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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, long time fan of KOTOR, first time poster here. I've played it on xbox (ten years ago), recently put 2 months on the android version (that's a whole other ballgame) and just got the PC version today, mostly because modding is super limited on android. So the thing is, I want to make it to where you can do your party members like the PC insofar as creation and level ups go-that is, when they join your party you get to determine everything from Attributes down and then bring them up from level 1 to wherever they stop leveling when you get them. For example, you normally receive Carth at level 4 and he's already got his stats distributed; you can go either melee or ranged but he's going to excel more in one area than reach his full potential if you go the other route. Using the KSE I was able to calculate and redistribute his points and reset him to level 1, then level him up to 4 on Taris the way I wanted. After all, why should he have 14 in INT and 13 in STR if he gets 1 skill point and has a higher DEX and pistol focus? I understand this breaks canon and that the initial stats are reflective of the characters personalities, and could potentially break the game by making it too easy to power play everyone, don't really care though. Too often I refuse to use Zaalbar, Bastila, Mission, Juhani because they are either redundant or weaker than another choice or my PC. So the question is, how the hell do I get started? Is there a tool that can help me or do I need to learn some fancy code editing somewhere? If someone could just point me in the right direction I'd be thankful. I've got virtually no modding experience except a little pokemon rom hacking (not dissimilar to the KSE actually.)
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