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Found 5 results

  1. Source The fact that they can't get the name of their own game right doesn't exactly fill me with confidence . It's unclear as to whether or not good ol' Obs are developing this one but we do have this from over on the Codex: Let's hope it's more along the lines of MotB than the OC, eh?
  2. In the far north of Faerie lies the frosty city of NeverEnding, it's circular streets confusing the few tourists who aren't instantly mobbed by three-dozen beggars with silly accents upon arrival, before being serially assaulted by an assortment of irritating ninnies who've lost various magic rings, inexplicably got into debt with someone who lives halfway across the world, or discovered that their only daughter is in love with an insane old wizard. That's now, of course, but in the days of the reign of Lord Nitwit Alligator, of course, things were different. I suppose things began going downhill with the Great Plague. It was terrible. People dying in the streets, burning carts everywhere, the police inexplicably herding people into ghettos for little or no reason. The clerics were at a loss as to how to cure it. It was almost as if Tryte had abandoned them, and few had any clue what to do about it. Even the blessings of Dexter and the Order of the Ruddy Great Hand did not heal the sick. But in the darkness there was hope - for the mage Wizzlet The Somewhat Bemused scried, and looked into magic mirrors, and dropped raven's eyes into magic wells, and consulted with the trees and the birds and the earth-gods, and concluded that four ingredients were needed to solve this crisis: The underarm hair of a Lesser or Herbacious Backson; the pancreatic fluid of a Silverback Starloom Harpy, the toenail clippings of a vampire-count, and the foot of a Dire Canteloupe Ogre's +23 Wild Staff of Misgivings of the Oatcake. And so High Grand Paladin, the Lady Anoin'Teth opened the Hero's Guild, calling forward every thug between NeverEnding and Lustin. She hoped to train enough heroes that they would find and bring these ingredients before it was too late. And from among them, came Our Intrepid Hero Mylennia Quickbattles, Lino Lanu-Lee, the sorceress and many others now revered. It was a quiet night when death came to the Hero's Guild. Well, I suppose I should say when bandits, thugs and sorcerors came- I mean, it's not like plenty of people weren't dying off thanks to the plague... but anyway. They ransacked the place, in the process letting free the four specimens required to create the Magic Potion that gives superhuman strength, as well as those needed for the plague cure. Mylennia was instrumental in the valiant but vain defence of the Guild Building, and in recognition of her... er... skills, she was summoned to meet with the City Council. In the chamber, Lord Nitwit Alligator sat at a high throne; surrounding him were Ailing Bend, his spymaster, Anoin'Teth, the High Grand Paladin, Felt-tip Warts, her toyboy, and Dexter Indejungel, the high priest of the Ruddy Great Hand... Oh, and Mr. Writts, the president of the Chub Fuddler's Guild.
  3. Source The patch has been removed due to some technical difficulty or another - it should be back soon enough.
  4. Source The final update for NWN, 1.69, has been released and is now available for download from BioWare's NWN site. BioWare has also released a new desktop wallpaper to commemorate the end of official support for the role playing giant. The full patch notes can be found here. Highlights include the new creatures, music, (eight) tilesets found in Pirates of the Sword Coast, Wyvern Crown of Cormyr, and Infinite Dungeons. This patch is quite a send-off for the game and though I'm not a fan of NWN, the toolset, the mods, and BioWare's dedication to their community demand respect. /salute
  5. Source Someone has posted the plot which was originally planned for BioWare's Neverwinter Nights. Rob Bartel has confirmed that the document is indeed genuine and is an extract from the game's design document but we have no word yet on the identity of the poster. I haven't read the whole thing yet but the tutorial, at least, sounds better than that obscene 'Hero Academy' we got foisted on us.
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