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Found 3 results

  1. MOD FOR KOTOR 2 TSL Turn Bao Dur Remote into a T3M4 droid. Then using other mods like the one that turns the remote into a workbench and using KSE savegame editor to put the droid class and other things tuned up! You have your fully funtional spare droid. If it can't be done with the Bao Dur remote maybe can be done overwriting another NPC or REMOTE in game. I would like it just like the broken one that appears at the beginning of the game with T3M3. Orange/red colored I think it was. Thanks a lot. Having two droids would be great for me.
  2. So, I went to Dantooine ( and by the way.. went into the crystal cave and ran right into the those merc's. Not even using the map and codes.) flew threw it. when i got back on the hawk, the Vissa attack happens. for which I didn't have a lightsaber yet wasn't allow to "switch" weapons anyway and hadn't suped my droids up yet. get my butt handed to me... since now I know what is going to happen,... now. Do I choose the droids as part of my party and suit them up, or is their a way to upgrade (equipment and such) without them being in your party. OH yeah.. and I can't hit anything... but my party is awesome... I was fighting those bugs... and well. with my swords.. miss miss miss.. and my supped up blaster... miss miss miss.
  3. I tried to use the "whereami" cheat on the console, and nothing happened. I don't even know where your coordinates are supposed to show on the screen. and yes, I have enabled cheats and everything. all the other cheats work, but this one does nothing. does the cheat only work in KotOR I or something? if so, I need some way to find the coordinates of my character so I can place an npc.
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