unfortunately, Guybrush's ponytail is missing and the statue is now out of production. Would anyone who owns the statue be so kind to take pics of the ponytail piece only, possibly high res and from many viewpoints, and send them to me in some way? I'm planning to create a model in Blender and to remodel it by myself with modeling resin. Please, I'm desperate. Thank you all!
  6. Recently I've been designing some t-shirts and I thought that this would be the perfect place to show off my designs. Has anyone else got any designs/fan art to show off? http://www.redbubble.com/people/scoweston
  7. Hey guys. I thought I'd let you all know that I and a bunch of other Monkey Island fans (most of us from the Telltale forums) are currently working on a fan game called 'Carnival of Monkey Island'. Now, this game will take place between 'Revenge...' and 'Curse...', showing the events that could have happened in that brief time period. Coincidentally, the visual/artistic style of the game will sort of be a blend between the looks of those two games. We're planning on releasing this game in three episodes, taking it one episode at a time. We're finalizing the planning and script for Episode I at the moment, we've got some backgrounds and sprites finished, we've got some wonderful music too; so things are going pretty well. But, however, we would like to have more people on the team. What we're mostly looking for are artists, animators and voice actors (yes, we will be having voice). The voice-acting roles we would like filling are: - LeChuck - Skeletal Pirates (with lazy British accents, eg. pronouncing 'thing' as 'fing') - Largo - The Voodoo Lady - Fettuccine Brothers (maybe) - Herman Toothrot (maybe) - Cannibals - Pirate Bar Patron(s) - Clown (with strong New Yorker accent - think the guy off the ShamWow ad, but not quite as fast-talking) - Female Pirate ...more roles to come. So, if you can lend a hand in this project, then post here to say that you're willing, and we'll go from there . Thanks.
  8. Caught this on Flickr, and fancied that you lads might be as amused by it as I was: http://www.flickr.com/photos/comradescalacas/5370801315/ The piece was briefly up on this guy's Etsy shop, but has since disappeared... presumably purchased. I told him he should do an MI 2 piece as a follow-up, as there's always room for more Guybrush art in the world. EDIT: I thought a preview pic would pop up, but no dice. Here's a peek:
  9. Growing up in the 90s, I got to watch my older brother play all sorts of sierra and LEC adventure games, ranging from Kings Quest to Loom to even Freddy Pharkis Frontier Pharmacist. I never played the games until a few years later mind you, however I still managed to become obsessed with Monkey Island. Anyways, by the time 1997 rolled around, I had played through and loved Monkey Island 1 and 2 on my own, and eagerly anticipated the release of the Curse of Monkey Island, and the glorious return of Guybrush Threepwood. I wanted the game so badly for Christmas but my two older brothers convinced me that it would not be released until the New Year. Now by this time in my life, I had accepted that Santa Clause did not exist, and I had accepted that I would have to wait until my Birthday to play MI3. But on Christmas morning, there was one last gift for me to open, written as being from Santa Clause. I opened it, only to be so overwhelmingly shocked to see Curse of Monkey Island. I was so convinced that the game was not released yet, that I truly believed that Santa Clause was the only one who could have possibly gotten me the game. Thats right, The Curse of Monkey Island made me believe in Santa Clause Again. Now in retrospect, I realize that it was all a big ruse to get me excited, but that Christmas Night, when I booted up The Curse of Monkey Island and heard the first spoken words of Guybrush Threepwood, that was The Happiest Moment of my Adventure Gaming Life. So, whats yours?
