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Found 4 results

  1. Hi.I just instaled my game and when during the loading it and in the main menu doesn't fit to my screen correctly.I try changing the resolution of the game,restart my PC,change my monitor resolution and i search for threads in here.The only changes that i make in the game resolutions take during play.Here is an image on how it looks like. My resolution is 1024X768 As allways help would be apreciated.
  2. So begins the countdown to '09! How was 2008 for you? Do you have any new year resolutions you intend to ignore just like all the other years? (who follows those things anyway?) 08 was pretty normal for me... unless i cant remember things that happened... which is probably the case. (im a little spaced at this moment for no particular reason) [edit] What did you do during when the clock struck 12pm? Out with friends? Raving? Unconscious?
  3. The option for 1280x1024 games resolution is there in the settings but i am unable to select it. I got an 8600 GT with a 15" widescreen monitor with a native resolution of 1440x900 so it should more than handle it. Any ideas would be great. Thanks
  4. I was playing KOTOR out of the best of PC pack and it was working fine, until I made a new user and tried playing in that one. The opening credit movies are too large; You can only see approx the top left quarter. Then, through the rest of the game, the resolution seems fine, but the mouse cursor selects things off to the left and a bit up of where the mouse appears to be. I already tried messing with my comp's resolution and reinstalling the game. I'm pretty lost. Any suggestions?
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