  10. Hey all, just wanted to say hi and drop a little shameless plug. I realized Monkey Island 2 is my favorite game of all time when I got to thinking about it. I do a bit of freelance writing and decided that I would write an article about the game, a little of its history and what else was out there in 1992 (some big games). I also wanted more people to know about and play the game, as I am often surprised how many people actually aren't aware of the series, especially younger gamers. Anyways, I created a digg post and hope to get it dugg more both for myself and for the special edition release of the game on Wednesday. I'll be buying both through Steam and the PSN! I you want to Digg the best game ever... please do so. Regardless I would love some comments/critique. Thanks. -James
  11. I took an hour or so and made up this flowchart of the puzzles in Monkey Island. Yes, I did this for fun. I guess you could call it a walk-thru. What's interesting is you can take any point in the game and crawl up the chart to see what all MUST be done to get to that point. Far as I can tell, there are three "alternate solutions" to puzzles in Monkey Island. I've noted those on the image. See if you can recall them before you look at the solution. Further notes below. http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/5950/mi2flowchart.jpg The 11 dark-colored boxes are puzzles that are more creative than the standard inventory and dialogue puzzles. Adventure game designers today would be well-served to make more puzzles like these! SMI is a very simple game, but these types of puzzles really make it memorable: 1. Sneaking into the kitchen (simple but good and very tense the first time) 2. Taking the fish from the bird 3. Following the storekeeper to the Swordmaster's house 4. The nature of the Melee Island treasure "map" 5. The whole insult swordfighting sequence 6. Stealing the note of credit from the storekeeper 7. Freeing Otis from jail 8. Negotiating with Stan (technically just a dialogue puzzle but very unique) 9. The artwork catapult 10. The monkey totem pole assistant 11. The navigator head guide You could break the game into 5 parts by separating the ghost ship from part III, which is completely within itself. You could almost break it into 6 parts (split up Part I into before and after you finish the trials) except that the chicken and Meathook's house could be accessed before or after the trials. Everything else is split up on either side of the trials. As the game goes along, it gets increasingly linear, which gives the feel that events are moving much faster. In the game's first half, you do many actions without accomplishing much; in the second half, every action seems to drive the plot along. I was surprised how much "smaller" Part III is than Part I (27 boxes to 39 boxes). Time on Monkey Island always seemed longer to me, but I suppose it's because the map is so large. But there are probably less rooms. As I said above, SMI is a very simple game compared to MI2 and CMI, and compared to most adventure games today. But I think what made it stand out was the characters. Characters rarely seemed like puzzles to be solved in MI1, whereas in TMI I immediately got that sense. In SMI, there are many characters (Meathook, Men of Low Moral Fiber, pirates in bar, Smirk, Toothrot, voodoo lady) whose characterizations far outweigh their in-game utility. Characters always felt like people, not objects. As I aspire to design adventure games myself, this little project changed my perspective some. Before, I thought the design of an adventure game should revolve around great puzzles, like DOTT. But SMI is really based around characters and atmosphere first and foremost. Some smart puzzles are necessary but they don't have to be hard or complex. In fact, puzzles that are too hard can get in the way. Good characters and setting can take you a long way. This project also reminded me how EASY SMI is compared to MI2. It takes time but is a very easy game by LucasArts standards, perhaps 3rd easiest after Loom and Maniac Mansion. Once again, the game doesn't have to be hard to be good. Let characters and setting and dialogue do all the heavy lifting, then insert puzzles that are interesting and not annoying. It's what made SMI the greatest adventure game of all time. --Joe p.s. I'm thinking of doing MI2 as well but it will be a LOT messier. I don't think it'd be possible to chart it without a lot of lines crossing. The bulk of the game is very non-linear but also very inter-dependent.
  12. I finally got around to playing Psychonauts for the first time this month after a sale on Steam. Absolutely loved it! But it also gave me the germ of an idea for interpreting the first two Monkey Island games, and figuring out perhaps what the great secret is. Here are the results: the OTHER Secret of Monkey Island (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  13. Hello, Sorry for the shameless plug, but thought fellow MI fans would enjoy our first iPhone game, which is basically a homage to Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle etc. Here's a vid and a few screenshots. There's more info at flaghippo.com. Thanks! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  14. Hi! I want to extrack or get the original score from The Secret Of Monkey Island Thanks! Pat
  15. Here is a link to a very long interview with Dominic Armato (voice of Guybrush Threepwood of course!) Tales from Monkey Island, an Interview with Dominic Armato
  16. Hello, Sorry for the shameless plug, but thought fellow Lucasarts fans would enjoy our first iPhone game, which is basically a homage to Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle etc. Here's a vid and a few screenshots. There's more info at flaghippo.com. Thanks! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  17. Here is the link to a lengthy interview with Dominic Armato http://www.somnambulantgamer.com/2009/12/tales-from-monkey-island-and-interview.html
  18. when i try to install Escape from Monkey Island i get this error "C:\windows\sytem32\AUTOEXEC.NT file not suitable for running MS-DOS..." how can i sort this so i can get my Monkey Island on? x:confused:
  19. Hi, everyone. Power of Monkey Island has now been cast! http://www.nightlightradio.net/2009/10/05/meet-the-new-cast-of-the-power-of-monkey-island/ Still looking for a Voodoo Lady or an Elaine, for any ladies out there who would like to take part...
  20. After playing Secret of Monkey Island SE I had very mixed emotions. On one hand I loved hearing the voice that truly belong paired with the characters. On the other hand the art left me scratching my head. I'm not going to be too negative here but it hardly seems the treatment deserving of such a beloved IP. I love the 3D tests that Guy.Brush has made public. I even more would like to see Autumn Moon do the sequel of this game justice. I think a Vampyre Story was a good game not without flaws but the visuals were wicked. I would love to see the MI universe come to life with that amount of care and artistry.Has Lucasarts ever considered working with them?
  21. Check out my retro MI desktop. It is the scum bar with tons of guybrush sprites doing drunken things. The conversation options give time, date, twitter status etc. And I think are pretty well written (read: funny). I love the dock with the inventory items!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/40893222@N05/3767648275/
  22. Rejoice my brothers, LucasArts has not forsaken us! http://www.mcvuk.com/press-releases/47865/Tales-of-Monkey-Island http://www.telltalegames.com/monkeyisland http://www.lucasarts.com/games/monkeyisland/
  23. Speaking with The Guardian, Craig Derrick of LucasArts hinted at possibly bringing the game to another platform. Well, we never said we wouldn’t be on Wiiware or PSN now did we? The truth is, though, Xbox Live offers a great user experience and downloadable service to gamers and we think it’s a great platform to launch the game on. And, of course, the game will also be available on PC via digital download, plus we may have another platform announcement to make very, very soon. Which is good news for fans who want to experience the remake on their televisions but don’t own a 360. But the game has full HD-sized backgrounds, which will most likely make the file size nothing to scoff at. Anything over 1GB would have to make it to the Playstation Network, but if it were somehow smaller than that it will most likely make it to a handheld or WiiWare, considering the nature of point-and-click gameplay. There is still no release date set for Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, but it is slated for release sometime in July. Fingers crossed it will sell well enough for them to make more LucasArts classics SOURCES:http://www.gossipgamers.com/secret-of-monkey-island-se-coming-to-another-platform/
  24. Hello all! I'm new to these forums, but certainly not new to the Scumm Bar or MI. Grew up playing the games, replay all of them just about every year, and I've collected the soundtrack to every game. I've been checking scummbar.com frequently over the last nine years, hoping for some sort of news, haha! Now, I know that this is very early on, considering that SoMI: SE just released this week... but I was hoping that maybe some tech guru (or fellow music afficionado) around here could help me out. In my opinion, the music in SoMI: SE is hands-down fabulous. If (or when) Lucasarts decides to release it through legal distribution methods, I will be one of the first in line, payment in hand. In the interim, however, I was hoping to acquire the soundtrack through other means: namely, by extracting it from the game's files themselves. However, the tracks seem to be securely locked away behind an obscure .xwb file format, located under C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\the secret of monkey island special edition\audio\MusicNew.xwb I've spent the better part of this evening attempting to find a program to decode the files from this format, but nothing seems to work (the only tools I can find are from 2005 or so and were used for Xbox game hacks). Could anyone help me brainstorm for ideas as to how to somehow coax the soundtrack files from their hidey-holes? If we can even get PCM files out of there (which I suspect is the format that they are in), it won't be too hard to convert them to something usable. Thanks so much in advance for the help! And, mods, my apologies if I'm breaking any forum rules with this post. I'd prefer not to be banned, if possible , but feel free to delete this thread if asking for such help is inappropriate.
  25. Hey everybody. I was recently looking around on some other tech forums and discovered a thread that was titled "Stream Netflix Video Via Wii?". It wasnt all that interesting. But I happend to notice they werent talking about a future Netflix channel butt streaming through the Netflix website using the Internet channel. I read a little more and they said that it isnt possible with the old version of the Opera Browser. So I decided to try it out for myself (With the latest version of the channel). I bought the internet channel on the wii shop channel and I started it up. I signed up for the netflix free trial and got started. It ends up that the new version supports video unlike the free version. So I guess what I am trying to say is that it is possible.
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